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Abhyangha: the Ayurvedic massage that helps regain your well-being

Abhyangha: the treatment that nourishes well-being and elevates the spirit Abhyanga is an ancient form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves the massage of the whole body with hot oil enriched with aromatic essences to harmonize the Dosha or vital energies, according to their balance or imbalance affecting the health of the individual. The most used oil is typically sesame, but Ayurveda professionals can also use Ashwagandha oil, Mahanarayan oil, Bhringaraj oil, Brahmi ...

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Biolifting: doctor Hakimova’s secrets

Biolifting: what is it and what are the benefits It's always a good moment to start taking care of one's self and discover the benefits of aesthetic treatments such as biolifting which helps prevent the signs of ageing and gives the face, neck and décolleté a levitated, toned and luminous aspect. The bio revitalization of the face also known under the term bio lifting, is a non-invasive cure which slows down the ...

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Muscular rebalance: what is it and how is it practiced

Muscular rebalance: how stress effects muscular health The wellbeing of our body is affected by muscular rebalance which allows us to regain articulation mobility, strength and flexibility in the muscles which are often effected by over stressed situations or a poor amount of physical activity. Do not undervalue the importance of muscular rebalance, this treatment can be translated as: taking care of yourself and learning to listen to your body. It improves ...

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Anti aging face and body treatment: benefits and properties

Anti age treatment: what is skin aging Vacations are the perfect moment to think about our psychophysical health and maybe try the anti-aging treatment for the face and body to remove marks created by stress or aging skin. The Forte Village anti-aging facial and body wellness treatment is the solution dedicated to men and women of all ages who want to fight the signs of aging. Among the strategies to combat skin ...

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Thalassotherapy what is it

Thalassotherapy : what is it and how does it work

What is thalassotherapy: history of a health and beauty treatment Medic and aphorist Hippocrates from Ancient Greece said: “the human body is a temple and therefore needs to be looked after and respected, always”. Together with Herodotus, Euripides, Plato, Aristotle, Pliny, and other philosophers, he was the first to describe the benefits of seawater and Thalassotherapy. The name is the union of Thalassa (sea) and therapia (cure), Thalassotherapy stimulates, remineralizes and regenerates ...

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