Vino e cibo: le regole per l’abbinamento perfetto

Wine and food: the rules to create perfect pairings

How to perfectly pair wine with dishes Pairing wine and food is the secret to transforming a simple meal into a symphony of flavours for the palate. September is a special month in Sardinia, the time when nature is preparing to give one of its most precious treasures: grapes. And the grape harvest, a millenary rite, represents the deep bond that the beautiful island has with history and culture. The harvest is much ...

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Sud Sardegna regno di biodiversità e della Caretta Caretta

South Sardinia Kingdom of Biodiversity and home of Caretta Caretta

South Sardinia: the oasis of biodiversity where the Caretta Caretta thrives Sardinia is an authentic paradise on earth for biodiversity and for the Caretta Caretta turtle that nests on its fabulous beaches. This summer on the beautiful and popular Poetto Beach in Cagliari has seen two important hatchings of the Caretta Caretta turtle, one on August 11th and the other on the 28th with, in the latter case, as many as 70 ...

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Forte Village Triathlon: dall’Accademia alle gare di ottobre

Forte Village Triathlon: from the Academy to the October races

Forte Village Triathlon: October’s events Experience the emotions of Triathlon along with great champions in a unique location. Triathlon, an epic multi-sport discipline that combines swimming, cycling and running, requires rigorous physical and mental preparation, combined with a thorough understanding of the rules and distances to ensure safe and fair competition. The combination of three different sports specialties allows athletes to find gratification in overcoming their limits and competing against themselves and their ...

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Guida allo shopping in vacanza: 10 consigli per non sbagliareGuida allo shopping in vacanza: 10 consigli per non sbagliare

Holiday shopping guide: 10 tips to avoid mistakes

Shopping on holiday: how to enjoy it to the fullest Forte Village Resort is the ideal location for a  luxury shopping getaway. Shopping on holiday: while some tourists view it as a mere act of purchasing souvenirs or gifts, for others it becomes a crucial aspect of their trip, providing numerous benefits that enhance the overall holiday experience. One of the prime benefits of shopping on vacation is that it offers a unique ...

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Vacanze e sostenibilità: ecco perché il Forte Village Resort è la meta giusta

Holidays and sustainability: Forte Village Resort stands out as the ideal location

Green holidays: Forte Village Resort is the ideal choice Long committed to protecting the environment, the award-winning resort is perfect for combining comfort, relaxation and sustainability on holiday. Nowadays, environmental sustainability is a crucial concept that involves the responsible and prudent management of our planet's natural resources and ecosystems. Its goal is to ensure the well-being of both current and future generations. This approach aims to harmoniously blend social and economic development with ...

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High Performances Method: la tecnologia al servizio del benessere fisico

High Performance Method: Utilising Technology to Promote Physical Well-being

High Performances Method: an exclusive technology to help you feel fit Forte Village Resort's decades of experience have resulted in the development of a range of tools and a team of unique professionals dedicated to supporting athletes. To boost athletic performance and improve overall well-being, the High Performance Method is one of the services available at the Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, located in the province of Cagliari. This ...

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Al Forte Village arriva la magia del circo con Pistillo & Friends

Forte Village hosts the magic of the circus with Pistillo & Friends

Experience the enchanting world of the circus at Forte Village with Pistillo & Friends Games, lots of fun, lights, colours and a magical atmosphere at Forte Village Resort in the heart of Sardinia. The Circus, an enthralling blend of impressive abilities, narrative, and amusement, have a long history that dates back to ancient civilizations. The earliest records of circus performances can even be traced back to ancient Rome, where horse races and ...

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Amore + IVA , il nuovo spettacolo di Checco Zalone alla Forte Arena

Amore + IVA, the new show by Checco Zalone at Forte Arena

Forte Arena hosts Checco Zalone's only date on the island Checco Zalone will take the stage with his unprecedented and spectacular show. The wonderful natural amphitheatre of Forte Arena, the pride of the opulent Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, about forty kilometres from Cagliari, is the extraordinary location that hosts the most prestigious events of the Sardinian summer, between the white beach and the crystal clear waters of ...

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L'appuntamento con i tornei di Tennis ITF è in Sardegna

The ITF Tennis tournaments in Sardinia

ITF Tennis tournaments return to Santa Margherita di Pula From 18th September to 30th October 2023, the ASD Tennis Academy of Forte Village Resort will host the ITF international tennis tournaments. From September 18th to October 30th, the ASD Tennis Academy of Forte Village, a luxurious resort located in the beautiful Caribbean sea of Sardinia, will host the ITF international tennis tournaments. This event is organised by the ASD Forte Village Sports ...

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È Barbie mania: dal film alla partnership con il Forte Village

It’s Barbie mania: from the film to the partnership with Forte Village

A blockbuster film, dozens of collaborations with prestigious brands and a trendy style: Barbie conquers the world "Barbie: The Movie" celebrates the iconic fashion doll that has marked the history of the toy. The Barbicore trend and partnerships with brands in every industry, show that Barbie is still considered a timeless myth. The highly anticipated film "Barbie: The Movie", a live-action motion picture written and directed by Greta Gerwig, with Oscar-nominated actress ...

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La Leggenda di Belle e la Bestia: il musical alla Forte Arena

The Legend of Belle and the Beast: the musical scene at the Forte Arena

All the magic of the musical "The Legend of Belle and the Beast" at Forte Arena The Legend of Belle and the Beast – The Musical arrives at Forte Arena in Santa Margherita di Pula, the prestigious theatre under the stars. Forte Arena, an evocative theatre immersed in the nature of Southern Sardinia, a few steps from Forte Village Resort, hosts the most anticipated events of the summer on the island including ...

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Gigi D'Alessio alla Forte Arena: unica tappa in Sardegna del “Dove c’è il sole tour”

Gigi D’Alessio at Forte Arena: the only date in Sardinia for the “Dove c’è il sole tour”

Forte Arena hosts Gigi's only date on the island The talented artist will embrace audiences under the stars with his top hits. Forte Arena is Forte Village’s magnificent natural amphitheatre under the stars in Santa Margherita di Pula lapped by the white beach and the crystalline sea of Sardinia, hosts the best events of the summer on the island including the only date of the "Dove c'è il sole tour" by Gigi ...

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Forte Village’s Art Academy: in Sardegna arriva l’Expo Idéale di Hervé Tullet

Forte Village’s Art Academy: Hervé Tullet’s Expo Idéale arrives in Sardinia

Forte Village's Art Academy: Hervé Tullet for the first time on the island "The genius of rediscovered childhood" brings to Forte Village Resort an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages. From July to September, Forte Village Resort will host an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages, which comes to life thanks to everyone's contribution. For the first time in Sardinia, "the genius of rediscovered childhood" Hervé Tullet, ...

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Tiziano Ferro in concerto alla Forte Arena per il TZN 2023

Tiziano Ferro’s concert at Forte Arena for the TZN 2023 tour

Forte Arena hosts the only date of the TZN 2023 tour in Sardinia The formidable Italian singer-songwriter with an international career presents a show designed specifically for the Forte Arena’s magnificent scenery. Forte Arena, Forte Village’s elegant theatre under the stars, an award-winning resort between the crystal clear sea and the white beach in Santa Margherita di Pula, is preparing to host the first cult event of an unforgettable summer, the only ...

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