Maninfide: the Sardinian ring, a symbol of love

Maninfide: the Sardinian ring, a symbol of love

Maninfide: the most popular precious ring in Sardinia

The traditional Sardinian ring is composed of two clasped hands with a heart at their centre, it symbolises love and engagement. 

One of the most popular women’s jewels in Sardinia is the Maninfide, which stands out from all other rings for the romantic symbolism and the particular shape: two hands holding with a heart at the centre to signify the mutual love between the engaged couples that will be sealed with marriage. It is an engagement ring with ancient origins, already in use in Roman times as a representation of the ritual handshake that the spouses exchanged during the wedding, and then taken up by Florentine goldsmiths during the renaissance and in Western Europe starting from the seventeenth century.

An authentic work of art created by the skilled hands of goldsmiths over the centuries, it is the symbol of “hands in faith”, and is composed of three circles, two outer ones with hands shaking and a central one that contains the heart, pivoted together to allow the opening or closing movement.

The engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, also called the “golden” or “heart” finger. This is because, according to popular tradition, it is the finger where the “Vena Amoris” (Vein of Love) flows, the one that reaches the heart directly.

The Sardinian engagement ring: precious craftsmanship between symbolism and magic

But what makes the Maninfide ring so special? The legend that surrounds it and the manufacturing process.

It is said, that in ancient times the groom would turn to the Janas, the fairies who inhabited the island during the pre-Nuragic period, to ask for help and protection before asking for their beloved’s hand in marriage.

The fairies (who lived in the Domus de Janas where they wove gold and silver threads and created precious fabrics), as a demonstration of their support to the union, would weave a gold thread to make the ring that the young man would give their future bride to wear on the left ring finger. The precious jewel, a symbol of the bond between man and divinity, would have united the two lovers forever.

The bride, having received the ring as a gift, would accept the proposal with the blessing of her family and, in turn, would give her future husband a mouflon horn-handled knife.

This engagement ring, cloaked in legend and magic, today is handed down from mother to daughter and is a key element of traditional costumes, worn during popular events taking place in Sardinia.

It is also beloved by tourists and is appreciated and requested by those who decide to give their marriage proposal extra meaning with a special jewel symbol of a millenary tradition.

Where to buy the traditional Sardinian engagement ring

Sardinian craftsmanship is one of the most sought-after and interesting in Italy in the goldsmith sector, so much so that the traditional engagement ring, passed unscathed through the years and fashions, is still chosen by those who want a unique wedding.

The most widespread symbol of love ring in Sardinia can be purchased at the shops that offer exclusive works of local craftsmanship, such as those inside the Forte Village of Santa Margherita di Pula. The award-winning resort is enclosed in a fairy-tale landscape, a stone’s throw from the white beaches and the crystal clear sea of Sardinia, and is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Here guests will also find many boutiques where they can shop for designer clothes of the most important Italian and international labels and experience the best of luxury shopping.

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