suite vacanze in sardegna

Waterfront Suites: a perfect combination of elegance and style

Waterfront Suites: elegant and refined holiday in style The Waterfront Suites with a sea view at Forte Village, an award-winning resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari, are the ideal solution for those who want to experience a holiday of comfort and luxury. Nestled in an enchanting park of 50 hectares and overlooking the white beach of the sunny southern coast of Sardinia, surrounded by the scents of ...

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Porto Flavia: a “window into the sea” in the south of Sardinia

Porto Flavia: the history of a revolutionary engineering project Sardinia full of discoveries including Nora and the Archeological park of Pula representing a line separating the past with the present, and Porto Flavia a panoramic window onto the Iglesias sea. Porto Flavia is a magical place on the southwestern shore of Sardinia, a port dug into the calcareous stone and suspended between the sea and the sky. The incredible cave on the peak ...

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Sailing: 10 reasons for choosing Sardinia

Vacations sailing: why give up mooring and sailing away Waking up with the sound of the waves and opening your eyes every morning in a different place, having a vacation on a boat in Sardinia is the ideal for everyone wanting to switch off and have a relaxing trip, far away from chaos and crowded beaches. The crystal clear blue water embracing the soft white sand have allowed Sardinia to earn its ...

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Excursions in Sardinia: top 10 destinations

Excursions in Sardinia: the land of a thousand features. Excursions in Sardinia allow you to discover all the secrets of this magical and historically rich land. Sardinia is famous around the world for its white-sand beaches embraced by emerald green water, the island has many natural, historical, cultural and archaeological attractions. Also, not to be forgotten is the regional cuisine, a mixture of ancient peasant recipes, pastoral traditions and seafood specialities. Sardinia is ...

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Flora Sardinia: nature and history of the island

Flora Sardinia: origins of Sardinian vegetation The Sardinian sea is one of the most beautiful in the world but the island holds other treasures which contribute to the naturalistic patrimony such as holm oaks and cork trees, prickly pears and rosemary which are all part of the variegated Sardinian flora. Besides having typically Mediterranean characteristics, the rich and perfumed Sardinian flora has many endemic species, a term used by Swiss naturalist Augustin ...

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Snorkeling: 10 secrets for having an unforgettable experience

Snorkeling: the water sport that reveals all the beauty on the seafloor Snorkeling, and also diving, are among the most fascinating water sports, perfect for those wanting to keep in shape and discover the beauty of the sea floor which includes incredible red corals and the Posidonia Oceania fields which are characteristic of the underwater landscapes in Sardinia. “An incredible world awaits under the sea surface, made of fascinating creatures, of marvelous ...

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diving in sardinia

Diving in Sardinia: 10 reasons to choose this island

Diving in Sardinia: all the magic of diving at Forte Village There are some people who really can’t give up their physical activity when they are on vacation. Diving in Sardinia is one of the best water sports for adults who want to maintain their physical shape and for children wanting to jump in to the crystalline sea surrounding Forte Village, the award-winning Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, province of ...

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mare sardegna

Sardinian sea: 10 reasons making it the most beautiful in Europe

Sardinian sea: what are the secrets to its beauty Considered one of the most beautiful seas in the world and the ideal destination for vacations, the Sardinian sea is not in any way inferior to other famous tropical paradises. Many future spouses or recently married couples are conquered by the crystalline water of the Sardinian sea and choose it as the destination for their honeymoon or as the location for an unforgettable ...

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