Environmental education for children

Environmental education and children: the Forte Village educational workshop

Environmental education: how to teach children to respect nature? Raising awareness among the new generations and promoting virtuous behavior are the objectives of environmental education, which is fundamental for the citizens of tomorrow. Environmental education plays a key role in the growth of children. In fact, it teaches them the value of sustainability and the protection of resources. But also how to contribute to the protection of our planet through small actions ...

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bungalow forte village

Castello Garden: the 5-star bungalows of Forte Village

Castello Garden Bungalows: a dream stay at Forte Village Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, near Cagliari, is the ideal resort for families with children. Indeed, it offers different accommodations for a truly unforgettable holiday in Sardinia: 8 elegant five and four-star hotels, refined suites, 13 luxury villas, and the bungalows surrounded by nature not far from the sea. The word bungalow is an English adaptation of 'bangalo', a Gujarati ...

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Theatre lessons for children: 10 important benefits

Theatre lessons for children: the right place to grow-up well Learning while having fun is the best way to grow, theatre lessons for children can be good for stimulating creativity, incrementing self esteem and it also helps to build and improve relations with others. The theatre laboratory for children is a passionate, learning experience which has found place in the Children’s Wonderland at Forte Village, the award-winning resort located in Santa Margherita ...

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Vegetable garden for children: 10 reasons for doing it on vacation

Vegetable garden for children: benefits of vegetable gardens according to the Montessori method When on vacation, a vegetable garden is an opportunity for children to have fun outside, a unique experience that helps them cultivate love for nature and respect the environment. According to Montessori pedagogy, gardening offers children the opportunity to come closer to nature and discover the connection between man and a natural environment. The rules of the Montessori method ...

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Wonderland: Children’s kingdom at Forte Village

Wonderland: Children’s dreams come true at Forte Village The perfect holiday with small children is the one where mothers and fathers can allow themselves to have long relaxing moments, for example with an Ayurvedic oil massage, while their children play in the enchanted garden of Wonderland, an oasis made just for children at Forte Village.  Parents often have difficulty enjoying unspoilt nature or having the pleasure of relaxing on a soft white sand ...

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ville di lusso al forte village resort sardegna

Luxury Villas: the feminine appeal between sea and nature at Forte Village

Luxury villas: the exclusive accommodation at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia When we are looking for a destination for our vacation we do not want to renounce anything, we want nature, wellbeing, relaxation, comfort and fun for the children, but before thinking about the delicious flavors of gourmet cuisine or exclusive wellness treatments like thalassotherapy, we need to find suitable accommodation, for example the luxury villas at Forte Village, the award ...

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a perfect day project

Video Storytelling: the #APerfectDay project about the Forte Village Experience

Video Storytelling: an innovative way to talk about the Forte Village Experience Many companies nowadays choose video storytelling as an instrument to talk about their Brand, Forte Village was one of the first to do this in the world of luxury tourism. Talking about a Brand in an original and creative way is not always a simple task: it’s not enough to simply post an interactive content to command the attention of ...

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