celebrity chef night forte village resort sardegna

Celebrity Chef Nights: 3 evenings of haute cuisine

Celebrity Chef Nights: there will be three nights at Forte Village hosted by great Michelin starred chefs.

The perfect vacation is a sum of extraordinary days discovering the local traditions and unspoilt nature of a chosen destination and experiencing magical and unforgettable evenings like the Celebrity Chef Nights at Forte Village dedicated to haute cuisine.

Celebrity Chef Nights involves three great Michelin starred chefs, recognised in national and international cuisine: Alfio Ghezzi, from the 10th to the 12th of July, Giuseppe Mancino, from the 17th to the 19th of July, and Enrico Cerea, from the 27th to the 28th of July. 

These three exponents of gourmet cuisine will be protagonists of the Notte dei Grandi Chef in the extraordinary and suggestive scenario of the resort, where excellence and creativity in culinary art is refined and fused with the experimentation of new flavors to astonish our guests.

Each dish corresponds to a wine and during the Celebrity Chef Night every recipe will be accompanied by the perfect glass of wine according to the ingredients of the recipe, enhancing its flavors and fragrances. The perfect partner of this initiative focused on haute cuisine is Ferrari Trentodoc, who chose to combine all the surprising creations made during Celebrity Chef Night with its labels which include: Linea Classica, Linea Maximum, Linea Perlé, Linea Reserve and Linea Gran Cuvée.  

Celebrity Chef Nights: haute cuisine and good wine at Forte Village

Forte Village is home to haute cuisine and during the Celebrity Chef Nights the talent of Michelin starred chefs Alfio Ghezzi, Giuseppe Mancino and Enrico Cerea will be transformed into gourmet dishes perfectly combined with Ferrari Trentodoc wine.

Exceptional dishes for a journey through flavors and prepared with high quality ingredients, the intense and unmistakable wine provided by Ferrari Treantodoc will make a unique an unrepeatable wine and food experience.

The combination of food and wine is an art which plays with the delicate balance and contrasts between sensations and perceptions. A good glass of wine must not overpower the flavor of a dish because the objective is to create a harmony of aromas, fragrances and flavors.

Often the combination of wine and food comes from a gastronomical tradition: in summer one will prefer fresh dishes combined with light white wines, during winter red well-structured wines are preferred which go well with warm dishes prepared in a colder season.

Since 1902, Ferrari bubbles are synonym with an Italian toast, therefore Forte Village has chosen to collaborate with the wine company from Trentino for the occasion of the Celebrity Chef Nights. 

Would you like to be immersed in the beauty of the Sardinian sea and have an unforgettable vacation full of wellbeing, relax and taste? Discover Forte Village Resort In Sardinia. 


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