“Amici per sempre estate 2024”, i Pooh arrivano alla Forte Arena

“Amici per Sempre, Summer 2024”, Pooh are coming to Forte Arena

The timeless hits by Pooh in the evocative setting beneath the starry sky of Forte Arena

After the success of the 2023 summer tour, on which Pooh performed on some of the most prestigious stages in Italy, the iconic Italian band is preparing to excite fans at the Forte Arena on Saturday, August 10, 2024, starting at 9 pm.

A music career lasting over fifty years, 59 published albums, over 100 million records sold (an absolute undefeated record for an Italian band yet), the victory of a Sanremo Festival (in 1990, with the introspective song “Uomini soli”), the Pooh – in the lineup that brought them to success, including Roby Facchinetti (keyboard), Dodi Battaglia (guitar), Red Canzian (bass) and Stefano D’Orazio (drums) – were, and still are, among the most important and prolific artists in the history of Italian music.

Pooh have truly contributed to the writing of an important page of Italian culture with their songs. The band was formed in Bologna in 1966 from an intuition of the lyricist and drummer Valerio Negrini, and has always stood out for its innovative approach to sound experimentation, characterized by frequent references to British-style pop and rock, sometimes introducing references to progressive rock and, above all, for the evident social commitment to some very delicate issues covered in some of their most famous works: for example sexual abuse (“Il silenzio della colomba”, 1996), the fragility of men (“Uomini soli”, 1990), the drama of the Australian aborigines (“La leggenda di Mautoa”, 1978), homosexuality (“Pierre”, 1978) and pacifism (“Parsifal”, 1973).

All lyrics that confirm a sensitivity pretty uncommon (and not explicit) at the time, although it might seem obvious for us nowadays, in which appears quite clear the contribution of Negrini, indeed also known the “hidden member of Pooh”. In 1971 he had decided to retreat behind the scenes to create most of the band’s most famous songs, sometimes in the company of Stefano d’Orazio, who had officially replaced him on drums meanwhile.

The comparison to Queen and the technological avant-garde

In many ways Pooh represent a point of reference for subsequent generations of musicians (various artists have cited Pooh as a source of inspiration, even other legends of the Italian music panorama such as Ligabue, Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini), to the point that their ascendant has sometimes been compared to the legendary band Queen.

A strong and proper parallel which goes beyond the presumed similarity, even highlighted by Red Canzian himself, between the songs “Noi due nel mondo e nell’anima” (1972) and the subsequent “Love me like there’s no tomorrow” by Freddie Mercury, the final single from his debut solo album “Mr. Bad Guy” (1978).

Pooh and Queen started from common beginnings, at first markedly rock and then moving towards softer and more pop-style melodies, including the structured vocal harmonies (more than the average of the time), the technical musical abilities of each of band members (in 1986, Dodi Battaglia was nominated by the German magazine Stern as the best European guitarist) and, above all, the spectacular live performances, still unparalleled in Italy.

Pooh were in fact the first Italian band to own a professional lighting system and their own stage, to be dismantled and reassembled in various places with some protests from the concert planners. They were even the first to use laser technology in concert (a legend tells that the first times they used it, authorities received several UFO reports!), as well as a customized sound system with two separated mixers and a smoke machine.

Last, but not least, the band was also one of the very first in Italy, at the end of the ‘70s, to arrange and hold concerts in theaters and sports halls. They still do it even nowadays, despite the lineup changes that occurred in the meantime.

“Amici per Sempre, Summer 2024”: Pooh coming on tour to Forte Arena

After the great success of the summer 2023 tour, seven years after their last live shows, on which Pooh performed in stadiums, arenas and sports halls counting over 250,000 tickets sold, the band made up of Roby Facchinetti, Red Canzian, Dodi Battaglia and Riccardo Fogli (who recently reunited with Pooh after leaving twice, in 1973 and in 2016) return to some of the most evocative stages all over Italy with twenty events that promise to excite all the lucky spectators to the rhythm of some of the songs that have marked the pages of the history of Italian contemporary music (and culture).

A tour that wants to be, first of all, a big thank you to those who have never hesitated to give their support to the band, both in the happiest and most troubled moments, like the death of the founder Valerio Negrini (in 2013), and the recent passing away of the legendary drummer Stefano D’Orazio (in 2020).

It’s time to start again and a summer of renewed hugs awaits us, with all of you, who have always loved our music and have encouraged us to continue the AmiciXSempre (Amici per Sempre) tour. To thank your solid passion and honor our own music, we have chosen a series of exclusive locations, where everything makes sense and becomes magic. We are waiting for you to sing and share a story that now belongs to all of you”, the band members said.

Among the most awaited stages of the tour the Forte Arena in Santa Margherita di Pula (CA) definitely stands out, a magical and timeless place, built according to the principles of sustainable architecture, where the notes of “Amici per sempre”,“Tanta voglia di lei”,“Parsifal” and “Dammi solo un minuto” just to mention some of the band’s most famous hits, will be accompanied by the light of stars, the inebriating scent of the Mediterranean scrub and the sweet sound of the waves of the Sardinian sea.

Pooh VIP Experience Package: and exclusive experience for the band’s top fans

The Forte Arena, a true natural amphitheater inaugurated in 2016 by ForteVillage Resort, a luxury structure located in the heart of South Sardinia less than 40 minutes from Cagliari, will host the highly awaited Pooh’s stage in the island on their summer tour “Amici per Sempre 2024”. The red date on the calendar is August 10, 2024, the night of shooting stars, when from 9pm fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the most significant tunes of the band’s history.

The ideal lineup of the concert includes 56 great hits that Pooh have written and performed in a career lasting over half a century. Let’s check out the track list:

1. Amici per sempre

2. Canterò per te

3. Stai con me

4. Rotolando respirando

5. Giorni infiniti

6. Dove comincia il sole (Parte I)

7. Dove comincia il sole (Parte II)

8. Isabel

9. L’aquila e il falco

10. L’ultima notte di caccia

11. Eleonora mia madre

12. Il tempo, una donna, la città

13. La donna del mio amico

14. L’altra donna

15. Stare senza di te

16. In diretta nel vento

17. Noi due nel mondo e nell’anima

18. La mia donna

19. L’anno, il posto, l’ora

20. Io e te per altri giorni

21. Infiniti noi

22. Parsifal

23. Parsifal Part 2

24. Vieni fuori

25. In silenzio

26. Alessandra

27. Quando una lei va via

28. Nascerò con te

29. Piccola Katy

30. Risveglio

31. Viva

32. Grandi speranze

33. Il ragazzo del cielo

34. Lettera da Berlino Est

35. Dall’altra parte

36. Tu dov’eri

37. Orient express

38. Notte a sorpresa

39. Cercando di te

40. Ci penserò domani

41. Incredibilmente giù

42. Ali per guardare, occhi per volare

43. Mediterraneo

44. Maria Marea

45. Pierre

46. 40 primavere

47. Solo voci

48. Uomini soli

49. Io sono vivo

50. Noi siamo in pericolo

51. Tanta voglia di lei

52. Dammi solo un minuto

53. Se c’è un posto nel tuo cuore

54. Pensiero

55. Dimmi di sì

56. Chi fermerà la musica

Pooh VIP Experience package

To fully immerse yourself in the universe of Pooh, ForteVillage offers the exclusive Pooh VIP Experience package, which includes:

– Ticket in the exclusive sector (first rows);

– Reserved entrance to the Arena with dedicated hostess service;

– Transfer with club car to/from the Arena;

– Access to the Arena’s VIP Lounge (with a welcome cocktail and open bar availability);

– Special pre-concert gourmet dinner for owners of first and second row tickets (no drinks).

Here are the package rates:

– First row, €650 (dinner included);

– SecondRow, €550 (dinner included);

– Third Row, €400;

– Fourth Row, €350;

– Fifth row, €300.

The rates are per person and the offer is limited to seat availability inside the Forte Arena. In order to confirm the booking, the balance of the entire amount is required. The package is non-refundable.

If you want to purchase only the concert ticket, please proceed either online on TicketOne (www.ticketone.it), or at the Sardegna Box Office in Viale Regina Margherita in Cagliari.

Do you want to enjoy the rhythm of the songs that made the history of Pooh and experience a fairytale holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover ForteVillage Resort in Sardinia

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