Sofwave: che cos’è e come funziona il lifting non chirurgico?

Sofwave: what is non-surgical facelift and how does it work?

Sofwave to make your face toned and compact, the new non-invasive treatment loved by showbiz stars The frontiers of aesthetic medicine keep expanding with safer and painless treatments such as sofwave, combining with ultrasound and heat to soften wrinkles and blemishes. The new trends in the field of beauty are clear: 2024 is the year of non-invasive beauty treatments, therefore banning scalpels ...

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Dining Experiences, come sorprendere il partner e vivere momenti indimenticabili

Dining experiences: how to surprise your partner enjoying unforgettable moments

When gourmet dishes meet with dream atmospheres, their blending make the exclusive dining experiences branded by Forte Village Immersive journeys through refined flavors, prestigious wines and mind-blowing settings, the right occasion for diners to activate all five senses and venture into unexplored territories. Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your partner to celebrate an anniversary or a special event? A dining experience could be the right solution! Food experiences always invite us to slow down, ...

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Aglio sardo: caratteristiche, usi e curiosità

Sardinian garlic: characteristics, uses and curiosities

Sardinian garlic, a versatile product rich in beneficial properties, representing the genuine soul of the island Sardinian garlic is the next stage on our journey discovering the island's typical products: with its pleasantly aromatic flavor, yet strong at the same time, it’s one ofthe great protagonists of the local culinary tradition. Sardinia is a rich and generous land, capable of generating unique fruits and vegetables in the whole Italian panorama, ...

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Padel: le 10 regole per vincere una partita

Padel: 10 rules to win a match

The tips to improve your technique and strategies to win padel games Good technical preparation is not enough to win a padel match, as it requires also the ability to anticipate opponents shots, develop a smart game strategy and, of course, a pinch of luck too. Originated in Mexico in the late 1960s, over the years padel (also known as paddle tennis, padel tennis ...

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Sinner-mania: come si diventa un campione di tennis?

It’s Sinner-mania: how to become a tennis champion?

Sinner triumphs at the Australian Open as tennis now wins Italy over Learn the basics of tennis or refine skills and game techniques: all this is possible at the ForteVillage Tennis Academy, an international reference point for practicing this fascinating sport. A sport as old as engaging, tennis is recently enjoying renewed interest thanks to the successes of Italian and international legends ...

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Pasqua 2024 al Forte Village: perché scegliere il sud dell’Isola

Easter 2024 at ForteVillage: why choose the south of the island

Well-being, entertainment and relaxation: this is Easter at ForteVillage A crystal clear sea, ancient fascinating traditions and a unique welcome make Southern Sardinia the perfect destination to spend the Easter holidays. Much awaited by adults and children alike, the Easter holidays represent a unique opportunity to break the routine of everyday life and experience moments of pure relaxation and lightheartedness with your ...

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Al mare d’inverno con i bambini: quali sono i benefici?

Seaside in winter with children: what are the benefits?

Going to seaside in winter gives multiple benefits for children’s psychophysical health It’s only a common belief that seaside is beautiful only in summertime: walking on the sand under the soft winter sunshine, inhaling the sea spray deeply, is a real panacea for the well-being of the whole family (especially for children). Taking children to the seaside in winter may be an ...

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Che cos’è l’architettura sostenibile? Caratteristiche degli edifici green

What is sustainable architecture? The features of sustainable buildings

Check out the definition, characteristics and benefits of sustainable architecture Being a cultural approach even before a set of techniques and materials, sustainable architecture (also known as bio-architecture) aims changing the way we conceive and experience internal spaces, making them more efficient and environment-friendly. There is a lot of talk about sustainability, especially in recent years, so much so that the search ...

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