Honeymoon dreaming: why choose Sardinia and the Forte Village

Why is it called Honeymoon?

The honeymoon is one of the most awaited moments for newlyweds and Sardinia is the perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon full of romance.

The expression “honeymoon” can also be found in other languages: in French, it is lune de Miel, in Spanish luna de Miel, in Italian Luna di Miele and in Arabic Shahr el’assal. In Norway, it is said bryllupsreise while in Germany flitterwochen.

Why do different languages use the same expression to indicate the journey of the bride and groom immediately after their wedding? To discover its origins, we must take a journey back in time and learn about the Babylonian’s traditions.

In fact, according to researchers, it is in the heart of Mesopotamia that the custom was born to give couples a mead amphora, an alcoholic drink produced by the fermentation of honey known as the “drink of the gods”. The amount of mead, which was thought to favour fertility, had to be enough for a month and the bride and groom had to take a sip together every day to strengthen their union.

Even in the ancient Norse culture, after having celebrated the wedding, the tradition provided that the spouses spent the first month alone, consuming mead every day.

The habit of giving the new couple mead or honey-based drinks was also common in ancient Rome where the bride and groom, on the first night of the wedding, would eat honey as it was considered a food symbol of abundance and prosperity.

In the Middle Ages, however, the bride-to-be’s family used to donate a vase of honey to her future husband, considered a rather expensive commodity for the time. The first evening that the couple spent together was called “honeymoon” symbolizing the sweet food and the link between the female cycle and the lunar phases. The Middle Ages also dates the pagan and neopagan religious rituals associated with the lunar phases and the Wicca that describes the honeymoon as the “rich moment in nature, dedicated to positive changes and that invites us to take on our responsibilities”.

Some texts, such as The Oxford Dictionary, believe the word “honey” is a reference to the sweetness of the first period after marriage, a phase characterized by a feeling of happiness destined to diminish with time. A reference to the time that follows the celebration of the rite is also found in Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible, in which we read: “If a man takes a new wife, he must not go to arms, nor must he be imposed on anything else. He must remain exempt in his house for a year, and must cheer the wife he took”.

Let’s now discover why Sardinia and the Forte Village Resort are the ideal destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Honeymoon destination: Sardinia and Forte Village Resort

The beaches embraced by the beautiful Sardinian sea are comparable to the famous Caribbean paradises and are the perfect destination for brides and grooms looking for a magical place to spend their honeymoon.

For some newlyweds, the honeymoon is a succession of long moments of relaxation together after their joyful but rather stressful celebrations, while for others the honeymoon is the opportunity for a holiday full of adventure and the discovery of new places, people, cultures, flavours and traditions.

So, there are as many types of honeymoons as there are couples, and the island of Ichnusa, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea characterized by tradition and modernity, is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

Sardinia is a land for everyone, a precious treasure chest that holds ancient stories and fascinating legends such as the one of the Devil’s Saddle, the promontory that rises in the south of Cagliari and separates the famous beach of Poetto from the one of Calamosca.

Not far from the Sardinian capital lies Forte Village, the award-winning resort of Santa Margherita di Pula. The ideal place for a dream honeymoon or a romantic holiday in the company of your sweetheart.

Nestled in an enchanting natural park of 50 hectares overlooking the blue and crystalline waters of the beautiful Sardinian sea, and surrounded by the scents of the uncontaminated, wild nature of the island, the luxury resort is the perfect place for all couples.

At Forte Village, the bride and groom who are looking for privacy and comfort can choose from a variety of offers: from hotels with luxurious and spacious terraces, lush tropical gardens, beautiful swimming pools, and direct access to the sea from every facility; to the suites with extra services, such as a butler, chef or chauffeur; or the refined environments of the luxury villas.

Within the resort, surrounded by the beautiful garden of the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, there is an exclusive and elegant private spa. Couples can experience pure relaxation with the healing power of water and benefits of wellness treatments such as a massage with Ayurvedic oil in this temple dedicated to rest and beauty.

An unforgettable wedding trip includes romantic candlelight dinners, where intense and delicate flavours are combined with scents that cannot but conquer your heart. For this reason, the resort offers its guests a wide range of Michelin starred restaurants to choose from with menus signed by some of the most famous chefs in the world, which celebrate the unbreakable link between love and food.

crudo di gambero riccardo bassetti forte village

Are you a couple that wants to continue doing sports even on your honeymoon? At Forte Village, you can share your passion for ancient disciplines such as yoga, train under the guidance of extraordinary athletic trainers and sports doctors and practice water sports with your partner.

Planning your honeymoon can become a difficult task if it is a family-made one. Forte Village also thinks of couples with children and has reserved them an area full of interactive activities and sports: Children’s Wonderland. So, while mom and dad allow themselves moments of pure relaxation, children can play, make new friends and have fun in a safe environment, protected and managed by highly qualified staff.

The honeymoon is a unique and special moment in the life of a couple, and Sardinia is the perfect romantic paradise to start a new journey together as husband and wife.

Do you want to experience a unique and unforgettable honeymoon in a real paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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