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Abhyangha: the Ayurvedic massage that helps regain your well-being

Abhyangha: the treatment that nourishes well-being and elevates the spirit

Abhyanga is an ancient form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves the massage of the whole body with hot oil enriched with aromatic essences to harmonize the Dosha or vital energies, according to their balance or imbalance affecting the health of the individual.

The most used oil is typically sesame, but Ayurveda professionals can also use Ashwagandha oil, Mahanarayan oil, Bhringaraj oil, Brahmi oil, Neem oil, and in some cases almond or corn oil to correct the Kapha Dosha. The therapists also choose the oils according to the season and the Vikritis (the imbalance of one or more Dosha) of the individual.

The Abhyanga massage is truly an anti-stress ritual that nourishes the body with a gentle and energizing action, promoting relaxation and helping to regain physical and mental vigour. It is part of the Dinacharya, or the daily practices illustrated in the Ayurvedic textbooks Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi, which explain how to maintain a good state of health and cultivate psychophysical well-being.

Abhyanga also improves the health of the joints, nourishes the Dhatus (body tissues), tones the skin, promotes the process of rejuvenation, calms the nerves, balances the aggravated Dosha and improves the flow of the venous, arterial and lymphatic system, avoiding the accumulation and stagnation of fluids that are the cause of swelling, edema, sore limbs and circulation disorders.

Abhyanga massage is a therapy in its own right, which can be performed by one or more therapists working in synchrony, or one of the phases of Panchakarma therapy and is often followed by Svedana therapy that through sweat promotes the elimination of toxins.

The Abhyanga, as prescribed in the ayurvedic texts, is a vigorous massage that has multiple objectives: open the Srotas (channels of circulation) remove Ama (toxins that damage the body and the spirit), dissolve Kleshma (secretions of fat that block the Srotas), clean and moisturize the skin. It can also be used to calm the imbalances of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha, the three forms of energy present in different ways and in different quantities in each individual.

Abhyangha: where to discover the benefits of Ayurvedic massage?

The splendid Ayurvedic Park of Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the enchanting Sardinian sea, is an intimate and welcoming place where to have an experience of pure relaxation and discover the benefits of Abhyangha, the “sovereign” massage of ayurvedic medicine.

In the Abhyangha massage, the hands slide on the body and cover it in the warmth of scented oil with aromatic essences, spices and Indian medicinal plants. The effects are immediate and profound: the blood and lymphatic circulation reactivate, the spine relaxes, the muscles tone, and the body eliminates toxins, stress and fatigue.

The Forte Village Resort is the ideal destination for a wellness holiday for the mind, body and soul thanks to the protocols of beauty and medical treatments that, in addition to the Abhyangha massage, include thalassotherapy, sea oil cryotherapy, the high-density marine walk, and the anti-ageing and shiatsu massage just to name a few.

Massages and exclusive treatments, but not only: in the relaxing atmosphere of the Ayurvedic Park, inside the wellness temple Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, guests can also dedicate themselves to meditation or the practice of yoga and choose between the styles that best meet your needs and your spiritual research including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa yoga.

Yoga is a meditative practice that helps put aside anxiety, stress, incorrect postures and rigidity and combines spiritual research with a regenerating vision of the body and breath. In the holistic vision of its treatments and the peace of its garden, Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa reserves a special space for yogic practice, its schools and its most representative masters.

In particular, it offers Yin Yoga, where the yin practice, in opposition to the dynamic yang, focuses on ligaments, tendons and joints to relax the muscles and fortify the deeper connective tissues, stimulating the flexibility and the ability of movement of the whole body.

Located in one of the most beautiful corners of the South Coast of the island and surrounded by an enchanting natural park of 50 hectares, the Forte Village offers different accommodation solutions that can meet the different needs of its guests: such as 8 elegant hotels holding five and four stars, the elegant luxury suites and 13 villas which are a wonderful oasis of privacy and beauty with extra services, such as a butler, chef or chauffeur.

Do you want to experience the benefits of Abhyangha massage and have a dream-like holiday in a true paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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