10 consigli per prepararsi alle feste e restare in forma

10 tips to prepare for the holidays and stay in shape

Staying Fit During the Holidays: 10 Useful Tips

Even during the end-of-year holidays, full of culinary temptations, it is essential to pay attention to body and mind well-being.

The end-of-year festivities are a magical time and, in addition to the warmth of seeing loved ones, and the exchange of gifts and good wishes, they are also characterised by delicious and elaborate traditional dishes that often translate into irresistible temptations. However, while we enjoy the pleasures of good food, we must remember the importance of taking care of ourselves by maintaining optimal physical shape to benefit from a sort of “protective shield” against the negative effects of an unbalanced diet.

Balance is key. It is necessary to be able to appreciate the abundant portions of holiday dishes with awareness and moderation in order to savour every bite without compromising well-being: this is the first step to living a fulfilling experience without unpleasant consequences for body and mind.

Let’s not forget that during the holidays, the frenetic atmosphere can contribute to raising stress and anxiety levels. Strategies such as meditation, aromatherapy, breathwork and constant physical exercise can make a difference and become essential tools to feel at full strength.

Integrating exercise into your daily routine during the holidays is a 360-degree healthy choice: while the winter cold invites you to curl up on the sofa, a regenerating walk, perhaps by the sea, or a short training session give a boost of energy that helps overcome laziness and ward off the danger of “extra pounds”.

With this in mind, exercise should not be seen as an obligation, but as a gift we give ourselves and that helps to maintain physical and mental balance, counteracting the impact of a season marked by culinary indulgences.

Considering body care as an integral part of the holidays not only helps to avoid the undesirable consequences of the excesses but allows you to fully experience every moment with vitality and joy.

10 Useful Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Christmas and New Year’s Eve bring with them a joyful atmosphere, full of lights, sounds, colours, gifts and, inevitably, abundant gastronomic temptations.

As we prepare for this festive period, we can maintain good physical shape without having to give up the delights that make this time of the year unique.

Let’s see, then, 10 tips for a serene and balanced approach.

  1. Mindful eating: The first step to facing the holidays successfully is mindful eating. Taking the time to recognize and appreciate each bite not only makes mealtime more satisfying but also helps to avoid overburdening;
  2. Moderation, not deprivation: Maintaining fitness does not mean depriving yourself of the pleasures of the table. Moderation is the secret to enjoying delicacies without feeling weighed down. Share smaller portions with friends and family, allowing you to enjoy everything without overdoing it;
  3. Yes to exercise: Plan exercises as an integral part of your holiday routine. Whether it’s a morning walk, a yoga or pilates session, or a workout at the gym, practising regular physical activity will give you valuable help to keep fit;
  4. Light cuisine whenever possible: Whenever possible, during the holidays, opt for lighter cuisine, with side dishes based on vegetables or lean proteins. Prefer recipes that reduce calorie intake without compromising taste, offering you a healthy alternative, and also think about a detoxifying diet for the body, rich in fresh and quality zero-kilometre products;
  5. Balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats: maintain a balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats even in festive meals: protein will help you feel fuller for longer, carbohydrates will provide the energy you need, and healthy fats will contribute to overall well-being;
  6. Constant hydration: In the “joyful chaos” of the holidays, the fundamental concept of “hydration” often takes a back seat. However, drinking enough water is, as always, essential to support the body’s vital functions. And, especially in a period in which the consumption of alcoholic beverages is more frequent, it becomes crucial to maintain an adequate level of hydration with water or purifying herbal teas that help dispose of toxins derived from an overly caloric diet;
  7. Adequate rest: Rest is an essential element for optimal physical fitness: it regenerates cells, repairs damage, promotes muscle recovery and helps regulate appetite hormones. Between one dinner and another, a trip out of town, or a visit to friends and relatives, don’t deprive yourself of sleep but still make it a priority;
  8. Actively participate in meal preparation: being an active part in meal preparation allows you to add a personal touch to your recipes but also to have more control over ingredients and portions, becoming an experience that is both fun and healthy;
  9. Don’t miss out on moments of relaxation: Find moments of relaxation and mindfulness during the holidays: stress can negatively affect your fitness and food choices. Dedicate time to yourself, whether it’s through meditation, a shiatsu massage, a quiet reading over  a steaming tea or herbal tea,  or a relaxing walk;
  10. Celebrate progress, not perfection: Finally, we must remember that staying in shape during the holidays is a work in progress. Don’t strive for perfection, but take every step in the right direction, accepting that there may be occasional “overindulgences” and that you can continue to regain your ideal weight after the holidays.

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