MICE tourism: 10 consigli per organizzare un evento aziendale di successo

MICE tourism: 10 tips to organise a successful corporate event

MICE tourism: how to organise a really successful corporate event

MICE Tourism is one of the new frontiers of tourism and Italy is its queen.

Tourism is a constantly evolving sector, in which new trends emerge to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and diversified travellers. One of these is MICE Tourism (an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) which has become increasingly popular in recent years and of which Italy is queen. According to the ICCA ranking, (International Congress and Convention Association) Italy is in third place worldwide and second in Europe with more than 520 meetings.

It is a specific category of travel, focused on the organisation and promotion of corporate events, congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and meetings with the aim of facilitating communication, collaboration and exchange of knowledge between professionals.

Among the most common types, we find:

  1. Meetings: This category includes company meetings, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Meetings are often focused on discussing specific issues or deepening a particular topic;
  2. Incentives: Incentives are trips, team-building trips or reward events organised by companies to motivate and reward their employees or business partners;
  3. Conferences: Conferences are more formal events that involve a large number of participants and focus on presenting research, ideas or innovations in a given field;
  4. Exhibitions: These are trade fairs or exhibitions where companies present their products or services to a targeted audience with the opportunity to establish business contacts and prepare new offers.

MICE Tourism is of fundamental importance for several reasons: firstly, it has a significant economic impact as it attracts a considerable flow of participants from various parts of the world and fosters the exchange of knowledge, innovations, research and new ideas.

In addition, it supports the development of commercial relations and can play a key role in promoting tourism by bringing to the fore lesser-known destinations and thus opening new possibilities for the development of territories.

How to organize a flawless MICE event in 10 steps

Organising a successful MICE event requires planning, attention to detail and a good dose of creativity: here, then, are 10 tips on how to organize an impeccable one.

1. Set clear goals

Before starting, it is essential to carefully define the objectives of the event by asking yourself what you want to achieve and what messages you intend to communicate, in order to have a “guide” in the decisions to be made.

2. Know your target audience

Having a clear understanding of the audience for which the event is intended is essential as it will influence its scope, type and location: for example, a reward trip for employees may require an exotic travel destination, while for a technical conference, a location with advanced facilities might be the best choice.

3. Budget

It is necessary to establish a precise budget so that you already know how to deal with the various items of expenditure without exceeding and, at the same time, provide everything you need for a memorable event.

4. Choose the date carefully

The date must be decided carefully to maximize participation by avoiding overlaps with other important events in the same niche.

5. Plan ahead

A key point is to start planning well in advance: finding and booking the ideal location can take time, especially if they are very popular destinations.

6. Evaluate the accessibility of the event

It is also important to ensure that the event is easily accessible by all participants: this means assessing the proximity to airports, the presence of means of transport and the ease of reaching the accommodation facilities.

7. Check on the facilities offered by the location

The location should be able to meet all the needs of the event: make sure, therefore, that it has adequate conference rooms, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms, audio-visual facilities and catering service.

8. Consider the charm and atmosphere

The scenario in which the event takes place can also affect the overall guest experience. A plus is then to opt for a place with a particular charm or atmosphere that matches the theme or objectives of the event.

9. Check reviews and feedback

Seeking reviews and feedback from other MICE event organisers who have used the same location can provide valuable insight into the experience and quality of service.

10. The importance of choosing the location

Finally, the location can really make the difference between a memorable event and one that goes unnoticed: it should be easily accessible for attendees, capable of meeting all the needs of the event (be it well-equipped conference rooms, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms, audio-visual facilities or catering services), willing to personalise the experience and adapt to specific needs and in an attractive setting to help recreate a pleasant atmosphere.

Forte Village Resort, the best for MICE events in Sardinia

A perfect location to organise successful MICE events is Forte Village, an award-winning resort in the enchanting Santa Margherita di Pula, a stone’s throw from the white sand and the Caribbean sea of Sardinia.

Internationally recognised as one of the leading European destinations for conferences and meetings, in recent years it has expanded even more the wide range of spaces available with the brand new Crystal Room, about 500 meters large, a natural extension of the Sky Suite, inaugurated in 2018, with a breath-taking 360-degree view.

Each room can be customised and adapted to meet all needs and requests: for example, the main hall of the Congress Center, which covers 800 square meters, can be divided into two separate areas.

There are also 4 other large rooms, including the renovated Green Room, all equipped with the most advanced technologies, an area for exhibitions and coffee breaks, terraces overlooking the sea, restaurants and swimming pools, perfect for cocktail parties, gala evenings and unforgettable dinners.

The pride of the resort is Forte Arena, a real natural amphitheatre built in 2016 to host great concerts and international shows: it can be easily reached through internal paths and represents a unique outdoor space in the Mediterranean, with an area of 13,000 square meters completely customisable.

The wonder is completed with Piazza Luisa, the best place where to organise the evening entertainment on the terrace of the Champagne. The tables overlook world-famous boutiques and has always been the stage for events, evenings and concerts for unforgettable nights.

But that’s not all. Forte Village offers guided experiences to explore places of extraordinary charm such as Cagliari, the enchanting salt pans, the Nuragic complex of Barumini and the suggestive archaeological ruins of Nora.

Considerable attention is also paid to well-being, thanks to the Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA, which allows those who stay to experience the benefits of seawater in all seasons thanks to its heated thalassotherapy path. In addition, the brand-new and refined private Spa, immersed in the lush gardens of the Acquaforte, has four thalassotherapy pools, changing rooms and a separate entrance, reserved exclusively for guests.

Last, but not least, it offers an exceptional gastronomic offer, customisable according to individual preferences, and is one of the rare resorts to boast a wide selection of starred restaurants that can be reserved exclusively, all within the same structure.

Would you like to organise a successful MICE event in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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