Giovanni Egidio Mocci: chef of Cavalieri restaurant at Forte Village

Giovanni Egidio Mocci: chef of Cavalieri restaurant at Forte Village Sardinia is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation, it offers unspoiled nature, long moments of relaxation on the soft white sand beach and all the aromas and flavors of gourmet cuisine prepared by great chefs which includes Giovanni Efisio Mocci, chef at the Cavalieri restaurant of the Hotel Castello at the Forte Village Resort of Santa Margherita di Pula. The wide ...

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francesco sposito forte village

Francesco Sposito: biography, cuisine and recipes

Francesco Sposito: From Taverna Estia to Forte Village Resort To stay in a luxury villa surrounded by the sea and nature, to experience the benefits of wellness treatments capable of restoring the mind-body balance, to live a tasteful experience designed by Francesco Sposito, haute cuisine chef. The perfect destination for a dream vacation has only one name: Forte Village Resort. One of the reasons that drives us to travel and discover new ...

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carlo cracco at forte village

Carlo Cracco: the most adored television chef at Forte Village

Carlo Cracco brings Gourmet evenings and cooking classes to Forte Village. After the success at MasterChef Italia and Hell’s Kitchen Italia, the chef considered one of the best in the world has taken a break from his career in television and returned to being an attentive master of the kitchen at Forte Village, where for the month of August he will curate the gourmet cuisine evenings and cooking classes. The most loved ...

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celebrity chef night forte village resort sardegna

Celebrity Chef Nights: 3 evenings of haute cuisine

Celebrity Chef Nights: there will be three nights at Forte Village hosted by great Michelin starred chefs. The perfect vacation is a sum of extraordinary days discovering the local traditions and unspoilt nature of a chosen destination and experiencing magical and unforgettable evenings like the Celebrity Chef Nights at Forte Village dedicated to haute cuisine. Celebrity Chef Nights involves three great Michelin starred chefs, recognised in national and international cuisine: Alfio Ghezzi, ...

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chef stellati cinnamon club forte village

Cinnamon Club: the Michelin starred restaurant run by Vivek Singh at Forte Village

Cinnamon Club: restaurant run by Vivek Singh inaugurated at Forte Village. On vacation you can discover traditions, wonders of unspoilt nature, wellbeing and new flavors like those distinguishing the cuisine of Vivek Singh, chef at The Cinnamon Club restaurant, new at Forte Village in 2019. Author of some of the most famous cook books, the award-winning CEO and executive of The Cinnamon Collection, Vivek Singh is an innovator of Indian cuisine which ...

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Michelin starred restaurants at forte village

Michelin starred restaurants: the best of national and international cuisine

Famous Chefs and Michelin starred restaurants are a must for all great food lovers on vacation. The crystalline seawater, the white sand beaches, and uncontaminated nature, what would it all be without Michelin starred restaurants for you to try gourmet delicacies and authentic local dishes? Food is one of the great pleasures in life which nobody would ever want to give up, especially when on vacation. Having the possibility of tasting a good ...

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