Dining Experiences, come sorprendere il partner e vivere momenti indimenticabili

Dining experiences: how to surprise your partner enjoying unforgettable moments

When gourmet dishes meet with dream atmospheres, their blending make the exclusive dining experiences branded by Forte Village

Immersive journeys through refined flavors, prestigious wines and mind-blowing settings, the right occasion for diners to activate all five senses and venture into unexplored territories.

Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your partner to celebrate an anniversary or a special event? A dining experience could be the right solution!

Food experiences always invite us to slow down, to put aside the shallowness and frenzy of everyday life in the contemporary society and discover, once again, the beauty of savoring those little but beautiful details that increasingly become uncommon.

Therefore, here comes the importance of exceptional locations that provide the ideal backdrop for enjoying real experiences that involve all five senses, transporting diners to unexplored territories where prestigious ingredients reign supreme, all chosen with extreme care and love and expertly combined into true masterpieces for your eyes, your soul, your sense of smell and, certainly last but not least, your taste.

This amazing journey is completed by fine wine glasses, which tell stories from the lands in which the grapes were harvested, a metaphor that allows to get back to the very origins of the dishes to be tasted, creating an invaluable narrative continuum, often even unnoticed.

The cherry on top is the flawless and personalized service, made of professionals that wisely know how to lead diners by the hand on the amazing journey connecting all these tastes.

Dining experiences, spending good time as a couple losing yourselves in the food pleasure

It is not surprising that dining experiences are increasingly gaining ground among those who wish to regain possession of meal times, giving them new value and going against the challenging and exhausting pace of modern life that offers less and less moments for putting everything on hold, at least for a few hours.

Indeed, how many times do you end up eating whatever comes to hand, giving yourself the excuse of not having enough time to dedicate for the preparation of a complete meal, and consuming food without even realizing it having your mind lost in thoughts and worries?

That’s a sick mechanism that, sadly, often repeats itself even when we are in the company of other people. If once the meal time was a convivial moment of sharing and talking about the day, nowadays we’re so constantly absorbed by our electronic devices to the point that even the choice of a restaurant depends on how dishes and locations appear on social media.

Not to mention that the hectic whirlwind of information and stimuli, which we are constantly subjected to, prevents us from really enjoying the experiences we are having and, unfortunately, can lead to serious conflicts and disagreements which can wound or completely break the couple’s dynamics.

The best antidote to all this is to spend real quality time together, giving yourself the priceless opportunity to have a break from the outside world, just like in a video game, and immerse yourself in your emotions, complicity and smiles on this journey exploring the infinite pleasure that only tasty food can give, with the exceptional gourmet dining experiences offered by the Forte Village Resort.

Dining experiences by Forte Village Resort, two exclusive proposals for couples

Immersed in a true natural paradise caressed by the crystal clear waters of the sea of South Sardinia, Forte Village Resort stands out on the international scene for its wide and refined range of services for couples, including indulgent wellness treatments designed to relax the body and reconnect the mind, but also wonderful and exclusive food and wine experiences to enjoy in some of the most acclaimed starred restaurants in Sardinia.

Among the proposals specifically designed for couple, let’s check out the Heinz Beck Gourmet Dinner Experience and the Sardinian Wine Tasting Experience, which both focus on giving moments of pure magic through the emotions aroused by food and dream locations.

Heinz Beck Gourmet Dinner Experience

The symphony of flavors, scents and textures that has always characterized the cuisine of Heinz Beck, one of the most internationally appreciated chefs at the head of the restaurant La Pergola in Rome (already awarded with three Michelin stars), is at the heart of the first excellent culinary proposal for couples by the Forte Village Resort.

We’re talking about a gourmet cuisine inspired by the ultimate mission of finding a dynamic balance between food and body through the creation of dishes that involve the use of fresh, healthy and light ingredients, but still with very tasty and unpredictable combinations.

To put it in Beck’s words “For years, I have carefully observed the effects of food on the body; and for this reason I decided to focus my cuisine on the perfect balance between food and health, to offer my guests Mediterranean flavors without sacrificing taste”.

Designed to celebrate a special occasion, this dining experience can be enjoyed from an à la carte menu, designed exclusively to delight the most refined palates, from which diners can choose an appetizer, a first course, a second course and a dessert, entirely in accordance with the philosophy of life which has always been the signature of the Beck’s creations.

This dining experience costs €296 for two people, excluding wines and drinks.

Sardinian Wine Tasting Experience

A food and wine journey designed for couples across the land of the sun and the sea, discovering the secret of the long life of the Sardinians. The dining experience begins with the tasting of some of the local wines that best tell the ancient and rich history of the territory and its people, expertly paired with an accurate selection of cheeses, cured meats and finger foods inspired by Sardinia’s gastronomic heritage.

A team of expert sommeliers will guide the diners during this magical journey through the culinary wonders of Sardinia, an opportunity to reveal all the secrets of the wines produced in this area of the island and learn how to best combine them with the dishes on offer.

This dining experience costs €56 for two people.

To enjoy both dining experiences is required to book at least an overnight stay in the Resort. Advance booking is kindly requested. To book your stay, please proceed by writing an email to holiday@fortevillage.com or by phone calling to (+39)0709218818.

Do you want to surprise your partner with an unforgettable culinary journey on a dream holiday? Discover the dining experiences of the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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