novità forte village 2022

News 2022: what’s new at Forte Village for 2022

Forte Village 2022: news from the resort where you can enjoy unforgettable holidays 2022 is a year of great news for Forte Village. The award-winning resort, surrounded by the splendid Sardinian sea and overlooking a breathtaking beach, offers new facilities and more space after an important enhancement work. The resort's three stunning luxury villas changed their look as well. Now Villa Lidia, Villa Lavinia and Villa Chiara have larger spaces and a ...

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regole del tennis

All about tennis and its basic rules

The origins of tennis: a brief history of an ancient sport The long history of tennis begins in the Middle Ages. At that time in France a game called 'jeu de paume’ was popular. The name, lit. 'game of palm (of the hand)’, refers to the fact that the players, according to the rules, could hit the ball only with the palm of the hand protected by a glove. In fact, ...

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origini, regole e curiosità del pugilato

Boxing. The origins, the rules and some interesting facts

When was boxing created? Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports. In Italy we call it pugilato, from the Latin pugilatus and pugil, which refers to the athlete who fights with the pugnus, the fist. But we also call it with the French term boxe. Thanks to the Sumerian, Assyrian-Babylonian and Hittite bas-reliefs found by archaeologists during excavations in the Middle East we know that the first boxing matches date back ...

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che cos'è il netball?

Netball: a team sport like basketball

Netball: the story of a sport for women Popular in Australia, New Zealand and the Commonwealth, netball is a sport similar to basketball, played by two teams of seven players each and practised mainly on a female level. The origin of this famous team sport in Anglo-Saxon countries is linked to the history of basketball: netball was invented two days after basketball, in 1891, when the colleagues of James Naismith, teacher and ...

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Paddle tennis: rules for you to play the game of the moment

Padel tennis: characteristics of a dynamic sport full of enthusiasm Padel tennis is similar to tennis, squash or racquetball. It's the ideal sport for anyone wanting to stay in shape and have fun with their friends. This discipline makes use of a racquet and a ball but it's the field that distinguishes it: a 10 metre wide and 20-metre long rectangle with a net in the middle and four walls enclosing the ...

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Freestyle Football: sports legend Marcel Gurk will be a guest for the first time at Forte Village

Freestyle Football: the acrobatic discipline descending from football For some, a vacation is the synonym of relaxing and tranquillity, meanwhile, for others, it represents an occasion to practice their favourite sport and discover new ones like freestyle football. Freestyle football unites the art of acrobatic dribbling with adequate physical preparation, creativity and imagination. This sport is a mixture of football techniques with dancing and circus abilities with a touch of athletic capacities ...

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sport acedemy forte village

The wonders of sport: the Sport Academies at Forte Village

Sport Academies: you don’t need to give up sport while on holiday In vacation there is time to have special treatments like a massage with Ayurvedic oil or others, it is also the perfect moment for children to practice sport or try something new. Children can try all our marvelous Sport Academies where we guarantee they will have fun and make new friends while improving their technique in individual or group sports ...

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