Scuba diving in Sardinia: things you need to know

Scuba diving in Sardinia: things you need to know

What is scuba diving and what is the difference with snorkeling?

For those who love the sea, scuba diving in Sardinia means exploring the crystal clear waters around the island and discovering an extraordinary world populated by a great variety of fish and the typical Mediterranean marine flora.

Scuba diving in Sardinia is a unique experience that can be described in different ways. For some it is one of the most exciting water sports ever and a fascinating activity to devote time to on vacation. For others it is a meditative and introspective experience.

Feeling like “flying” in the water while observing the beauty of the underwater world, exploring spectacular reefs, caves or wrecks, is something unique. Sardinia, with its crystal clear waters and suggestive scuba diving sites, is certainly one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations for diving experts and enthusiasts.

Is scuba diving like snorkeling? Not really. Both are activities that allow you to discover the wonders of the underwater world, however there are substantial differences. One is the equipment. For scuba diving you need wetsuits, fins, mask, oxygen cylinders, weights, aerator, buoy, torch and knife. You also need experience and specific training. Instead, for snorkeling, a mask, snorkel and fins are sufficient.

In addition, snorkeling is an activity also suitable for those who are not experienced in diving. You can observe marine life below the surface, but what you can see is limited. Of course, you can take a deeper breath and swim down to see something more, but – unlike scuba diving – you can’t stay underwater for long. In short, divers and snorkelers may visit the same places, but the experience would be very different.

Tips for safe scuba diving

For safe scuba diving, the right equipment and a suitable area for swimming underwater are just the beginning. You must also pay attention to some important aspects to avoid problems:

  • You must be in good physical condition, because the human body is not used to underwater pressure and the weight of the equipment makes movement difficult. The ideal is to train in the pool to improve lung capacity, get used to swimming with fins, and train the back, arms and abdominal area. Moreover, before diving it is good to do some stretching;
  • You should attend a preparation course at a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified diving center, also to learn about the equipment and how to use it;
  • Go scuba diving with other divers and learn to communicate underwater to ask and offer support in case of difficulty (for example: muscle cramps) or problems with equipment;
  • Always inquire about the place where you want to dive, the conditions of the waters, the seabed, the currents, the visibility, and the local marine flora and fauna;
  • Carefully plan the timing, depth of the dive and underwater activities. Use the decompression tables to avoid the risks associated with the so-called “decompression illness” resulting from the formation of dangerous nitrogen bubbles due to the high water pressure;
  • Learn the maneuvers of Marcante-Odaglia, Valsalva and Toynbee to avoid ear problems and painful sensations;
  • Everyone can have a bad day. In such cases, the only thing to do is not to dive. Also, remember to avoid alcohol and intense exertion before and after diving.

Scuba diving in Sardinia at Forte Village Resort

Forte Village is not only the award-winning resort surrounded by the splendid Sardinian sea. It is also a real paradise for those who love diving and water sports. Diving into the sea that bathes the resort, in fact, means exploring wonderful seabeds: you will see corals, rocks, porifers, octopuses and scorpion fish. Moreover, you can delve into underwater caves and rock labyrinths.

In this corner of the island, the sea is a continuous discovery, a unique wonder that never ceases to surprise. People who want to discover the secrets below the water surface can take one of the diving courses offered by the resort. These courses are available for all levels, from beginner to expert.

In addition, guests can purchase snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, while the rental of Aqualung diving equipment is only allowed for dives with an instructor.

Do you want to live a dream vacation between wonderful scuba diving, good food and relaxation? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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