tradizioni natalizie sarde

Christmas in Sardinia, a journey through the traditions of the island

Christmas in Sardinia: the origins of a celebration loved by adults and children Christmas in Sardinia is a family celebration. It is rich in warmth, suggestions and ancient traditions, handed down throughout the generations. In Italian, Christmas is Natale. The word comes from the Latin ‘Natāle’, ellipses of ‘Diem natālem Christi’, the day of Christ's birth. Furthermore, Natāle comes from ‘natālis’, which derives from ‘nātus’, the perfect participle of the verb ‘nāsci’, ...

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easter holiday

Easter vacation: 10 suggestions to get away from stress and regenerate

Easter vacations: ten words of advice for getting away and relaxing Summer seems so far away, but Easter holidays are just around the corner, therefore why not take advantage of the first rays of spring sun and allow yourself to have a break away from routine stress of daily life? Easter holidays are the perfect moment for organizing a trip. In 2020, Easter falls on Sunday 12 April and Easter Monday on ...

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