A wedding by the sea: 10 tips for an unforgettable day

Wedding by the sea: a romantic and refined ceremony

Alongside being the quintessence of romance, a beach wedding is the dream of many couples who want to celebrate the most important day of their lives in a magical atmosphere, surrounded by relatives and friends.
Exchanging vows by the sea, perhaps at dusk when the sun sets on the horizon and the reddish sky transforms the long-awaited moment of yes into a magical poem.

The sea-side is the perfect natural setting for a fairytale wedding in the name of love and elegance, where the fragrant atmosphere mixed by a light wind, the sound of the waves and that feeling of infinity is equal to the love that unites two people.
Discover ten tips to turn your beach wedding into a fantastic day, that will remain in the hearts of your guest as a treasure.

Wedding by the sea-side: 10 ideas for a unique event

Do you wish to plan a beach wedding? Here are ten ideas that will help you to make your special day unforgettable:

  1. The location: a wedding is an event in which no detail can be left to chance, starting from the setting. The location should have both elegant and welcoming interior and exterior spaces and should enhance the theme chosen by the couple. Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful sea of Sardinia, is the perfect location for a romantic ceremony on the beach.
  2. The right accessory: elegant footwear and heeled shoes complete the perfect ceremony look but are not suitable for the beach. To help guests feel at ease, the idea is to give everyone a pair of beach flip-flops personalized with the wedding theme. In addition to helping the guests walk without difficulty, flip-flops are an original Cadeau de mariage that guests can take home at the end of the day.
  3. Wedding bag: it is a small bag, preferably in cotton or jute, of various shapes and sizes, which contains useful and fun gadgets to help guests cope with the day. The wedding bag is delivered to the guests upon their arrival and can contain: the program of the day, the rice to be launched at the end of the ceremony, handkerchiefs, fan, bottle of water to cool off and a natural and fragrant anti-mosquito spray. If among the guests there are also children inside the “baby wedding” you can insert coloured chalk, soap bubbles, a small toy and sweets.
  4. Lounge area: set up small areas where the guests can sit and chat while sipping a cocktail, giving a touch of exclusivity to an important event such as the wedding. To make the lounge area more welcoming and create a relaxing atmosphere, you can use carpets and cushions of different shapes, colours and materials, armchairs and sofas with a vintage taste, antique trunks or wooden chests, scented candles and essence diffusers for aromatherapy.
  5. Each to their place: the tableau de marriage, a French expression meaning the “picture of marriage” or “painting of marriage”, is a map for guests to find their table and assigned seat. It’s not a simple board, but a decorative element that can respect the chosen theme. For a beach wedding, you can use an old surfboard as the basis of the tableau or recreate a small beach with the names of the guests shown on the colourful mini deckchairs.
  6. A corner for photos: the photo booth is a nice entertainment for guests and allows the bride and groom to have original photos with which to make a really special wedding album. To turn simple photos into beautiful memories, you can: set up a scene in theme with the wedding; use different types of accessories, such as hats, glasses or musical instruments; perhaps think of a custom gadget for each guest, or use hanging frames of different sizes to take photos in cheerful and spontaneous poses.
  7. Child-friendly: if the wedding foresees the presence of children, it is advisable to hire an animation service to take care of the little guests and entertain them with games and activities suitable for their age. Also, the menu is an aspect which cannot be neglected: better to avoid gourmet dishes and prefer fast courses and unprocessed dishes. Another important moment is the delivery of the wedding favours, to which you can add a gift specially designed for the little ones like a stuffed toy or a puzzle. A child-friendly wedding makes everyone happy: the bride and groom who can surround themselves with the joy of the youngest, the guests who are not forced to put up with the whims of bored children and parents who can enjoy every moment of the party.
  8. A special toast: the signature drink, or the personalized cocktail, turns the most classic toast into a very special moment. It is ideal to rely on a professional bartender to choose the right mix and create a cocktail in line with the theme, colour and details of the wedding.
  9. Wedding favours: better avoid the classic objects that risk ending up in the bottom of a drawer or full of dust, and prefer original wedding favours accompanied by a personalized ticket for each guest. One of the most popular alternatives is a food and wine wedding favour that celebrates the flavours and aromas of the territory.
  10. The wedding planner: do you want a perfect wedding but don’t have the time and energy to organize the event of your dreams? The right solution is to rely on a professional in the sector like Angelo Garini, architect, wedding and event designer, a well-known personality on Italian television and author.

Do you want to organize a wedding by the sea and live a dream come true? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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