Forte Village’s Art Academy: in Sardegna arriva l’Expo Idéale di Hervé Tullet

Forte Village’s Art Academy: Hervé Tullet’s Expo Idéale arrives in Sardinia

Forte Village’s Art Academy: Hervé Tullet for the first time on the island

“The genius of rediscovered childhood” brings to Forte Village Resort an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages.

From July to September, Forte Village Resort will host an engaging artistic project, dedicated to children of all ages, which comes to life thanks to everyone’s contribution.

For the first time in Sardinia, “the genius of rediscovered childhood” Hervé Tullet, children’s author and French artist, returns to Italy with another installation of the Expo Idéale (his great exhibition that has participants all over the world) and with an unpublished project, the “Forte Village’s Art Academy by Hervé Tullet”.

Born in 1958, he is famous and appreciated internationally, winner of some of the most important awards in the field of children’s literature: his works are considered innovative because they favour the path to narration, interaction with the reader and his involvement instead of mere passive fruition.

At the origin of his works and workshops stands the idea of collaborative art: the work of art derives from collaboration and inclusion. Translated into over 20 languages, it was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than four years.

His method assumes that the power of creation lies in the creative process, in which the transition from idea to action generates real surprises for the eyes, and not only in aesthetics.

The Forte Village’s Art Academy brings for the first time in Sardinia the Tullet method and its ambitious project of the Expo Idéale thanks to the precious collaboration with Museo in Erba, the Swiss museum institution dedicated to children: the team of Museo in Erba is “Ambassador” to Hervé Tullet method for training and sharing experiences together.

Children will be welcomed in the Forte Village spaces by canvases and brushes, to draw and create inspired by the art of Hervé: lines, spots, stitches and scribbles will allow them to give free rein to their imagination with colours, shapes and simple gestures.

The works created will be delivered to the artist’s staff who will interpret them and transform them into an Expo Idéale, a work in progress exhibition that never ends, a format born as a space for experimentation for children and adults in which imagination flies.

Flowery Meadow, Magic Dice, Sumo Wrestlers, Paths and Windows, The maxi traffic jam, painting with music, “Draw” + “Who is the Fastest” are just some of the workshops that will take place at Forte Village’s Art Academy by Hervé Tullet and that will contribute to the creation of an Expo Idéale.

Finally, the exhibition will be shown to the public at Palazzo Doglio, the elegant accessible 5-star luxury hotel in the centre of Cagliari, in the presence of Museo in Erba staff who will accompany and present the project on Scholl reopening day in September with a large workshop open to all, from young to old.

Forte Village, is the perfect destination for families

In the magnificent setting of Santa Margherita di Pula, in the embrace of the beach with soft and white sand caressed by the crystal clear sea, Forte Village, an award-winning resort of international prestige, is the perfect destination to enjoy a memorable family-friendly holiday.

In fact, in addition to the innovative project of the “Forte Village’s Art Academy by Hervé Tullet”, the resort has a wide range of Sports Academies for children and adults that know how to satisfy all needs and that offer the opportunity to train with exceptional instructors as happens, for example, with the Tennis, Fencing and Bike Academy, among the novelties of 2023 as part of a continuous renewal.

In addition, it has a magical kingdom dedicated to children, Wonderland, a true paradise of fun, a protected and reliable oasis in which to make new friends under the supervision of qualified staff Worldwide Kids Certified, a training and consulting company for children which operates in every part of the world.

Mom and dad will be able to relax on the wide  beaches lapped by an incredible sea as only that of Sardinia can be while children and teenagers will enjoy exciting hours at the Children’s Wonderland thanks to many interactive and sports activities: swimming pools, theatre workshop, the fantastic world of Barbie, the creative laboratory of Arts & Crafts,  the vegetable garden where you can discover the typical crops of the island, Mario’s Village, the play area dedicated to the parrot Mario, Forte Village’s mascot, and the Nursery, the place designed specifically for children, a 100% safe environment.

Would you like to participate in Forte Village’s Art Academy by Hervé Tullet and experience a fabulous holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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