Educazione e cultura: la formazione è a cinque stelle con Forte Village Resort

The best education for future’s hospitality managers at ForteVillage Resort

Hotel Business School and ForteVillage Resort: the future’s top managers school Education is key for building a more dynamic, modern and attentive hospitality sector taking care of the needs of the environment and customers: this is the core of the education provided by the Hotel Business School at ForteVillage, a consolidated point of reference in the sector of luxury hospitality. Established over 15 years ago from the meeting of two excellences of ...

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Sa pasca nuntza: come si celebra l’Epifania in Sardegna?

Sa pasca nuntza: how’s Epiphany celebrated in Sardinia?

Between delicacies and centenary traditions: this is how the Epiphany is celebrated in Sardinia There are few customs that have been handed down over the centuries to celebrate the day that "takes all holidays away": among these, the preparation of the "Three Kings Cake", strictly related to the Spanish Roscòn de Reyes, and its kàpidu 'e s'ànnu, a sweet bread to be "broken" on the head of the youngest of the ...

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Sardegna 2024: un viaggio alla scoperta dell’isola

Sardinia 2024: a journey to discover the island

Holidays in Sardinia 2024: why you should choose the island? The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday to discover the beautiful Mediterranean island. New Year's Eve is a time full of emotions and hopes and offers the ideal opportunity to reflect on the wishes and good intentions that will colour the upcoming months. As we say goodbye to the past year, we look ...

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Regali sotto l’albero: 5 idee con cui sorprendere la propria famiglia

Gifts under the tree: 5 ideas to Surprise Your Family

The top five perfect gifts for Christmas 2023 The perfect surprise to amaze the whole family on the most magical day of the year. When Christmas arrives, choosing the perfect gift for family and loved ones becomes a challenge that, at times, seems almost impossible to win: on the one hand, you want to give something that they can really appreciate, on the other hand, you either have too much choice or ...

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10 consigli per prepararsi alle feste e restare in forma

10 tips to prepare for the holidays and stay in shape

Staying Fit During the Holidays: 10 Useful Tips Even during the end-of-year holidays, full of culinary temptations, it is essential to pay attention to body and mind well-being. The end-of-year festivities are a magical time and, in addition to the warmth of seeing loved ones, and the exchange of gifts and good wishes, they are also characterised by delicious and elaborate traditional dishes that often translate into irresistible temptations. However, while we ...

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Dall'orto alla tavola: 10 consigli per un'alimentazione sostenibile

From the garden to the table: 10 tips for a sustainable diet

From the garden to the table: how to adopt an environmentally friendly diet Today, environmental sustainability is a crucial issue that can no longer be ignored, not even at the table. We live in an era in which environmental awareness has become crucial for our future and that of the planet: sustainability is not a fad, but a philosophy that must include every aspect of life, including the experience at the table. Large-scale ...

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Come prendersi cura del corpo in gravidanza

How to take care of your body during pregnancy

Taking care of your body during pregnancy: what to do and why it is important The body goes through significant changes in each trimester of pregnancy, and being aware of this is crucial for overall well-being. Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary periods in a woman's life, characterised by profound physical and emotional transformations. In this context, taking care of one's body is not only a wise choice, but a real act ...

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Gioielli sardi tra storia, leggende e tradizioni

Sardinian jewellery, a mix of history, legends and traditions

Sardinian jewellery, excellences appreciated all over the world A journey to discover Sardinian jewellery, a mix of charm, myths and traditions that recount this region’s history. In the heart of beautiful Sardinia lies a fascinating and unique history of craftsmanship that is intertwined with the traditions, culture and soul of this land: shaped by centuries of history and encounters with different peoples, it represents a vibrant sign of creativity and dedication. Through ...

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La voce delle pietre: il magico Giardino Sonoro di Pinuccio Sciola

The voice of the stones: Pinuccio Sciola’s magical Sound Garden

Pinuccio Sciola's Giardino Sonoro: the timeless charm of a place rich in art and culture A few kilometres from Cagliari there is an artistic space surrounded by greenery, a magical oasis where the "stones sing". Not far from Cagliari, the village of San Sperate is home to a unique place that will enchant you with “the voice of the stones”. This can be listened to in Pinuccio Sciola’s sound garden. The artist ...

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2023 Readers' Choice Awards: alla Sardegna il premio “The Best Island in Europe”

Condé Nast Traveller’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards: Sardinia wins “The Best Island in Europe” prize

Sardinia triumphs at the 2023 Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards The readers of Condé Nast Traveller have elected Sardinia as the best island in Europe. The readers of Condé Nast Traveller, the most prestigious and authoritative magazine in the world dedicated to travel, have decided: Sardinia is the best island in Europe. Responding to the annual online survey that the magazine proposes, the 526,518 readers involved rewarded the island with a total ...

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Vino e cibo: le regole per l’abbinamento perfetto

Wine and food: the rules to create perfect pairings

How to perfectly pair wine with dishes Pairing wine and food is the secret to transforming a simple meal into a symphony of flavours for the palate. September is a special month in Sardinia, the time when nature is preparing to give one of its most precious treasures: grapes. And the grape harvest, a millenary rite, represents the deep bond that the beautiful island has with history and culture. The harvest is much ...

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Sud Sardegna regno di biodiversità e della Caretta Caretta

South Sardinia Kingdom of Biodiversity and home of Caretta Caretta

South Sardinia: the oasis of biodiversity where the Caretta Caretta thrives Sardinia is an authentic paradise on earth for biodiversity and for the Caretta Caretta turtle that nests on its fabulous beaches. This summer on the beautiful and popular Poetto Beach in Cagliari has seen two important hatchings of the Caretta Caretta turtle, one on August 11th and the other on the 28th with, in the latter case, as many as 70 ...

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Forte Village Triathlon: dall’Accademia alle gare di ottobre

Forte Village Triathlon: from the Academy to the October races

Forte Village Triathlon: October’s events Experience the emotions of Triathlon along with great champions in a unique location. Triathlon, an epic multi-sport discipline that combines swimming, cycling and running, requires rigorous physical and mental preparation, combined with a thorough understanding of the rules and distances to ensure safe and fair competition. The combination of three different sports specialties allows athletes to find gratification in overcoming their limits and competing against themselves and their ...

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Guida allo shopping in vacanza: 10 consigli per non sbagliareGuida allo shopping in vacanza: 10 consigli per non sbagliare

Holiday shopping guide: 10 tips to avoid mistakes

Shopping on holiday: how to enjoy it to the fullest Forte Village Resort is the ideal location for a  luxury shopping getaway. Shopping on holiday: while some tourists view it as a mere act of purchasing souvenirs or gifts, for others it becomes a crucial aspect of their trip, providing numerous benefits that enhance the overall holiday experience. One of the prime benefits of shopping on vacation is that it offers a unique ...

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