Casa Zapata a Barumini: un polo museale unico nel suo genere

Casa Zapata in Barumini: a unique museum complex.

Casa Zapata in Barumini: the fascinating Hispanic architecture building home to an important museum complex The museum complex now houses the ethnography, history and archaeology sections, in a location that has been a centre of power since prehistoric times. Sardinia has a lot to offer in addition to a crystalline sea and fabulous beaches thanks to a hinterland rich in beautiful landscapes, tradition, culture and history. In the heart of the Marmilla area, ...

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Beauty routine viso: 10 consigli per una pelle sana e luminosa

Facial beauty routine: 10 tips to have healthy and luminous skin

The Decalogue to maintain your skin bright and healthy To preserve the health and beauty of your skin, all you need are simple but effective rituals. Having healthy and luminous skin is a matter of genetics, of course, but there’s a lot that can be done to help nature: daily care and following simple but effective advice can make the difference and give, at all ages, a young and well-groomed appearance. Let's see ...

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Cross training: che cos’è e quali sono i benefici

Cross training: what it is and what are the advantages

Cross training: what it is and what advantages it brings to those who practice it Discovering the training that allows you to exercise by combining various sports disciplines to fully improve your general physical health. Cross-training is a technique that allows you to improve your fitness levels by practising multiple sports disciplines, sometimes in contrast with each other, in the same sitting. Those who practice it will range between disciplines by constantly training ...

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Sant’Efisio la festa della Sardegna: simboli e riti tra folklore e devozione

Sant’Efisio’s Festival in Sardinia: symbols and rituals between folklore and devotion

Sant'Efisio’s is one of the most important religious festivals in Sardinia The ancient festival of Sant'Efisio takes place every year in Cagliari, from the 1st to the 4th of May, in a triumph of colours, traditional clothes and devotional songs. The biggest Festival in Sardinia, Sant'Efisio’s, is a ritual that has been handed down for almost four centuries, a suggestive procession (among the longest and oldest in the world) of 65 kilometres ...

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Smoothies: che cosa sono, come si preparano e  quali sono i benefici?

Smoothies: what are they, how are they prepared and what are their properties?

 Smoothies: the healthy drink made popular by its tasty flavour and beneficial properties Discovering delicious and healthy drinks to fill up on energy and well-being. Easy to prepare, tasty, light and rich in beneficial properties, smoothies are popular among fans of health food and rightly so: they are full of fibre and vitamins, they are low on calories but are really nutritious. The term "smoothie" comes from the English "smooth" which means "velvety, ...

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Ibisco: proprietà, benefici e curiosità sul fiore che cresce nel giardino del Forte Village

Hibiscus: properties, characteristics and curiosities about this remarkable flower growing in Forte Village’s garden

Hibiscus, a treasure chest of virtues and qualities A discovery journey to hibiscus, a flower of rare beauty, and Karkadè its infusion. Forte Village, the elegant green and sustainable resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari, features a park that is an oasis of nature and beauty as well as a treasure chest of biodiversity where the colours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub blend with the exotic ...

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Coccoi cun s'ou: il pane tradizionale della Pasqua sarda

Coccoi cun s’ou: Sardinia’s Easter traditional bread

The typical Easter bread in Sardinia The great protagonist of the Easter holidays on the island, Coccoi cun s' ou is the traditional Sardinian ritual bread. Easter, Sa Pasca Manna, is the most beloved festival in Sardinia. It is celebrated throughout the island with touching rituals and processions as well as the pleasures and flavours of good food. The great protagonist of the Easter table is a special ritual bread known as Coccoi ...

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Pasqua gastronomica: storia e sapori della tavola sarda

Foodie Easter: history and flavours of the Sardinian table

The Sardinian table’s typical flavours for Easter A culinary journey to discover the dishes that enrich the Sardinian table on the Easter holidays. Sardinia boasts a thousand-year history and strong traditions that are also reflected during the Easter holidays when, the engaging rites of Holy Week, are accompanied by the typical flavours and aromas. Many dishes relate to Easter in Sardinia, one of the most heartfelt festivals on the island, and vary not ...

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Come festeggiare una Pasqua in modo sostenibile? Le scelte che fanno bene a te e all'ambiente

How to celebrate Easter sustainably? Here are some choices that are good for you and the environment

Celebrate Easter sustainably by taking care of yourself and the environment Implementing strategies to look after the environment even during the holidays is essential to ensure sustainability and protect everybody’s health and well-being. Today more than ever, the concept of "environmental sustainability" is growing strongly: the effects of climate change, the awareness of the impact that man has on the ecosystem, and the dissemination of precise scientific information have made clear the ...

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Che cos’è il Metaverso? Entra nel futuro con il Forte Village Resort

What is the Metaverse? Step into the future with Forte Village Resort

Discovering the Metaverse, a futuristic virtual universe that awaits you at Forte Village A taste of the future and exciting adventures in the heart of Sardinia at Forte Village Resort. A new future awaits us: the Metaverse. This virtual universe is developed in the digital world, its "matter" is composed of information and data (related to the objective universe) and the structure is space-time, exactly like that of the physical universe. Put simply, ...

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Fishing For Litter: Forte Village e Ogyre insieme per la salvaguardia del mare nel Sud Sardegna

Fishing For Litter: Forte Village and Ogyre get together to promote sea preservation in Southern Sardinia

Fishing for Litter: Forte Village's commitment to sustainability is growing Committed to environmental protection for some time, the award-winning resort confirms and increases its green soul. Forte Village, the award-winning resort immersed in a fairytale landscape in Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari, has a green soul that makes it the ideal destination for those who want to experience a magnificent holiday of relaxation, accessible luxury, comfort and environmental ...

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Che cosa sono le terapie olistiche e quali sono i benefici?

What are holistic therapies and what are their benefits?

Holistic therapies: what are they and all the benefits An overview of natural treatment methods and benefits for the patient. Holistic therapies are natural treatment methods that are based on a different assumption than that of traditional medicine. According to the holistic view, the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects are considered on the same level and the symptoms triggered by the pathologies represent the body’s signals to restore the lost balance. Health, ...

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Forte Village never stops: le novità della stagione 2023

Forte Village never stops: the news for the 2023 season

Forte Village 2023: all the news of the award-winning resort For the 2023 season, the resort, immersed in a fairytale landscape, puts in place a series of new activities guaranteed to give you an unforgettable holiday. Forte Village, an award-winning resort with affordable luxury set in a fairytale setting in Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, is perfect for those who want to enjoy a wonderful holiday of relaxation, comfort, fun and well-being. The ...

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Carnevale in Sardegna: le maschere più belle e il loro significato

Sardinian Carnival: the most beautiful masked characters and their stories

Sardinian Carnival: discovering the most fascinating masked characters and their symbolism The many faces of the Sardinian Carnival evoke the mystery and charm of this ancient agro-pastoral culture. Carnival in Sardinia has an identity of its own, different from the common idea of a cheerful party, full of laughter and confetti: on the island, the Carnival has many faces and transmits a unique atmosphere that evokes ancient rural and agro-pastoral customs. The protagonists ...

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