È Barbie mania: dal film alla partnership con il Forte Village

It’s Barbie mania: from the film to the partnership with Forte Village

A blockbuster film, dozens of collaborations with prestigious brands and a trendy style: Barbie conquers the world

“Barbie: The Movie” celebrates the iconic fashion doll that has marked the history of the toy. The Barbicore trend and partnerships with brands in every industry, show that Barbie is still considered a timeless myth.

The highly anticipated film “Barbie: The Movie”, a live-action motion picture written and directed by Greta Gerwig, with Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling (in the role of the iconic Ken) has dyed in pink box offices around the world, grossing 155 million and marking the best debut ever in the United States for a film shot by a woman.

Released on July 20th in Italy, there too hit the box office with a bang earning, on the first day of programming, 2,178,000 euros and recording a long series of records: best film of the year 2023, the second-best debut since the pandemic, best debut for a film directed by a woman, best debut of a film in theatres in July since the beginning of the pandemic as well as the fourth best opening ever for a film distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

In short, the most famous doll in the world that has made girls (and not only) dream since 1959 confirms itself as an overwhelming icon of success and knows how to surprise with a film that deals with important issues such as women’s rights, the struggle between perfection and imperfection and personal freedom.

The director has reinvented the “Barbie” universe by bringing a vibrant and colourful universe to the big screen and projecting her feminist vision to create a narrative that critically addresses the contradictions of consumerism and gender roles.

Over the course of the film, Barbie and Ken discover their “plastic world” and confront the pressures and social expectations that come with their role as “iconic toy figures.”

In addition, the plot highlights the inconsistencies that emerge in the “concept of Barbie”, a symbol of women’s emancipation but also a purely consumerist product.

It is not, therefore, only a parody perhaps “funny and frivolous” but a film that includes references to the history of cinema and the brand “Barbie”, aspects that make it richer and easily accessible to an adult audience.

Among the profound issues that are addressed, we find the “perfection” that is questioned and re-evaluated, the individuality and the specific and exclusive identity of everyone, feminism, female empowerment and patriarchy, the existential crisis, and even death and memory with a remarkable reflection on the meaning of life.

#Barbiecore: the all-pink trend of 2023

“Barbie: The Movie” also brings with it one of the most popular and popular trends of 2023, namely the #Barbiecore, “girly aesthetic” inspired by the style of the doll that goes beyond the pink colour and selects a series of outfits that refer to the period from the late nineties to the beginning of the twenty-first century.

A trend that wants to express the desire for lightness, light-heartedness and joy that unites us all after the pandemic period and that has become a global phenomenon driven by the beautiful looks sported by Margot Robbie during the promotional tour of the film.

Among the key items, we find sneakers, bodysuits, velvet suits, tennis skirts, synthetic furs, sequins, feathers, glittery micro bags, hair bands, heart-shaped sunglasses, animal and/or psychedelic prints, short-shaped tops and t-shirts, miniskirts and minidresses, platform shoes and cuissardes boots.

But #Barbiecore is not limited to the wardrobe. You cannot miss the makeup, with false eyelashes, lip gloss, pink glittery eyeshadows or with very bright nuances.

And then it also concerns interior design with pastel-coloured furniture, curtains in heavy and floral fabrics and the triumph of “bubble pink” on the walls, it means knowing the TV series of the twenty-first century, loving films in which violence and sex are banned …

In short, it is a trend that is a hymn to feminism, inclusion, the beauty of diversity, the demolition of prejudices and stereotypes, to speak to everyone without distinction of gender.

The collaborations of the famous doll with brands

A real “Barbie fever” has led to numerous collaborations with the most varied brands.

First of all, the collaboration with NYX, the low-cost make-up products brand, has created creams and body scrubs, glittery eyeshadows, and coloured lipsticks with a Barbie theme.

Then, Moon launched Barbie’s pink electric toothbrush and shocking pink toothpaste.

Forever 21, Primark and Gap have introduced beachwear, swimwear, clothes and Barbie-style dog products to their stores.

Hally has created temporary dyes to colour strands of hair like Barbie, Chi has put on the market a colourful line of curling irons, straighteners and phones, Tanglerteezer the pink brush.

The soft drink company Swoon has created the Barbie pink lemonade with strawberry and lemon flavours. The Glasshouse fragrances sweet candles and Ruggable a line of carpets to furnish the house as the “Dreamhouse Malibu” by Barbie.

Barbie and the partnership in Sardinia with Forte Village

In Sardinia, there is an extraordinary place where girls can enter the fantastic world of Barbie and enjoy unforgettable experiences: the Forte Village Resort. The award-winning resort in the splendid setting of Santa Margherita di Pula, about forty minutes from Cagliari, is a real kingdom for children where their dreams come true.

Thanks to the collaboration started in 2014 with Mattel, the Resort offers exclusive “Barbie” themed holiday packages: ranging from the special “Barbie Vip Package”, with a themed room, to the fun activities of the “Barbie Activity Centre”.

Going into detail, there are two types of packages for guests aged 2 to 10 years: the Ultimate Barbie Experience: Barbie Glamour Package and the Barbie Pink Package.

The first offers the incredible opportunity to stay in Barbie’s House, a stylish room furnished with official products: like the bed and Barbie’s beauty case with toiletries inspired by her.

There is also a special gift, a Barbie doll and the “Barbie Spa” where mothers and daughters can enjoy manicures and face masks at the Acquaforte Thalasso SPA.

But that’s not all: from Monday to Friday at the Barbie Fashion Academy there is a workshop to learn how to create jewellery, photo frames and personalized t-shirt: everything ends with the opportunity to parade wearing your own creations.

The second package differs from the first in that it does not include access to the Barbie Spa.

Would you like to immerse yourself in Barbie’s world and enjoy a dream holiday in a real paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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