Mamoiada, the land of the Mamuthones

Mamoiada, an historical and cultural territory in the heart of Barbagia Mamoiada is the land of the Mamuthones. It is a charming village, part of the 9th Nuorese mountain community. It is about 15 km from Nuoro, at 644 meters above sea level, in the innermost part of the Barbagia di Ollolai. This is a historical region of central Sardinia, on the ...

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che cos'è la sostenibilità ambientale?

10 green New Year’s resolutions

What is environmental sustainability? Taking care of the environment is not a prerogative of states or governments, but a set of daily practices that each of us can adopt to build a sustainable lifestyle. It doesn't take much to make a difference and reduce our ecological footprint. Environmental sustainability means the ability to protect the ecosystem and preserve the Earth’s resources through ...

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tradizioni natalizie sarde

Christmas in Sardinia, a journey through the traditions of the island

Christmas in Sardinia: the origins of a celebration loved by adults and children Christmas in Sardinia is a family celebration. It is rich in warmth, suggestions and ancient traditions, handed down throughout the generations. In Italian, Christmas is Natale. The word comes from the Latin ‘Natāle’, ellipses of ‘Diem natālem Christi’, the day of Christ's birth. Furthermore, Natāle comes from ‘natālis’, which ...

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hotel il castello

Il Castello: an enchanted location and 5-star hotel

Hotel Il Castello: an exclusive location for an unforgettable holiday The Forte Village is in one of the most picturesque corners of the southern Sardinian coast and surrounded by 50 hectares of beautiful gardens, boasts a unique offer throughout the Mediterranean and has different accommodation solutions designed to make a holiday in Sardinia truly unforgettable. The elegant hotels of Forte Village offer ...

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Yumeiho Therapy: the method that restores a natural physical balance

Yumeiho Therapy: the Japanese discipline for postural correction Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the southern coast of the island and surrounded by the beautiful Sardinia Sea, Forte Village Resort is the ideal destination for a wellness holiday thanks to the exclusive beauty and medical treatment protocols, including Yumeiho Therapy, the therapeutic method to regenerate body and spirit. Yumeiho ...

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postura corretta come evitare il mal di schiena

The benefits of proper posture: advice to avoid back pain

The benefits of proper posture: advice to avoid back pain Correct posture and well-being: what are the consequences of postural errors? Sedentary lifestyles and physical inactivity are health risk factors and promote the onset of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, including back pain, reduced mobility of the joints, the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, which often result from incorrect postural ...

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massaggio ayurvedico

Shirodhara massage; an ancient Ayurvedic technique

Shirodhara massage; how does the oil pouring technique work? The Shirodhara massage, also called "head oiling", is the quintessence of the ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine. Its name derives from the Sanskrit words Shiro, which means "head", and Dhara, which means "continuous flow of liquid”. The name describes well this technique, based on a flow of oil at room temperature gently poured on ...

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cannonau e vermentino

Sardinia and wine: a millenary history

Sardinia and wine: from the Nuragic civilization to the present day The link between Sardinia and wine has its roots in the nuragic era, dating back at least to the fifteenth century B.C, during which the cultivation of Cannonau, the most representative grape of the island and the oldest in the Mediterranean along with Vermentino, was already widespread according to archaeologists, ...

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