Fishing For Litter: Forte Village e Ogyre insieme per la salvaguardia del mare nel Sud Sardegna

Fishing For Litter: Forte Village and Ogyre get together to promote sea preservation in Southern Sardinia

Fishing for Litter: Forte Village’s commitment to sustainability is growing

Committed to environmental protection for some time, the award-winning resort confirms and increases its green soul.

Forte Village, the award-winning resort immersed in a fairytale landscape in Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari, has a green soul that makes it the ideal destination for those who want to experience a magnificent holiday of relaxation, accessible luxury, comfort and environmental sustainability. This is truly travelling the eco way.

The resort is embraced by the magnificent Sardinian sea and is framed by a splendid natural park of 50 hectares. It focuses on protecting the environment and safeguarding the island’s unspoiled nature, an authentic Eden rich in biodiversity and shaped by white sand beaches, dunes, caves, parks, natural pools and protected marine areas.

Never before has respect for the ecosystem been as topical. Building a quality of life that improves the present and does not compromise the future is now essential.

Forte Village’s Green Soul

Forte Village has always been a model of sustainable accommodation in harmony with nature, capable of protecting the resources of an enchanting territory and dialoguing profitably with the people who live there.

But what are the green strengths of the world-class resort?

  • Energy saving, with the installation of photovoltaic, thermal, solar systems, LED bulbs and timers in public areas and gardens to reduce the level of lighting needed in each individual area;
  • Recycling: inside the resort, there are containers for recycling each material and plastic are separated from food waste. In addition, plastic bottles, cutlery, and cups have long been eliminated from the staff canteen and replaced with metal cutlery and paper cups;
  • Green transport: the only vehicles that can enter the Forte Village complex are bicycles and electric golf carts with a driver that allow guests to move easily between the various areas;
  • Protection of biodiversity: the spectacular park of the resort boasts three thousand species of plants and five thousand are added every year;
  • Environmental education for future generations: the award-winning resort includes an educational garden where young guests have the opportunity to learn about the typical crops of Sardinia guided by an expert gardener and to touch what it means to take care of the plants.

Forte Village’s 2023 new initiative is environmentally friendly

It could not be otherwise: Forte Village’s commitment to preserving the nature and environment of the magnificent Sardinian coast in which it is enclosed is getting stronger from year to year and for 2023 includes an important new initiative.

Forte Village is now in partnership with Ogyre, an Italian startup that aims to keep the crystal-clear sea of Sardinia (already among the cleanest in Italy) clean. Ogyre actively involves the community of local fishermen in sea preservation. They are now committed to safely collecting the waste left in the nets during fishing activities on the high seas. 

On board the fishing vessel, the waste is then separated and delivered to the port where it is weighed, inserted into regeneration circuits and recycled to produce regenerated products, such as water bottles, costumes and down jackets, the proceeds of which support the financing of fishing vessels. 


The concrete commitment is to collect 1000 kg of waste and plastic in a year and 4 million kg of waste during fishing activities on the high seas by 2025.

Forte Village thus continues its commitment to sustainability and nature protection by choosing the first Italian model of “fishing for litter” (i.e. marine litter is fished thanks to a network of fishermen and then included in regeneration circuits) for the protection of the sea of Southern Sardinia.

Would you like to experience a fabulous holiday in the name of sustainability in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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