Aglio sardo: caratteristiche, usi e curiosità

Sardinian garlic: characteristics, uses and curiosities

Sardinian garlic, a versatile product rich in beneficial properties, representing the genuine soul of the island Sardinian garlic is the next stage on our journey discovering the island's typical products: with its pleasantly aromatic flavor, yet strong at the same time, it’s one ofthe great protagonists of the local culinary tradition. Sardinia is a rich and generous land, capable of generating unique fruits and vegetables in the whole Italian panorama, such as Allium Sardoum Moris, or simply Sardinian garlic, a precious ...

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“Amici per sempre estate 2024”, i Pooh arrivano alla Forte Arena

“Amici per Sempre, Summer 2024”, Pooh are coming to Forte Arena

The timeless hits by Pooh in the evocative setting beneath the starry sky of Forte Arena After the success of the 2023 summer tour, on which Pooh performed on some of the most prestigious stages in Italy, the iconic Italian band is preparing to excite fans at the Forte Arena on Saturday, August 10, 2024, starting at 9 pm. A music career lasting over fifty years, 59 published albums, over 100 million ...

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Padel: le 10 regole per vincere una partita

Padel: 10 rules to win a match

The tips to improve your technique and strategies to win padel games Good technical preparation is not enough to win a padel match, as it requires also the ability to anticipate opponents shots, develop a smart game strategy and, of course, a pinch of luck too. Originated in Mexico in the late 1960s, over the years padel (also known as paddle tennis, padel tennis or, more simply, paddle) has managed to gain more and ...

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Sinner-mania: come si diventa un campione di tennis?

It’s Sinner-mania: how to become a tennis champion?

Sinner triumphs at the Australian Open as tennis now wins Italy over Learn the basics of tennis or refine skills and game techniques: all this is possible at the ForteVillage Tennis Academy, an international reference point for practicing this fascinating sport. A sport as old as engaging, tennis is recently enjoying renewed interest thanks to the successes of Italian and international legends of this sport, such as Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Andy ...

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Pasqua 2024 al Forte Village: perché scegliere il sud dell’Isola

Easter 2024 at ForteVillage: why choose the south of the island

Well-being, entertainment and relaxation: this is Easter at ForteVillage A crystal clear sea, ancient fascinating traditions and a unique welcome make Southern Sardinia the perfect destination to spend the Easter holidays. Much awaited by adults and children alike, the Easter holidays represent a unique opportunity to break the routine of everyday life and experience moments of pure relaxation and lightheartedness with your loved ones. Speaking of, the south of Sardinia is the perfect ...

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Che cos’è l’architettura sostenibile? Caratteristiche degli edifici green

What is sustainable architecture? The features of sustainable buildings

Check out the definition, characteristics and benefits of sustainable architecture Being a cultural approach even before a set of techniques and materials, sustainable architecture (also known as bio-architecture) aims changing the way we conceive and experience internal spaces, making them more efficient and environment-friendly. There is a lot of talk about sustainability, especially in recent years, so much so that the search for more attentive lifestyles complying with the needs of the ...

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Carnevale in tavola: i dolci simbolo della tradizione sarda

Carnival at the table: the iconic sweets of Sardinian tradition

A journey discovering the delicacy of Sardinian Carnival sweets Zippulas, gatzas, parafrittus, orillettas and uvusones: delicious and irresistible Carnival sweets characterizing the essence of Sardinian food tradition, clearly evident in the choice of typical local ingredients, that are"poor", in a way, but no less rich of taste, among which the semolina flour, honey and citrus peel stand out. Wherever you go, whatever Carnival sweet you find, the whole territory of Sardinia boasts ...

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Sardegna in mountain bike: 5 strade panoramiche per gli amanti delle due ruote

Sardinia by mountain bike: 5 panoramic routes for bicycle lovers

The best panoramic bicycle itineraries to discover the beauty of Sardinia by mountain bike The Island is the perfect destination not only for those who love golden beaches and crystal clear sea, but also for adventurers who want to experience an active holiday by discovering and exploring Sardinia by mountain bike, the best means of transport to fully enjoy the freedom of the Island's wild beauty. Bicycle lovers know it well: bike ...

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Educazione e cultura: la formazione è a cinque stelle con Forte Village Resort

The best education for future’s hospitality managers at ForteVillage Resort

Hotel Business School and ForteVillage Resort: the future’s top managers school Education is key for building a more dynamic, modern and attentive hospitality sector taking care of the needs of the environment and customers: this is the core of the education provided by the Hotel Business School at ForteVillage, a consolidated point of reference in the sector of luxury hospitality. Established over 15 years ago from the meeting of two excellences of ...

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Sa pasca nuntza: come si celebra l’Epifania in Sardegna?

Sa pasca nuntza: how’s Epiphany celebrated in Sardinia?

Between delicacies and centenary traditions: this is how the Epiphany is celebrated in Sardinia There are few customs that have been handed down over the centuries to celebrate the day that "takes all holidays away": among these, the preparation of the "Three Kings Cake", strictly related to the Spanish Roscòn de Reyes, and its kàpidu 'e s'ànnu, a sweet bread to be "broken" on the head of the youngest of the ...

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Sardegna 2024: un viaggio alla scoperta dell’isola

Sardinia 2024: a journey to discover the island

Holidays in Sardinia 2024: why you should choose the island? The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday to discover the beautiful Mediterranean island. New Year's Eve is a time full of emotions and hopes and offers the ideal opportunity to reflect on the wishes and good intentions that will colour the upcoming months. As we say goodbye to the past year, we look ...

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Regali sotto l’albero: 5 idee con cui sorprendere la propria famiglia

Gifts under the tree: 5 ideas to Surprise Your Family

The top five perfect gifts for Christmas 2023 The perfect surprise to amaze the whole family on the most magical day of the year. When Christmas arrives, choosing the perfect gift for family and loved ones becomes a challenge that, at times, seems almost impossible to win: on the one hand, you want to give something that they can really appreciate, on the other hand, you either have too much choice or ...

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10 consigli per prepararsi alle feste e restare in forma

10 tips to prepare for the holidays and stay in shape

Staying Fit During the Holidays: 10 Useful Tips Even during the end-of-year holidays, full of culinary temptations, it is essential to pay attention to body and mind well-being. The end-of-year festivities are a magical time and, in addition to the warmth of seeing loved ones, and the exchange of gifts and good wishes, they are also characterised by delicious and elaborate traditional dishes that often translate into irresistible temptations. However, while we ...

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Dall'orto alla tavola: 10 consigli per un'alimentazione sostenibile

From the garden to the table: 10 tips for a sustainable diet

From the garden to the table: how to adopt an environmentally friendly diet Today, environmental sustainability is a crucial issue that can no longer be ignored, not even at the table. We live in an era in which environmental awareness has become crucial for our future and that of the planet: sustainability is not a fad, but a philosophy that must include every aspect of life, including the experience at the table. Large-scale ...

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