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High powered laser-therapy: what it is, when it’s useful, advice and counter indications

Laser-therapy: what is it and when is it used

Our body communicates with us, but when we are overwhelmed by the chaos of our routine we struggle to listen. That is why vacations are the perfect moment to embrace ourselves and take care of our health by trying beneficial treatments like thalassotherapy and high powered laser-therapy to regenerate the body.

At Forte Village, professor Pier Francesco Parra, also known as Doctor Laser, performs innovative laser-therapy treatment in the AcquaForte Clinic to cure pathologies affecting tendons and muscles.

Laser-therapy: history of the method and use

The word laser is an acronym for “light amplification stimulated by the emission of radiation”. This term refers to devices emitting coherent rays of monochrome light.

The inventor of the laser is still a mystery and has been under patent litigation for over 30 years. Theodore H. Maiman, American physicist, and electrical-engineer used the first working laser in the Hughes Research laboratories in Malibù, May 1960. That same year, Ali Javan, William R. Bennett, and Donald Herriott built the first infrared laser. Three years later, K.Patel at Bell Laboratories created the first carbon dioxide laser. The patent litigation started in the sixties, when the pioneer of laser technology and American physicist Gordon Gould discussed with his colleague Charles Hard Towner, inventor of the first maser, a device with similar aspects to a laser, and took many notes on the open resonator, a detail found in many lasers. Attributing the invention of the laser to himself, Gould went to a notary but the patent office never recognized him as the father of the device. After this misfortune, in 1977 he was recognized as the creator of optical pumping and in 1979 he patented the description of various laser uses.

Since the sixties, laser has also been used in medicine and has a complex combination of parameters: the choice of wave length, the duration of irradiation and the power of the laser. Among the medical uses of a laser are: refractive surgery, used by oculists, treatments of the surface of the skin for dermatological issues, aesthetics or Angiology.

The use of laser in Physiotherapy has two principal functions: painkilling and anti inflammatory. Painkilling helps to free endorphins, the chemical substance with analgesic properties that helps us to reduce the sensation of pain. Anti inflammatory is the result of the dilatation of blood vessels provoked by stimulation of the blood flow. In this sector, laser-therapy can be used to cure the following: rheumatic and degenerative atralgias such as sciatica, tendinitis, and herniated discs,
sprains, muscle strains, bursitis, and in the case of rehabilitation following orthopedic trauma related to the hip, femur, wrist, shoulder, knee, meniscus, etc.

Laser-therapy: advise and contraindications

Undertaking laser-therapy is not advisable for pregnant women or for patients with cancer pathologies, pacemaker or epilepsy. Among the contraindications, after the intervention, it is possible to feel a light itch, red skin or small hematomas which rapidly get reabsorbed. In rare cases, small burns can occur. In any case, these are side effects that can be solved in just a few hours or a maximum of a few days.

Before undertaking a laser-therapy treatment, every patient must be consulted by a specialist able to perform the procedure as is professor Pier Francesco Parra who uses high powered laser-therapy to cure pathologies of the muscles and tendons.

The innovative therapeutic treatment has been studied in collaboration with our Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa medical team, it achieves excellent results in treating back pains with a program including six high-powered microlaser applications, divided into three sessions combined with the thalassotherapy treatment.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Sardinia and have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise with wellbeing, relax and flavor? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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