Padel: what are the benefits and where to play in Sardinia

Padel: Why is it good for the body and mind?

Fun, friendly and casual, Padel, also called Tennis Padel, is an exciting and dynamic sport that people of different ages, gender, technical and physical conditions can play.

Somewhat tennis, squash and a little alike racquetball, Padel is played with a racket and a ball on a field of 10 meters wide by 20 meters long with a net in the middle and four walls surrounding the playing area. The central part of the net is 88 cm high, increasing in the direction of the ends up to a maximum of 92 cm.

The field is completely fenced, and along the entire perimeter, there are both areas built with materials that allow the ball to bounce and metal areas where the bounce of the ball is considered irregular. The background walls are 4 meters high and built up to three meters with transparent or opaque material, such as glass, brick or cement, while the structure of the last meter is metal.

This sport helps keep fit and allows you to lose weight while simultaneously training arms, legs, buttocks and abs. Let’s see the main benefits of Padel and why it’s good for the psychophysical health of an individual:

  • Improves coordination, agility, elasticity and reflexes, combating muscle atrophy;
  • Increases strength, muscle tone and cholesterol levels, allowing you to burn up to 400 calories per game;
  • Improves the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart attacks or heart failure
  • Improves sleep quality and strengthens the immune system;
  • Improves concentration and keeps the mind active;
  • Promotes socialization and improves interpersonal relationships;
  • Helps control stress levels and increases self-esteem;
  • Increases the sense of responsibility and discipline.

Padel: the new fields of the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

At Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful sea of Sardinia, one can play Padel in one of the three new outdoor courts for experts, fans and all those who want to test themselves and learn the basics of this sport.

Guests of the resort can also choose to play freely with their friends or have an instructor on request to train with the best professionals and improve their game.

The resort has a wide offer of sports providing its guests with large spaces, regulatory fields and the best coaches for adults and children to have the opportunity to deal with professionalism, the enthusiasm and the experience of great international champions within the numerous Sports Academy of Forte Village.

In addition to the most popular sports, Forte Village offers courses in boxing, fencing, triathlon, freestyle football and water sports, so you can choose whether to discover a new discipline or continue with your regular training. You can also participate in customized training sessions, train under the eyes of great professionals and receive useful advice to improve your technique in both team and individual sports.

Nestled in an enchanting natural park of 50 hectares and surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Forte Village is an accessible luxury resort and boasts a unique and inimitable offer throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The resort is in one of the most beautiful corners of the South Coast of the island and has different accommodation solutions that can meet the various needs of its guests: 8 elegant hotels of five and four stars, refined luxury suites and 13 villas recalling an oasis of privacy and beauty with extra services, such as a butler, chef or chauffeur.

At Forte Village, in addition to the numerous Sports Academies, you can also try the benefits of the Spa Experience packages and exclusive programs, such as Weight Loss, Immuno Detox and Immuno Anti-age alongside the innovative treatments of Barbara Sturm, The Doctor of Stars.

The resort also stands out for the quality and variety of food, a real gastronomic journey to discover the most outstanding flavours and trends of Italian cuisine and the rest of the world with great international chefs including, just to name a few, Heinz Beck, Massimiliano Mascia and Andrea Berton.

It should also be remembered that to allow its guests to have a stay of security, well-being and fun, since June 2020 Forte Village has applied a Covid Protection Protocol that in 2021 was further strengthened with the use of the latest generation of antigenic texts.

Do you want to discover the benefits of Padel and have a dream holiday in a true paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia


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