Sardegna in autunno: 5 idee per vivere l'isola con il partner

Sardinia in the autumn: 5 ideas for enjoying the island with your partner

Sardinia in the autumn: 5 unique experiences to enjoy as a couple

Autumn is a perfect time to treat yourself to a romantic getaway in the undisputed charm of the Sardinian island.

Sardinia is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary to discover its irresistible charm in the company of your partner.

What makes autumn a particularly magical time is the happy combination of pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds of tourists, and breathtaking nature that provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable trip for two.

Imagine walking hand in hand along the cobbled alleys of an ancient Sardinian village: the stone houses and the flowers decorating the windows will make you feel as if you were the protagonist of a fairy tale of yesteryear.

Autumn temperatures are also ideal for walking without suffering from the scorching summer heat or the bitter cold of winter.

The Sardinian beaches, with their crystal clear waters and expanses of golden sand, are still splendid and, without the summer crowds, you can enjoy them more privately and peacefully.

Still, one of the main reasons to visit the island in autumn is the extraordinary cuisine: the restaurants are less crowded in this season, with the possibility of tasting typical dishes in a more intimate atmosphere, perhaps by candlelight.

Autumn is also an excellent time to explore the hinterland, designed by spectacular natural scenery, with scenic paths that lead to lush valleys, forests of centuries-old holm oaks and evocative waterfalls: an excursion as a couple in the wild beauty of Sardinia can be an experience that reinforces the bond.

Finally, you can’t forget the opportunity to relax in one of the countless spas in the area: the Sardinian thermal waters boast healing and relaxing properties, and immersing yourself in these natural pools is a great way to end a pleasant day of adventure and discovery with your partner.

Sardinia in autumn: 5 unique experiences to enjoy as a couple

Sardinia is the ideal destination for every type of couple as it knows how to offer a wide range of experiences that meet all tastes and interests.

Whether you are craving adventure and sport, exploring nature, learning about history or delighting your palate, the enchanting island is ready to welcome you with its timeless charm and beauty

Let’s discover 5 wonderful options for a romantic getaway.

Trekking, biking and hiking

The mountains, coastline and hinterland of the island, with their scenic hiking trails, are an oasis for hikers and cyclists.

A few examples? Mount Arcuentu, in the territory of the municipality of Arbus, the Selvaggio Blu, one of the most famous, beautiful and challenging treks in Europe, the Molentargius-Saline regional natural park, the mining port of Porto Flavia, the Santa Gillia Pond, the largest wetland area on the island, a privileged habitat for the iconic pink flamingos.

In addition, South Sardinia, in particular, is perfect for lovers of unspoiled nature and “bike and hike“, i.e. the type of hiking that combines the stretches of road travelled on foot with those tackled on the saddle of the mountain bike.

Every day is Valentine‘s Day at Forte Village, the award-winning resort in the fairytale setting of Santa Margherita di Pula. This wonderful location has plenty of bike paths to explore that wind through the wonderful surroundings.

Water sports

For sporty couples, Sardinia is a true paradise. Its beautiful pristine beaches lapped by a crystal clear Caribbean sea offer unique opportunities to enjoy water activities such as surfing, snorkeling and kayaking.

Forte Village, offers the Boat House on its private beach, where all water sports enthusiasts can choose their favourite means of sailing the waves: catamaran, dinghies, jet skis, windsurfing, canoeing, pedal boats, water skiing, kite surfing.

Gastronomic itineraries

For gourmand couples, the island is a delight for the palate: Sardinian cuisine is famous for its traditional dishes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients.

You can enjoy gems such as culurgiones (ravioli stuffed with potatoes and cheese), porceddu (roast lamb) and mirto, a fine local liqueur.

The restaurants in the area, such as the Michelin-starred ones in Forte Village, offer unforgettable gastronomic experiences thanks to refined gourmet cuisine, while the cellars reveal the secrets of Sardinian wines.

Food and wine tastings thus become a shared pleasure, enriching every couple’s experience.

An out-of-season swim

Swimming out of season in Sardinia becomes a special occasion, in which to share the beauty of the sea and the quiet of nature with your partner: in autumn the water temperature remains surprisingly pleasant, allowing you to dive into the crystal clear waters without the crowding of summer beaches and to enjoy the sound of the waves and the serene atmosphere.

In Cagliari, the city of the sun, the magnificent and popular Poetto Beach, the largest and best-equipped marine-urban oasis in Europe, is a must visit.

History, nature and archaeology

Finally, the island is dotted with archaeological sites that tell a thousand-year history, from the mysterious Nuragic structures to the remains of ancient Punic and Roman cities. The excursion to the Necropolis of Montessu, consisting of about 40 domus de janas of various sizes and plans, proves to be a truly evocative experience as well as the discovery of the Nuragic Village of Barumini, one of the largest settlements on the island UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the ancient city of Nora and the Archaeological Park of Pula.

But that’s certainly not all: couples wanting to visit a one of a kind landmark can head to Casa Zapata in Barumini, an evocative residence of Hispanic architecture that today is a museum that houses the ethnography, history and archaeology sections.

Also not to be missed are the castles of Southern Sardinia, erected for strategic reasons and for defensive reasons, which evoke a past rich in family stories, traditions, mysteries, intrigues and nobility, and the exciting Sound Garden of Pinuccio Sciola, an artistic space surrounded by greenery, a magical oasis where the “stones sing”.

Would you like to experience unforgettable adventures with your partner and enjoy a fairytale holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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