Renato Zero alla Forte Arena con due concerti evento

Renato Zero coming to Forte Arena with a double concert event

Here is the unmissable concert-event of Renato Zero, one of the greatest Roman songwriters and singers, beneath the starry sky of South Sardinia

On the nights of July 19-20, 2024, at 9.00 pm, Renato Zero’s colorful tour “Autoritratto” will excite and let dance all Forte Arena’s audience in Santa Margherita di Pula.

As multifaceted, eye-catching and hypnotic on stage as reserved and discreet about his private life, Renato Zero, the famous stage name of Renato Fiacchini, perhaps is one of the figures who have most contributed to shaping customs and Italian musical panorama over the last 50 years. This was made possible thanks to his timeless hits such as “Triangolo”“Nessuno tocchi l’amore”“Il cielo” and “Mi vendo”, but also and above all to his so unique personal style, constantly evolving and free from any prejudice or established model.

A continuous personal and musical research driven first and foremost by a genuine desire to experiment more and more, undermining prejudices that even today still persist. So, here’s how the outfits of one of the greatest Roman singer-songwriters, that today we could label as genderless, fearlessly challenged the common imagination of men as virile and strong to build a new model of “man” instead, with such a unique style never seen before (at least in Italy), but not necessary less desired and desirable.

After all, with his unique charisma, his magnetic energy and his backcombed raven hair, Renato Zero has managed to conquer even the most skeptical and traditionalist audience quickly, building a solid and long-lasting bond of affection and trust with his wide fan-base, whom he affectionately called “sorcini” (literally “little mice”), a nickname probably originated when Renato, after observing the admirers surrounding him on a scooter, stated “They do look like so many mice!”.

Renato Zero, an artistic and personal journey lasting six decades

45 albums, over 55 million records sold in Italy plus 4 more million records sold all over the world and numerous records still unbeaten today, such as reaching charts first position for the best-selling albums in Italy over six consecutive decades and holding it for a total of 48 weeks: a career plenty of countless successes, the result of a journey of personal, artistic and musical research that still has not come to an end today, and which probably never will for good.

In fact, if today Renato Zero is considered one of the most important chansonniers in the Italian musical panorama, it is especially due to the amazing tenacity and resilience demonstrated in his young age, making an offense (“You are zero”, something that was possible to hear when, disguised and made up, he began to perform in small Roman venues) into a true source of pride, forever relating to his own character and becoming a champion of those who are not afraid to chase their dreams and be themselves.

A path full of obstacles above all during the first years, when the mockery for his freaking and colorful look, considered by many as too “feminine”, far exceeded the approval; but also plenty of great hopes and joys, including the debut in a trio with the sisters Mia Martini and Loredana Bertè and the Piper’s night events, which never made him lose touch with reality and its problems anyway. Even at the top of his career, Renato will never stop being driven by a constant need to discover himself and the world surrounding him and to seek his own personal style over his fame, a natural consequence of his authenticity and innate curiosity.

The lyrics of his songs thus become a means to tell Renato by himself, both as an artist and as a man, but also to address issues that were little discussed at the time, or even not discussed at all, such as pedophilia (“Qualcuno mi renda l’anima”, 1974, based on a traumatic episode experienced firsthand by the artist), gender identity, drugs (“L’altra bianca”, 1993), homosexuality (“Santa Giovanna”, 1980, the only song in his vast repertoire explicitly and openly about lesbian love), marginalization (“Fermo posta”, 1979), violence against women (“Un uomo da niente”, 2017), and spirituality (“Più su”, 1974), creating a continuum between personal and public spheres, including also a few contradictions and controversies, such as those raised on several occasions by the LGBT+ community, which felt offended and exploited by some of the singer-songwriter’s actions.

On the other hand, within the artist himself opposite worlds and just apparently incompatible souls do coexist, like extreme transgressions and spirituality or excesses and rigor, which over the years have found concrete manifestation in the progressive evolution of his personal style: the eye makeup and long hippie hair, the sequins and David Bowie-style onesies of the ‘70s, the costumes inspired by clowns and circus figures reworked in a conceptual and melancholic way, and finally the minimalism adopted in the last decades, like an empty canvas that gives more space to the songs lyrics to speak, simply accompanied by his facial expressions and theatrical gestures.

“Autoritratto” (“Self-portrait”), the most awaited summer music event

Six decades of music and words, but still a great desire to create, make people ponder and excite: here, after his sold out concerts recorded in Rome and Florence, Renato Zero returns to share his top hits with fans for new fourteen dates tour inside arenas (in Milan, Turin, Livorno, Bologna, Mantua, Pesaro, Perugia, Eboli, Messina and Rome) and six outdoor summer live shows, including the double concert-event in the enchanting Forte Arena in Santa Margherita di Pula, a renowned location in the Southern Sardinia surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which only a few weeks later will host the highly awaited live performances of artists such as Sting and Pooh, the Italian most loved band.

A real open-air stage, where the poetic light of the stars, the delicate and evocative scent of the Mediterranean scrub and the gentle sound of the Sardinian sea become an integral part of the scenography of the concert from “Autoritratto” (“Self-portrait”), an unpublished story of the most significant steps that have marked the artist’s life and career over more than fifty years, sided with the songs from his latest album.

A return to Sardinia which kept fans waiting for twenty-six years, welcomed with such enthusiasm that both dates gone sold out shortly after the opening of ticket sales.

Renato Zero VIP Experience, the exclusive package designed for top fans

To give the artist’s fans the opportunity to best enjoy the most awaited comeback of the year, Forte Village offers Renato Zero VIP Experience, the exclusive package that includes:

  • Ticket in the exclusive Gold sector (first rows)
  • Reserved entrance to the Arena with individual hostess service
  • Transfer by club car to/from the Arena
  • Access to the Arena’s VIP Lounge with a welcome cocktail and an open bar available before, during and after the show
  • Pre-concert gourmet dinner, with drinks included (only for the first and second row).

Package rates start from €500 per person for the first row (dinner included), €450 per person for the second row (dinner included) and €430 per person for the third row (dinner excluded). The package is non-refundable, limited and subject to seat availability at the Forte Arena. In order to confirm your booking, the balance of the entire amount is required.

Check out the other “VIP experience” packages on sale for two main events that will enliven the summer of the Forte Arena: the Sting VIP Package and the Pooh VIP Package.

For further information, please phone call to +39 070 9218818, or write an email to

Do you want to witness the unmissable return of Renato Zero to Sardinia and experience a fairytale holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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