Light Pilates: i benefici dello stretching mattutino

Light Pilates: the benefits of morning stretching

Light Pilates: why a morning stretch is so good for you

Morning Pilates is a winning choice to prepare yourself to better face the challenges of everyday life.

In the fast-paced, competitive and challenging world in which we live, the search for practices that can reconnect us with ourselves becomes even more essential: Morning Pilates proves to be a winning choice because it combines physical exercise with a philosophy that involves body and mind in a single harmonious flow.

Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century, has always focused on the integration of mind and body through a system of fluid and controlled exercises: however, Morning Pilates stands out for bringing focus to body awareness and sensory experience.

The approach is based on breathing, attention to posture and perception of movement and goes beyond the simple execution of the exercises, promoting a deeper connection between mind and body through conscious movement.

One of the distinguishing features of Morning Pilates is the ability to improve strength and flexibility in a gentle but effective way: the exercises aim to engage deep muscles, strengthen the heart and improve postural alignment.

In addition, it gives greater flexibility and promotes joint mobility and muscular endurance, helping not only to improve physical performance but also to prevent injuries related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Again, the focus on breathing and body awareness promotes a break from the stressful daily routine and provides an opportunity for relaxation and reflection.

Scientific studies have shown that conscious movement, such as that proposed by Morning Pilates, can reduce stress and anxiety: deep breathing helps release accumulated tensions and induces a state of relaxation that reflects positively on mental health.

Fluid and controlled movement, awareness of the breath and attention to posture work together to create an integrated experience between mind and body, an indispensable connection to face daily challenges with greater balance and serenity.

The Wellness Ritual to Start the Day with Energy and Flexibility

The beginning of the day is a precious moment, an opportunity to prepare mind and body for the challenges that lie ahead.

Morning stretching presents itself as a wellness ritual, a way to awaken muscles, improve flexibility and promote a sense of vitality that will accompany us until the evening.

Here are ten exercises to try:

The Vertebral Waterfall: Standing, slowly bend your body forward starting from your head. Relax your shoulders and let your arms hang down towards the floor. This exercise gently stretches the spine, helping to release the tension accumulated during the night.

  1. The Open Chest: Sit cross-legged and bring your hands behind your back, bringing them together so that your elbows point upwards. Lift your chest, opening your shoulders. It is used to improve posture and stretch the upper body.
  2. The Cat Position: Get on all fours, alternating arching and flexing movements of the back. In this way, you will work on the mobility of the spine and help to warm up the back muscles.
  3. The Seated Twist: Sitting cross-legged, twist your torso to the right, bringing your left arm behind you. Switch sides. It is an exercise that promotes flexibility in the spine and lateral muscles.
  4. The Bridge: Lie on your back, bend your knees and slowly raise your hips upwards. Hold the position for a few seconds: you will stretch the front of your body and strengthen your back muscles.
  5. The Return to Life: Lie on your back, and raise your legs and arms to form a “U”. This exercise engages the abdominal area and helps improve the flexibility of the spine.
  6. The Standing Achilles Tendon: Standing, bring one foot forward and bend your knee. Keep your other foot back, with your heel on the ground. It is used to stretch the hamstrings of the leg and improve the flexibility of the ankles.
  7. Lateral Flexion:  Standing, raise your right arm above your head and gently bend to the left: you will feel a stretch along the right side of your body. Repeat on the opposite side.
  8. Neck Stretching: Standing or sitting, gently tilt your head to one side, bringing your ear towards your shoulder, then switch sides. You will relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders.
  9. The Lotus Pose:  Sit with your legs crossed, bringing your feet towards your groin: it is an exercise that promotes flexibility in the hips and knees, contributing to a more upright posture.

The routine to start the day with energy and flexibility

Light Pilates when you wake up is a wellness ritual that can bring numerous benefits to both body and mind: to follow an effective and rewarding routine, it is important to take a simple approach.

You can start with gentle movements, such as a light lunge or lateral flexion, respecting the gradualness of the body as soon as you wake up.

During the practice, integrate your breath awareness, focusing on the flow of air that goes in and out of your nostrils: by doing so, you will not only provide oxygen to your muscles, but you will also create a space of tranquillity that will accompany you for the rest of the day.

Proceed gradually in the Light Pilates sequence, intensifying the exercises as the minutes pass: always maintain a gentle approach, listening carefully to the body’s responses and adjusting the intensity accordingly.

Gentle movements are essential for a positive awakening and to minimize the risk of injury.

Creating a custom sequence is another key aspect. Each person is unique, so you need to adapt your exercises according to your needs: focus on specific areas of the body that you feel excessively tight or stiff.

Finally, the environment in which to carry out the wake-up routine is an element that is often underestimated but wrongly: it is, however, essential to find a quiet and bright place to promote concentration and fully absorb the benefits of the practice such as the Sport Fitness area of the Forte Village Resort, an environment designed precisely to train with maximum concentration,  where large windows open onto the fabulous panorama of Sardinia and let in natural light all day long.

Thanks to the exclusive fitness programs that include, in addition to Light Pilates, Water Aerobics, Total Body Workout and Muscle Rebalancing (just to name a few), Forte Village Resort is the perfect destination for a holiday of relaxation and well-being.

Would you like to practice light Pilates in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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