gentle hatha o yoga gentile

Gentle Hatha: what it is and where to practice it

The secrets of Gentle Hatha yoga Gentle Hatha is a gentle approach to the discipline of yoga. It allows you to achieve the perfect balance between body and mind to live in harmony with yourself and with others. The adjective 'gentle' referring to yoga indicates a discipline that does not enhance physical effort or extreme flexibility. On the contrary, it focuses on stretching, breathing, body control and peace of mind. Ideal for all ...

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Ashtanga Yoga: meaning, origin and benefits

Ashtanga Yoga: the dynamic yoga of “8 steps” The time dedicated to rest and cure of oneself is fundamental for a psychophysical balance. With Ashtanga Yoga, one of the many yoga styles, it’s possible to relax the mind and learn how to listen to ones body so to find an inner harmony which is put to the test by daily routines. At home or on vacation, maybe in front of the beautiful ...

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Sardinia by bike: the 10 most beautiful itineraries

Sardinia by bike: a trip through Sardinia Sardinia by bike is ideal for everyone wanting to discover the natural heritage of the island on two wheels, going along roads not in any way inferior to American or Australian panoramas, and experiencing the essence of Mediterranean vegetation and the fragrance of one of the most beautiful seas in the world. The rocky peaks of Gennargentu to the calcium mountains of Supramonte, the sinuous ...

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fabian cancellara forte village def

Fabian Cancellara: the bike Academy at Forte Village

Fabian Cancellara: the champion nicknamed Spartacus comes to Forte Village The famous cyclist Fabian Cancellara will take you around Sardinia, with a mountain or racing bike, immersed in new territories and uncontaminated nature. Young people and adults can do sport during their vacation at Forte Village with our famous Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara. Riding a bike is extremely beneficial for the body and it guarantees physical and mental health. Riding a bicycle is ...

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dieta detox piatti acquaforte forte village

Detox diet: what is it and how does it work

Detox Diet: the characteristics of the detoxifying diet Detox Diet: the characteristics of the detoxifying diet On vacation at Forte Village is the perfect moment to discover and share healthy new foods to get back in shape. In contemporary to wellbeing treatments like Weight Loss or thalassotherapy, the diet helps reduce cellulite and dimpling of the skin. The detox diet is an alimentary regime that helps purify our organism, eliminating toxins harmful to our ...

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watersports, sport acquatici forte village

Watersports: All the activities at the Boat House of Forte Village

Water sports: to practice water-sports on holiday by the sea at Forte Village is an unforgettable experience that allows both adults and children to challenge themselves and practice sport in a unique location, the place where the sport is a synonym for well-being and fun. The Boat House on the beach of Forte Village is a paradise of water-sports, where enthusiasts can choose among many different ways to sail the beautiful ...

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laserterapia ad alta potenza forte village

High powered laser-therapy: what it is, when it’s useful, advice and counter indications

Laser-therapy: what is it and when is it used Our body communicates with us, but when we are overwhelmed by the chaos of our routine we struggle to listen. That is why vacations are the perfect moment to embrace ourselves and take care of our health by trying beneficial treatments like thalassotherapy and high powered laser-therapy to regenerate the body. At Forte Village, professor Pier Francesco Parra, also known as Doctor Laser, ...

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