Pasqua 2024 al Forte Village: perché scegliere il sud dell’Isola

Easter 2024 at ForteVillage: why choose the south of the island

Well-being, entertainment and relaxation: this is Easter at ForteVillage

A crystal clear sea, ancient fascinating traditions and a unique welcome make Southern Sardinia the perfect destination to spend the Easter holidays.

Much awaited by adults and children alike, the Easter holidays represent a unique opportunity to break the routine of everyday life and experience moments of pure relaxation and lightheartedness with your loved ones.

Speaking of, the south of Sardinia is the perfect destination to spend Easter days dedicated to well-being, self-care and fun, discovering its lush and uncontaminated nature, caressed by a turquoise sea and kilometers of candid and uncrowded beaches and with its mild and sunny climate throughout the year, which makes it possible to spend time outdoor even in early springtime venturing on suggestive hiking routes finding out hidden coves.

In addition to its undisputed natural beauty, Southern Sardinia is also renowned throughout the world for the richness of its food culture, in which Mediterranean products, tastes and scent blend in a fusion of intense and genuine flavors, especially including freshly caught seafood and fish, freshly harvested vegetables and aromatic herbs. Another unmissable delicacy to try is pane guttiau, a variant of the classic Sardinian bread enriched with local oil and salt. Meat-based recipes are less popular here, but one of the most important dishes is malloreddus, the classic Sardinian dumplings topped with a sauce based on pork sausage.

As the cherry on top, enjoy the warm welcome of the Sardinian people, who are always ready to share the stunning richness of their land with visitors wishing to experience firsthand the traditions that made the history of the island for centuries and discover its impressive historical and cultural heritage, result of millennia of peoples exchanges.

Easter in Southern Sardinia: a journey through fascinating traditions and ancient rites

Visiting Southern Sardinia at Easter allows tourists to fully immerse in the traditions and rituals related to the celebration of Sa Pasca Manna (and, more generally, of Sa Chida Santa, simply known as the “holy week”), a very heartfelt religious festival throughout the entire island territory, especially due to the centuries of Spanish domination whose influence has shaped the contemporary Sardinian culture by integrating with the symbolism of ancient customs dating back to Nuragic paganism.

Among the most evocative ones there are certainly the so-called “Mysteries”(or Misterius in the Sardinian language), which cross the streets of cities and towns on Holy Tuesday. They are processions made up of hooded men dressed in white, sometimes barefoot, that commemorate the seven most representative moments of the Passion of Christ (Jesus praying in Gethsemane, Jesus arrested, Jesus at the flagellation column, Jesus being mocked, Jesus carrying the cross, Jesus under the cross, Jesus crucified and the grieving Mary), represented by seven very valuable wooden simulacra, true artistic and historical pieces, which are carried from church to church accompanied by Mary dressed in mourning.

Not to be missed is also the moving ritual of the deposition of the statue of Christ from the cross (Su Scravamentu) which takes place on the evening of Good Friday, and the meeting between the statues of Jesus and Mary (S’Incontru) on the day of the Resurrection, just like a theatrical representation accompanied by a parade made of traditional costumes and religious songs both in Latin and Sardinian languages.

Taking part in these rituals, even only due to curiosity and openness rather than belief, is really a brand new, intimate and authentic way of experiencing Sardinia, far from clichés.

The Easter Sardinian table between irresistible flavors and symbols of rebirth

Food also plays a key role in the celebration of Holy Week in Sardinia, also from a purely symbolic point of view. Let’s find out more about typical Easter Sardinian food traditions.

The most popular dishes are Coccoi cun s’ou, a durum wheat semolina bread with a crunchy and finely decorated crust, inside of which is hidden a boiled egg as a symbolic wish for rebirth and renewal; and the panada, a basket of leavened dough that can filled with different ingredients based on local customs (the best known are those from Assemini, based on eel and potatoes, and from Sassari, based on pork meat instead); and finally the inevitable Campidanese pardulas (known as casadinas in Nuoro and formaggelle or ricottelle in Sassari), small round-shaped cakes enclosing a heart made of ricotta or sheep’s cheese, enriched with egg yolks, citrus peel and even saffron.

For what concerns the latter, in addition to their unique goodness, it’s interesting to note that their popular name hides a reference to women giving birth, true symbol of the new life coming into the world.

Easter 2024 at ForteVillage Resort: a weekend after relaxation and excellent food

Immersed in a bucolic environment and located a few steps away from the white sands of the southern coast of Sardinia, where the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub stand out above all, the luxurious ForteVillage Resort is the perfect place to spend your Easter holidays in a refined, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere designed for the well-being and enjoyment of the whole family.

In fact, in 2024 the prestigious resort is offering a holiday package designed to satisfy the needs of those willing to spend an Easter weekend dedicated to nature and sport, beneath the warm spring sunlight, but also have access to a wide range of services for relaxation and personal care, including the Thalasso & Spa, one of the best wellness centers on the island.

To complete this offer, ForteVillage also arranged a gourmet menu in which the typical local ingredients are expertly reinterpreted through a contemporary and innovative key, but withoutlosing their most authentic soul.

The Easter package at ForteVillage, valid for the long weekend from Saturday, 30 March to Monday, 1 April, 2024 includes:

  • Two full board nights (breakfast, lunch and dinner, water and wine included);
  • Daily entry to “Acquaforte Spa” (reserved for those over the age of 16 years), including the integrated thalassotherapy program with 6 thermal pools of sea water with different salt concentrations and temperatures, sauna, Turkish bath and gym;
  • Gala Dinner on Easter Sunday;
  • The Easter Monday lunch, based on Sardinian, Italian and international delicacies;
  • Sports activities (tennis, football, rugby, five-a-side football and basketball);
  • Easter padel tournament;
  • Easter tennis tournament;
  • Easter football tournament;
  • Special activities dedicated to children;
  • Rich evening entertainment program.

The package includes a minimum stay of two full board nights at the Resort, starting from dinner on Saturday, 30 March, and can’t be combined with other special promotional offers or rates. Furthermore, the program of the package may change on management’s decision.

Rates vary according to the type of accommodation you choose:

  • Hotel Le Palme Bungalow: €595 (Extra Night: €265);
  • Pineta Superior Terrace Room: €670 (EN: €265);
  • Hotel Castello Superior Room: €805 (EN: €345);
  • Hotel Castello Executive Room: €980 (EN: €345);
  • Hotel Castello Junior Suites: €1,300 (EN: €500);
  • Hotel Le Dune Deluxe Bungalow: €1,395 (EN: €500);
  • Suites On request

The following services are not included in the main package, but can be made available upon on-site payment of specific fees:

• Transfer to/from Cagliari airport;

• Babysitting service;

• Massages and beauty treatments at the “Acquaforte Spa”;

• Is Molas Golf Club, 27 holes, 10 minutes away from ForteVillage;

• Boating, bicycle rental, hiking sessions, horse riding, jeeps, safaris, go-karting and bowling.

For further information and for booking the package, please call the number +390709218818 or write an email to

Do you want to spend your Easter weekend in an authentic paradise? Discover ForteVillage Resort in Sardinia

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