Pink Flamingos: one of the natural treasures in Sardinia

Pink flamingos are among the most beautiful creatures to see and photograph for birdwatchers and those passionate about nature.

The image of a flock of pink flamingos in flight against the blue skies of Sardinia or dancing on the water with their slender golden legs is itself worth a trip to this amazing island.

Seeing a flock of flying flamingos, although very exciting, is not a common experience.

stormo di fenicotteri rosa in sardegna

However, the panorama of Sardinia is so beautiful and rich, nature takes over. The pink plumage of the birds combines perfectly with the blues of the sea and the sky. The possibility of seeing and photographing something so beautiful transports us to a dream come true and enriches our souls.

Pink flamingos in Sardinia are a beautiful natural attraction that you can encounter with great ease all over the island, the most recommended location is the Chia lagoon, a protected natural reserve near Forte Village Resort.

Flamingos and Sardinia

Pink flamingos have lived in Sardinia for generations, to the point that Sardinian folk calls them “Sa Genti Arrubia” which in dialect means “red people”. It is thought that flamingos have lived in Sardinia since Pliny (23-79 AD) because he mentions the birds in his Naturalis Historia. Lagoons, lakes and shellfish make Sardinia the perfect habitat. They live and move in numbers making them a great spectacle to see.

When is it the best time to see pink flamingos in Sardinia?

Every season in Sardinia is worth seeing. The flamingos’ behavior follows the seasons, in winter you can find them in small groups around the island including the pond of Cabral, Santa Giusta and the lagoon of Chia.

Spring is their mating season, you can observe them while they perform the dance of love: the males try to conquer the females with an elegant and gracious choreography. That is why their name is a tribute to the famous Spanish dance.

During the summer you can see them nesting, this circle starts in June and ends at the end of August and in autumn the warm colors accompany the birds while they fly to greener pastures.

Why are flamingos pink?

Not many people are aware that Flamingos have this extraordinary color because of their diet. They feed exclusively on red shellfish that also makes Sardinia quite unique.

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