Peter Pan - Il Musical arriva alla Forte Arena

The musical dedicated to Peter Pan comes to Forte Arena

Peter Pan at Forte Arena, the adventures of the boy who didn’t want to grow an adult on stage under the stars in Santa Margherita di Pula

On Saturday, July 27, from the Forte Arena will begin an exciting journey to Neverland that will accompany both adults and children through an unforgettable night with iconic rock songs, joyful dances and touching monologues.

Rediscover the eternal inner child living within us and spend a pleasant night in the company of children, sharing emotions and smiles that only the theater can give: after the success achieved over more than seventeen years since the first appearance on stage, “Peter Pan – The Musical” comes for a unique unmissable event at the Forte Arena, a wonderful stage under the stars located in Santa Margherita di Pula. A reason of joy for adults and children, who will be able to share a real journey to the famous Neverland, a place originated from the imagination of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys where everything is possible.

The show, a theatre adaptation of the famous novel by J.M. Barrie directed by Maurizio Colombi, narrates the adventures of Peter Pan, the child who doesn’t want to grow up and who, together with the fairy Tinker Bell, brings the siblings Wendy, John and Michael Darling from their home in London to the magical island known as Neverland, a place plenty of dream atmospheres including lost children, fairies and evil pirates, all accompanied by impressive special effects to create an immersive experience and above all by an exceptional soundtrack signed by the great Neapolitan songwriter Edoardo Bennato.

The engaging melodies of “Sono solo canzonette”,“Il rock di Capitan Uncino”,“La fata”,“Viva la mamma” and “L’isola che non c’è”, rearranged by Bennato himself for this theater show with the addition of the unreleased track “Che paura che fa Capitan Uncino”, thus are the backdrop to the masterful interpretations of twenty exceptional performers, including the winner of Sanremo 2008 Giò Di Tonno (in the role of Captain Hook), the young star of “X Factor” Marina Attili (in the role of Tiger Lily), the Italo-American actor Leonardo Cecchi, known for the role of the protagonist Alex in the TV series “Alex & Co” broadcast by Disney Channel and Rai Gulp (in the role of the protagonist Peter Pan), and the YouTuber and former contestant of “Amici” Martha Rossi (in the role of Wendy), a performer already known to theater audiences for the role of Scaramouche in the famous jukebox musical “We Will Rock You” based on Queen’s songs, produced by Ben Elton in collaboration with Roger Taylor and Brian May, respectively the legendary drummer and guitarist of the British band.

The musical, which has now reached the impressive amount of over 950 shows performed and 1 million spectators over the last 17 years since its first staging, perfectly combines old successes and new promises of the musical scene known and loved by the youngest audience, metaphorically building a bridge between different generations and offering them the opportunity to identify with the characters of the famous story, already the subject of numerous feature films including the evergreen Disney animated film “The Adventures of Peter Pan” (1953) and the fantasy film “Peter Pan” (2003), directed by P.J.Hogan with Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood, respectively in the roles of the eternal child and his sweet and responsible friend with big blue eyes, Wendy.

The fear of growing up, the power of imagination and the relevance of love bonds

From its debut, first in the form of a theatre play in 1904, and then as a novel seven years later, in 1911, the story of “Peter and Wendy” (this was the original name of the work by the British author James Matthew Barrie), inspired by his friendship with Llewelyn Davies brothers, of whom he became tutor after their parents death a few years later, half a century later was transformed into the very popular Disney animated film dedicated to the adventures of the freaking flying boy.

After all these years, certainly Peter Pan has never stopped speaking to the innerc hild living within us, touching on universal aspects and celebrating the strength of imagination, family and fraternal affection and courage, therefore reminding us at the same time the importance of balancing the magic of childhood with the challenges occurring in growing up, that can’t be avoided but are necessary, yet they can still be less scary if addressed with the support of other people around us.

As a matter of fact, this story of the eternal child and his little friends has never been just a simple story, but a teaching that despite its imaginative and apparent lightness conceals much deeper and introspective aspects. The myth of forever childhood, on which the construction of Peter’s character is based, seems indeed a very dear and heartfelt theme for Barrie himself who, following the drowning death of his teenage brother when he was only 7 years old, had led him to develop a real psychological fear in growing old, to the point that in his most famous novel the protagonist exclaims to himself“Dying will be a wonderful adventure”, opposing death with the will of growing up. A phobia later renamed as“Peter Pan syndrome”, the refusal to take on responsibilities and face the tasks of the adulthood.

What remains for the children after watching the show, however, is something different than this and certainly more positive: it’s the importance of growing up (despite Peter’s attraction to eternal youth, the story suggests that growing up is natural and necessary in life; Wendy and her brothers, in fact, will choose to return home in the end accepting the responsibilities and joys of adulthood), the power of magic (the famous phrase “I believe in fairies!” is what allows Tinker Bell to survive, keeping the essence of Neverland alive), but also the value of adventure and exploration (the story encourages seeking adventures and exploring new horizons, both real and imaginary, demonstrating that the world is full ofpossibilities worthy to be experienced), as well as the importance of family bonds (the relationship between Wendy and the Lost Boys, as well as between the Darling siblings, highlights the human need for emotional and family bonds, pretty clear when Wendy takes on a maternal role offering them love and protection).

These are also the deep and meaningful messages that the Peter Pan musical show on stage at the Forte Arena on the evening of July 27 aims to convey to all spectators, who will be the real protagonists of an adventure built above all in the dialogue with the actors in action.

Peter Pan VIP Experience, a precious gift to immerse into the magical world of Neverland

Always attentive to the needs of families, the luxurious Forte Village Resort, surrounded by the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub of Santa Margherita di Pula right next to some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Sardinia, has arranged an exclusive package that will allow adults and children to completely immerse into the magical atmosphere of Neverland and interact with the actors from a privileged position close to the stage, enjoying the whole experience as a protagonist.

The exclusive Peter Pan VIP Experience package includes:

  • 1 ticket for Peter Pan’s Musical in the Forte Exclusive area;
  • Pre-show dinner (included for all guests, even outside the resort);
  • Possibility of moving by golf cart from the resort reception to the Arena and back again;
  • Reserved entrance to the Forte Arena with hostess service;
  • Access to the VIP Lounge of the Forte Arena and welcome cocktail;

Rates per person for resort guests are: €250 in the first row (€125 for children), €225 in the second row (€112 for children), €200 in the third row (€100 for children), €175 in the fourth row (€87 for children), and €150 in the fifth row (€75 for children). On the other hand, rates per person for external guests are: €350 in the first row (€225 for children), €325 in the second row (€212 for children), €300 in the third row (€200 for children), €275 in the fourth row (€187 for children), and €250 in the fifth row (€175 for children). The payment for the package is required upon confirmation and is non-refundable.

Don’t miss the other exclusive packages dedicated to the shows scheduled for this summer at the Forte Arena, including the only Italian date of Sting’s “My song tour 2024”, the return to Sardinia after over 20 years of absence of the legendary Renato Zero with his event “Autoritratto”, and the highly anticipated Sardinian stage of Pooh’s summer tour,“Amici per sempre 2024”.

Do you want to join an unforgettable night with Peter Pan in the magical Neverland and experience a fairytale holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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