Checklist matrimonio perfetto: i preparativi mese per mese

The guide for the perfect wedding: a checklist to follow month by month

How to plan a wedding following step by step the checklist to prepare for the Big Day The perfect wedding exists when an attentive planning occurs, taking care of all the details that contribute making the marriage ceremony unique and memorable, such as the choice of the date, the time, the location, the arrangement of tables and catering. Planning a wedding, whether secular or religious, is an incredibly exciting experience: the choice ...

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Dining Experiences, come sorprendere il partner e vivere momenti indimenticabili

Dining experiences: how to surprise your partner enjoying unforgettable moments

When gourmet dishes meet with dream atmospheres, their blending make the exclusive dining experiences branded by Forte Village Immersive journeys through refined flavors, prestigious wines and mind-blowing settings, the right occasion for diners to activate all five senses and venture into unexplored territories. Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your partner to celebrate an anniversary or a special event? A dining experience could be the right solution! Food experiences always invite us to slow down, to put aside the shallowness and frenzy of everyday life ...

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5 motivi per regalare un viaggio in Sardegna a San Valentino

5 reasons to give a trip to Sardinia on Valentine’s Day

What’s the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever? Simple: a trip to Sardinia in a beautiful stay Gifting your partner with a trip on Valentine’s Day gives you a chance to spend a wonderful time together, away from the ordinary life’s repetitiveness. What better destination than Sardinia? Considered by many people as a mere commercial event, Valentine's Day actually has its roots in a remote past, characterized by archaic rituals bound to ...

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Coppia: 10 consigli per iniziare l’anno nuovo con il piede giusto

Love relationship: 10 tips to best start the new year in a couple

Improving the quality of a couple relationship requires commitment and dedication: what better resolution for the year that has just begun? One of the best resolutions for the new year is surely taking care of the health of your couple: from improving communication to spending quality time together and share common goals, here are 10 simple steps to make your love relationship better in 2024. New year, new life: although just a ...

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Sardegna in autunno: 5 idee per vivere l'isola con il partner

Sardinia in the autumn: 5 ideas for enjoying the island with your partner

Sardinia in the autumn: 5 unique experiences to enjoy as a couple Autumn is a perfect time to treat yourself to a romantic getaway in the undisputed charm of the Sardinian island. Sardinia is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway at any time of the year. You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day or a special anniversary to discover its irresistible charm in the company of your partner. What makes autumn ...

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Sardegna isola dell’amore: al Forte Village è sempre San Valentino

Sardinia island of love: every day is Valentine’s Day in Forte Village

Why you should choose Sardinia for a romantic holiday?  Sardinia and Forte Village are the perfect destinations for a romantic getaway at any time of the year. An authentic Eden in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is the ideal destination for a romantic holiday as it offers a unique combination of natural beauty, culture and gastronomy.  The coast is shaped by white beaches and crystal clear waters. It is perfect for spending ...

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Maninfide: the Sardinian ring, a symbol of love

Maninfide: the Sardinian ring, a symbol of love

Maninfide: the most popular precious ring in Sardinia The traditional Sardinian ring is composed of two clasped hands with a heart at their centre, it symbolises love and engagement.  One of the most popular women's jewels in Sardinia is the Maninfide, which stands out from all other rings for the romantic symbolism and the particular shape: two hands holding with a heart at the centre to signify the mutual love between the ...

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san valentino forte village

At Forte Village everyday is Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day: a brief story on the origin of the day of love Every 14th of February, in most of the world is Valentine's Day, the day of love. Its name comes from the bishop and Christian martyr Valentino of Terni, also known as Saint Valentine of Terni or Saint Valentine from Interamna. Pope Gelasius I established this religious celebration in 496 to replace the Lupercalia, which usually occurred from the 13th ...

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A wedding by the sea: 10 tips for an unforgettable day

Wedding by the sea: a romantic and refined ceremony Alongside being the quintessence of romance, a beach wedding is the dream of many couples who want to celebrate the most important day of their lives in a magical atmosphere, surrounded by relatives and friends. Exchanging vows by the sea, perhaps at dusk when the sun sets on the horizon and the reddish sky transforms the long-awaited moment of yes into a magical ...

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Honeymoon dreaming: why choose Sardinia and the Forte Village

Why is it called Honeymoon? The honeymoon is one of the most awaited moments for newlyweds and Sardinia is the perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon full of romance. The expression "honeymoon" can also be found in other languages: in French, it is lune de Miel, in Spanish luna de Miel, in Italian Luna di Miele and in Arabic Shahr el'assal. In Norway, it is said bryllupsreise while in Germany flitterwochen. Why do ...

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Romantic getaway: 10 reasons to choose Forte Village

Romantic getaway: what to avoid Choosing the right destination for a romantic getaway is crucial if you don’t want to take the risk of being single once you get home. Finding the right place for the perfect holiday matching both partner’s desires and needs can be a difficult task. Forte Village is the award-winning resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari. It's the ideal place for a romantic ...

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Marriage proposal: 10 reasons for choosing Forte Village

Marriage proposal: how to impress your soul mate Weddings are one of the best and most important moments in life, but before organizing the ceremony and choosing a destination for your honeymoon you must first think of the proposal, a unique and unrepeatable moment which can be a truly special memory at Forte Village. Forte Village, the resort in Santa Margherita di Pula south Sardinia, winner of multiple awards, is the perfect ...

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Romantic vacation: 10 reasons for choosing Sardinia

Romantic Vacation: the best holiday for couples A true paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is the ideal destination for a honeymoon or a relaxing and romantic vacation while discovering exclusive wellbeing treatments and the extraordinary fragrances and flavors that make the island unique. How do you organize a vacation full of surprises and moments of love? First of all, you need to choose a special location and Sardinia is ...

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