Thalassotherapy spa: 10 benefits for health and aesthetics

Thalassotherapy spa: the therapeutic use of sea water at Forte Village

A vacation can have many different objectives: to have an adventurous journey in wild unspoilt nature, to discover ancient traditions of a population and their territory, be immersed in the fragrance of gourmet cuisine or to take care of ones personal health and beauty with treatments at the thalassotherapy spa, a speciality offered at the Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.

Treatments offered at the thalassotherapy spa have been used since ancient times, Hippocrates was one of the first to study the therapeutic qualities of water, while playwright Euripides said “the sea heals the illness of men” and Plato said: “the sea lifts all the evils of man”.

The term thalassotherapy come from Greek words thalassa, sea, and thérapia, treatment, it’s focused on the benefits of sea water which can be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic and slimming.

Thalassotherapy involves immersions in heated or cold sea water, natural aerosols and the use of elements from the marine environment for example sand, mud and seaweed. It was much studied in England during the seventeenth century and in France in the nineteenth century, when they opened the first facility using heated sea water.

According to the principles at the base of thalassotherapy, human plasma and sea water have a similar composition, a characteristic allowing the body to absorb mineral and trace mineral elements present in sea water, through skin pores, a process of osmosis to reestablish the balance of the organism and make it stronger, more resistant and beautiful.

Thalassotherapy is useful for skin complaints, for the skeletal system and the nervous system, it also helps cure pathologies of the respiratory and circulation systems, and helps keep anxiety, depression and metabolism under control.

We will now tell you the ten benefits making thalassotherapy spa a treat to enjoy on vacation. 

Thalassotherapy spa: 10 benefits to make your body healthier and beautiful

Let’s discover which are the ten benefits for health and beauty making thalassotherapy spa treatments effective allies for the health of our body.

  1. Fighting cellulite: thalassotherapy treatments can help fight those anti-aesthetic blemishes, that especially occur in women, without undertaking invasive treatments. The sea water, rich with Iodine, stimulates circulation, brings oxygen to the tissues and reduces water retention and bloat by draining the excess liquids.
  2. Healthy skin: sea water has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to counteract illnesses like dermatitis, erythema, acne, eczema and psoriasis, it also help to tone and detox the tissues. The epidermis absorbs sodium chloride, in other words salt, and trace elements in water through the pores giving it a toned and luminous appearance. Thalassotherapy doesn’t only provide benefits with hot or cold immersions in sea water, it uses other elements of the marine ecosystem like the revitalizing, antioxidant, antibacterial and disinfectant effect of seaweed, and the toning and anti-inflammatory effect of mud which can be applied all over the body or in specific areas.
  3. Stronger hair: weak, brittle or dry, there are many different problems connected to the health of our hair but the solution is equal for all and is Thalassotherapy. The properties in marine water help eliminate the excess of sebum from the scalp reducing dandruff.
  4. Marine aerosol: or climate-therapy is a term indicating the treatment used for curing respiratory illnesses like asthma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis or nasopharyngitis. The combination of mineral salts present in air by the sea, rich of iodine, and the sun improves breathing and cleanses the respiratory tracts stressed by the pollution in cities.
  5. Osteomuscular pathologies: thalassotherapy is also useful for the muscular and skeletal system. Psammo-therapy or sand therapy, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, is a treatment used for rheumatic and traumatic osteoarticular and muscular pains, the procedure consists in covering the body, completely or partially, with warm sand from the sea.
  6. Chronic arthropathy: the term arthropathy indicates a number of illnesses in joints, reducing mobility and causing pain. Arthropathy can be of different kinds: degenerative, traumatic, neuropathic, inflammatory, dismetabolic. In these cases, the treatment involves massages with salt and long walks in marine water so to avoid effort and physical overwork.
  7. Good for circulation: thalassotherapy is also beneficial for circulation. Massages and walks on the sand, like the soft white beaches in Sardinia, improve lymphatic and blood circulation and favor the elimination of excess liquids.
  8. A physiologic friend: the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfectant properties in sea water improve functions of the mucosa and thyroid by balancing the production of a hormone called gonadotrophin, the maturation of follicles and stabilize the menstrual cycle. Therefore treatments with sea water have beneficial effects also on the female reproductive tract.
  9. Stimulates the metabolisms: loosing weight with thalassotherapy? It’s possible! Thermal and marine baths awaken the metabolism, burn fat and combined with a balanced diet and constant physical activity, help keep body weight under control.
  10. Bye bye anxiety and stress: thalassotherapy treatments act as sedatives on the nervous system, they are in favor of relaxation and regulate the serotonin levels, also know as “hormone of good humor”.

Try the benefits of Thalassotherapy and have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise. Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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