Al mare d’inverno con i bambini: quali sono i benefici?

Seaside in winter with children: what are the benefits?

Going to seaside in winter gives multiple benefits for children’s psychophysical health

It’s only a common belief that seaside is beautiful only in summertime: walking on the sand under the soft winter sunshine, inhaling the sea spray deeply, is a real panacea for the well-being of the whole family (especially for children).

Taking children to the seaside in winter may be an unusual choice for many families. In fact, most people relate the sea only with those long and very hot summer days, with the picnics on the beach, and dancing nights that last until dawn. As a matter of fact, in addition to its magical and hypnotic energy, and for being the perfect setting for some of the most beautiful and intense sunsets of the year, the winter sea also offers important benefits for the physical and mental health of adults and children.

First of all, the beaches are less crowded and it allows children to enjoy a larger space to have fun, play and run freely without the fear of disturbing other people. At the same time, the cool temperatures make the air cleaner and more pleasant to breathe, giving the opportunity to take long walks on the shore and practice some physical activity outdoors, which is usually impossible or highly advised against with the scorching summer sunlight, as well as trying their hand at building sandcastles, collecting shells or observing marine fauna, activities that stimulate the curiosity of children and develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Not to mention that, during cold days, the sea spray (a specific term used to indicate sea water which vaporizes in the air due to the action of the waves) is particularly rich in negative ions and other precious elements which calm mind, relax muscles, improve mood and promote more restful sleep, especially in combination with the gentle rhythm of waves crashing on the shore. This is particularly important for the cognitive development of children.

That’s another proof that enjoying days at the seaside, even in winter, can be full of fun and adventure and gives the priceless opportunity to spend quality time with family, making room for unique memories that will accompany children for a lifetime. And if this isn’t enough, here are five more reasons why going to the seaside in winter with children is always a good idea!

Benefits of winter sea for children: stronger immune system, greater coordination, less stress

The combination of children and the sea has always been a pleasure for grandparents and parents. Just think about the joy and laughter of building sand castles on the shore, riding the waves on mum and dad’s shoulders and having a delicious ice cream beneath beach umbrella; but think about the crowd, with its multiple stimulations, or the scorching summer heat from which it is often difficult to take cover.

Well, all of this disappears in winter months: the beaches magically become a potentially infinite sandy expanse where adults and children can let their imagination run wild, explore, touch and create with their hands, thus activating all five senses. And even if it’s not possible to dive into the water, this doesn’t mean that the fun of interacting with the marine environment is over.

In addition to this brand new seaside experience, it’s relevant to understand the important benefits for the physical and mental health of children, that include:

  1. A stronger immune system: the combination of fresh air and salt water, rich in iodine and other precious natural elements with notable antibacterial properties, help prevent respiratory infections and promote the production of vitamin D, essential to strengthen bones health and immune system from an early age. Moreover, the sea water impacts positively on the skin, hydrating it and hindering problems such as dermatitis and eczema;
  2. Greater coordination and balance: activities such as walking on the beach, playing in the sand, or simply running along the shore are capable of stimulating motor coordination, muscle strength and balance, key elements for the healthy physical growth of children;
  3. Improved well-being and less stress: being away from the daily routine and school pressures, with the sound of the waves, the view of the wide open sea and the fresh air improves children’s mood and emotional well-being, helps them to recharge their energies, making them ready to resume the commitments of school life with higher concentration and interest, reducing the accumulation of stress;
  4. Activation of all five senses: going to seaside in winter offers a wide range of sensory stimulation, like the sound of the waves, the scent of the sea air, the taste of salt on the lips, the deep blue color of the water (which, according to chromotherapy, helps mind to find peace and serenity, reduces blood pressure and regulates heartbeat and breathing), and, last but not least, the magical soft sensation of sand beneath your feet. These factors can promote children’s cognitive development, encouraging the active use of all five senses and helping understand and interact with the surrounding environment;
  5. The importance of respecting nature: being in touch with nature, observing the marine life that bustles undisturbed near the shore, as well as the different plant species that sprout next to the beach, allows children to develop an important sense of respect and care for the natural environment, especially when it comes to stimulating creativity, concentration and observation, important skills for learning lateral thinking and deep cognitive functions.

Although the climate may be colder and the days shorter in terms of sunlight, there is certainly no shortage of learning and entertainment opportunities for children going to seaside in winter.

Far from the stress and worries of everyday school life, children can enjoy all the benefits of the marine environment for the health of their minds and bodies and, simultaneously, spend unforgettable moments with their families. A clear proof that seaside in winter is not sad or boring as many believe, but instead offers a large variety of opportunities that wouldn’t be possible to seize during the summertime!

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