Barbie Academy: il regno della creatività

Barbie Academy: the kingdom of creativity

Barbie Academy, a place for little aspiring designers and fashion lovers A total-pink laboratory originated from the collaboration between the Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula and Mattel, the company producing the famous doll, where children will be able to freely explore the world of fashion and test their creativity and imagination. “If you can imagine it, you can do it!”: this is the best motto of Barbie, the most loved fashion doll ...

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Al mare d’inverno con i bambini: quali sono i benefici?

Seaside in winter with children: what are the benefits?

Going to seaside in winter gives multiple benefits for children’s psychophysical health It’s only a common belief that seaside is beautiful only in summertime: walking on the sand under the soft winter sunshine, inhaling the sea spray deeply, is a real panacea for the well-being of the whole family (especially for children). Taking children to the seaside in winter may be an unusual choice for many families. In fact, most people relate ...

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Regali sotto l’albero: 5 idee con cui sorprendere la propria famiglia

Gifts under the tree: 5 ideas to Surprise Your Family

The top five perfect gifts for Christmas 2023 The perfect surprise to amaze the whole family on the most magical day of the year. When Christmas arrives, choosing the perfect gift for family and loved ones becomes a challenge that, at times, seems almost impossible to win: on the one hand, you want to give something that they can really appreciate, on the other hand, you either have too much choice or ...

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Ottobre in Sardegna: 10 cose da fare sull’isola

October in Sardinia: 10 things to do on the island

Sardinia in October: a unique opportunity to savour the authentic soul of the island Every moment of the year is the right one for a holiday in Sardinia, but it is in October that the island reveals its most fascinating and introspective side making it the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip. It is difficult to remain indifferent in front of the beautiful sea of Sardinia, just as it is impossible, if ...

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Al Forte Village arriva la magia del circo con Pistillo & Friends

Forte Village hosts the magic of the circus with Pistillo & Friends

Experience the enchanting world of the circus at Forte Village with Pistillo & Friends Games, lots of fun, lights, colours and a magical atmosphere at Forte Village Resort in the heart of Sardinia. The Circus, an enthralling blend of impressive abilities, narrative, and amusement, have a long history that dates back to ancient civilizations. The earliest records of circus performances can even be traced back to ancient Rome, where horse races and ...

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È Barbie mania: dal film alla partnership con il Forte Village

It’s Barbie mania: from the film to the partnership with Forte Village

A blockbuster film, dozens of collaborations with prestigious brands and a trendy style: Barbie conquers the world "Barbie: The Movie" celebrates the iconic fashion doll that has marked the history of the toy. The Barbicore trend and partnerships with brands in every industry, show that Barbie is still considered a timeless myth. The highly anticipated film "Barbie: The Movie", a live-action motion picture written and directed by Greta Gerwig, with Oscar-nominated actress ...

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Forte Village’s Art Academy: in Sardegna arriva l’Expo Idéale di Hervé Tullet

Forte Village’s Art Academy: Hervé Tullet’s Expo Idéale arrives in Sardinia

Forte Village's Art Academy: Hervé Tullet for the first time on the island "The genius of rediscovered childhood" brings to Forte Village Resort an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages. From July to September, Forte Village Resort will host an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages, which comes to life thanks to everyone's contribution. For the first time in Sardinia, "the genius of rediscovered childhood" Hervé Tullet, ...

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Alimentazione sostenibile e bambini: come spiegare ai più piccoli l’impatto ambientale del cibo?

A sustainable diet for children: how to explain the environmental impact of food to little ones?

Sustainable diet and children: how to educate them to sustainability starting with their meals How to get children to understand the importance of sustainable nutrition for their health and the well-being of the planet. Today more than ever it is important to change lifestyles and habits in favour of environmental sustainability to preserve our health and the planet’s well-being. In this perspective, a key role is played by food education for the new ...

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Barbie: between live action and music, a collaboration with Forte Village Resort

Barbie: between live action and music, a collaboration with Forte Village Resort

Barbie: the live-action film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling She is a beloved fashion doll, the best-selling toy in the world and a model for generations of girls who, thanks to her example, have understood that they can become anything they want. We are talking about Barbie, a true icon of beauty and emancipation, celebrated by cinema, music and the Forte Village Resort with two exclusive holiday packages. One of the ...

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Environmental education for children

Environmental education and children: the Forte Village educational workshop

Environmental education: how to teach children to respect nature? Raising awareness among the new generations and promoting virtuous behavior are the objectives of environmental education, which is fundamental for the citizens of tomorrow. Environmental education plays a key role in the growth of children. In fact, it teaches them the value of sustainability and the protection of resources. But also how to contribute to the protection of our planet through small actions ...

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bungalow forte village

Castello Garden: the 5-star bungalows of Forte Village

Castello Garden Bungalows: a dream stay at Forte Village Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, near Cagliari, is the ideal resort for families with children. Indeed, it offers different accommodations for a truly unforgettable holiday in Sardinia: 8 elegant five and four-star hotels, refined suites, 13 luxury villas, and the bungalows surrounded by nature not far from the sea. The word bungalow is an English adaptation of 'bangalo', a Gujarati ...

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Theatre lessons for children: 10 important benefits

Theatre lessons for children: the right place to grow-up well Learning while having fun is the best way to grow, theatre lessons for children can be good for stimulating creativity, incrementing self esteem and it also helps to build and improve relations with others. The theatre laboratory for children is a passionate, learning experience which has found place in the Children’s Wonderland at Forte Village, the award-winning resort located in Santa Margherita ...

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Vegetable garden for children: 10 reasons for doing it on vacation

Vegetable garden for children: benefits of vegetable gardens according to the Montessori method When on vacation, a vegetable garden is an opportunity for children to have fun outside, a unique experience that helps them cultivate love for nature and respect the environment. According to Montessori pedagogy, gardening offers children the opportunity to come closer to nature and discover the connection between man and a natural environment. The rules of the Montessori method ...

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Wonderland: Children’s kingdom at Forte Village

Wonderland: Children’s dreams come true at Forte Village The perfect holiday with small children is the one where mothers and fathers can allow themselves to have long relaxing moments, for example with an Ayurvedic oil massage, while their children play in the enchanted garden of Wonderland, an oasis made just for children at Forte Village.  Parents often have difficulty enjoying unspoilt nature or having the pleasure of relaxing on a soft white sand ...

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