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Video Storytelling: the #APerfectDay project about the Forte Village Experience

Video Storytelling: an innovative way to talk about the Forte Village Experience

Many companies nowadays choose video storytelling as an instrument to talk about their Brand, Forte Village was one of the first to do this in the world of luxury tourism.

Talking about a Brand in an original and creative way is not always a simple task: it’s not enough to simply post an interactive content to command the attention of users who are continuously exposed to millions of online content, it is important to have the right strategy for video storytelling.

A soft white sand beach surrounded by unspoiled nature, the best of national and international cuisine, great champions from various disciplines teaching children and teenagers the secrets of their sport: a vacation is more than a dream, it’s a story to be told.

Forte Village Resort in Sardinia has transformed the art of video storytelling into the innovative #APerfectDay project, allowing users to create their perfect day at the resort and make all their desires come true.

Video Storytelling: what is video storytelling and what characteristics of this art should be known

The title unites the words“story” and “telling”, it’s the modern approach of one of the oldest practices in the world: telling stories.

The art of constructing stories is based on the rhetoric and narrative, the objective is to generate strong emotions by using words, images, and sounds in an empathetic process which allows people to be part of the story while it’s being told.

Storytelling is not simply a timeline of events, it’s an instrument for attracting attention with stories and shared experiences full of emotion to inspire new dreams and hopes in those reading, listening or watching.

Video Storytelling represents the evolution of a communication technique which puts human experience at the center of importance, it being individual or collective, forming a bridge between the public and the narrator with powerful images that impress the spectator.

The secret to video storytelling is therefore developing a story capable of seducing and inspiring the spectator through the creation of original, brief, clear and direct features just like the #APerfectDay project, an immersive experience at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

Video Storytelling: #AperfectDay by Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

Why imagine having an unforgettable vacation in a paradise when with video storytelling you could become the protagonist of a day at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia and have your ideal day?

The original interactive project, entitled #AperfectDay, gives the possibility of exploring the services at the resort with an interactive video, uploaded on a page of the official website.

The user can explore the resort and make an ideal vacation by choosing with a click from multiple options, a moment of the experiences that best represent each person’s desires and dreams as if they were already there.

The options at Forte Village are so many that seeing them on an interactive video is a valuable and useful way for choosing whatever he or she prefers and for having a quick preview of what the unique atmosphere of this magical location is like.

It’s possible to stay in a magnificent bungalow just a few minutes walk from the beach, or in a room with contemporary design at the Castello with a wonderful view of the sea.

Discover the relaxing environment at the Oasis swimming pool and the treatments at Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa. Spend the day at the new Beach Club or in one of the outdoor swimming pools.

If relaxation isn’t your thing, you could try an exiting drive in a go kart, go bowling, have fun on the slides at the Acquapark or take part in one of the Sport Academies, it is where children and teenagers can train with real sport legends.

Because of the video storytelling project #APerfectDay and the platform on Forte Village Resort’s website, you can have an interactive experience and explore every corner of the resort like the Children’s Wonderland, the elegant restaurants Dune or Cavalieri on the sea front, the lounge bar in Piazza Luisa, center of night life at Forte Village, and the stage where shows are organized for guests at the resort.

At the end of the experience, users can upload their video on to social media channels.

#APerfectDay was officially launched during April 2019 and in a short time it went viral through the official social channels of the resort and becoming, soon after, a case study for companies that use instruments like video storytelling to promote their brand.

Are you looking for the ideal destination for the perfect and unforgettable vacation? Book your accommodation at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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