Sardegna Blue Zone: il paradiso della longevità tra mistero, bellezza, profumi e sapori

Sardinia Blue Zone: the paradise of long life through mystery, beauty, scents and flavors

Discovering the secrets for a long and rewarding life directly from the inhabitants of Sardinia, the only one Italian Blue Zone

A diet rich in fresh local products, an active lifestyle, yet a lot of quality relaxation and social relations: these are the key factors of the long life formula made in Sardinia, the “islands of centenarians”.

Growing old well and happily: a wish as common as sometimes difficult to achieve, even more nowadays in a world that is moving ever faster, devoted to the myth of infallibility and productivity, which only leaves a very little space for lightheartedness, sociability and passions, key elements for a fulfilling life. Modern life is, therefore, a true epidemic of stress and anxiety which affects the quality of everyday experiences leading to a deterioration of the life journey and even to its shortening.

Furthermore, the hectic pace imposed by work often erodes the time to dedicate to the private sphere and self-care. For example it’s becoming increasingly hard to find time for cooking good genuine meals at home, adopting a healthy diet based on fresh, seasonal, and local products prepared with care and love, for one’s own physical and mental well-being.

So, lunch breaks and sometimes even dinner are getting more and more reduced to a commitment, like any other on the to-do list, often held in a few minutes between one meeting and another and consumed in front of a smartphone or computer screen. And still, at the end of the day, very often people feel so exhausted at home that simply prefer to order meals by delivery apps, more unhealthy food to be consumed quickly between the episodes of a TV series, without paying particular attention to the feeling of satiety or hunger related to food, or even to what people say.

The same goes for the time that should be dedicated to physical activity, which actually never seems to be there for a proper amount, while even just taking a few walks around after meals would be enough to concretely improve cardiovascular health and get in touch with the environment.

The inhabitants of the so-called Blue Zones are perfectly aware of this, regions of the world characterized by the exceptional longevity and vitality of people discovered thanks to a demographic research by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain and published on Experimental Gerontology in 2014. This study identified the province of Nuoro, in Sardinia, as the area with the greatest concentration of centenarians in the world (the name “Blue Zones” comes from the concentric blue circles drawn by the scholars around the Sardinian villages with a particularly high longevity index) and highlighted the common features in the lifestyle of the inhabitants of these places, such as the attention to movement and healthy eating, relaxation and sociability.

The mystery of Sardinian longevity? A combination of good food, a lot of motion and relax

Since then, studies on these “paradises of long life” have increasingly caught the attention and interest of the scientific community: still in 2014, Dan Buettner, another important popularizer and author, had infact confirmed the Blue Zones theory and identified four more regions – the island of Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), Loma Linda, (California) – in addition to Ogliastra, in Sardinia, an island that has always boasted a unique concentration of centenarians.

Such results were then made accessible to public as well, also thanks to documentaries like “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones”, in which Buettner himself set off on a journey to discover these five exceptional communities.

But what is the secret behind the extraordinary longevity of the Sardinians? And, above all, is there any relation between the rich naturalistic and cultural heritage of this enchanting land surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and the iconic iron health of its inhabitants? According to experts, all this is simply not a coincidence, but the result of a synergistic combination of various factors. Let’s discover them together.

A diet rich in local, fresh and colorful food

Nutrition and food play a fundamental role in the longevity formula of the Sardinians. The typical diet of Sardinia, and more generally of Mediterranean, is in fact rich in fresh and local products, primarily fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, but also highly fragrant herbs and spices known since ancient times for their amazing beneficial properties, accompanied then by white fish and healthy fats sources, such as dried fruit, seeds and extra-virgin olive oil, and sometimes also lean meats. On the contrary, saturated fats, artificial food colors and refined sugars are quite absent, perfectly in line with the classic recommendations of the so-called Mediterranean food pyramid.

A diet, therefore, that is extremely varied, rich in flavors and colorful, where industrial foods are not well accepted, the proper nutrition for providing body with a vast range of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances, necessary to maintain the heart healthy and prevent many chronic diseases typical of the Western world, including type-2 diabetes, certain types of cancers and obesity. This kind of diet also enhances the products of the earth, and gives the right credit to the workers who carefully dedicate to their cultivation.

Of course, a good glass of Sardinian wine can’t be missed, including the lovely Cannonau with its high content of polyphenols and antioxidant substances that act as a real panacea for an iron cardiovascular system and as a caress for the spirit – obviously, when consumed by moderation. That same moderation that also guides other aspects of the life of the inhabitants of the island, for example movement, the other very important factor of the long life formula made in Sardinia.

An active lifestyle strictly in touch with nature

The longevity of Sardinians is not just a question of diet. Even the lifestyle, made up of long walks, work in the fields and a bit of healthy physical activity outside balanced by proper relaxation and rest (after all, it all lies in avoiding excesses!), plays a big role in reinforcing people’s body and spirit.

Movement, especially if carried out outdoors among crystal clear beaches and enchanted holm oak forests, is the best ally to increase physical endurance and cardiac function, reduce inflammation and improve the quality of sleep, relevant factors for a longer and healthier life and also to relieve that sense of tension, restlessness and urgency typical of contemporary lifestyle. As a matter of fact, according to recent studies the prevalent issue of modern age, which is stress, is guilty of reducing average life expectancy by 2.8 years.

In Sardinia it’s easy to prevent stress, especially by activating all five senses staying in touch with nature, just living the moment and enjoying that sense of peace and fulfillment that only full awareness of what happens in the present gives.

A lot of relaxation and proper rest

The long life of Sardinians also depends on knowing how to best recognize the beauty of slowness, relaxation and rest, amazing things which allows to learn to listen to ourselves, to reduce the seriousness of problems and regain control of your life.

That’s why a well deserved post-lunch break, or even a long weekend afternoon spent walking around, chatting with friends and family or having fun playing cards, become essential terms of the longevity formula of the inhabitants of the only Blue Zone in Italy.

A strong sense of community and a lively sociability

Last but not least, another key point is the strong sense of community and common belonging of the Sardinians, strengthened first and foremost by the multiple occasions for meeting and cherishing the local culture and traditions, especially at religious festivals and at all those events in which communities comes together to celebrate their shared history and identity. This is the most important mark of the social life on this Blue Zone island. Such moments, in fact, promote greater social cohesion and also offer the opportunity to share experiences of joy and happiness with friends and fellow villagers.

Here, in the most authentic Sardinia, people have known and supported each other for generations, creating a solid relationship network that extends far beyond family ties. This represents an important protective factor against stress, loneliness and social isolation, which have been associated with a reduction of quality of life and an increase of physical and mental illness. Multiple studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between being included in a strong social support network and a reduction in the risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease and type-2 diabetes, two of the biggest modern age silent killers, as well as a greater ability to cope with all the stress and challenges of everyday life. All of this, of course, followed by a positive attitude towards actual age and especially aging, with a strong respect for the elderly, a resource to be valued in our contemporary society.

Learn the secrets of Sardinian longevity at ForteVillage Resort

Feeding on fresh, nutritious and local food, relaxing mind and nerves, moving your body, and rediscovering the original bond with uncontaminated nature: at the very basis of the secrets of Sardinian longevity there are simple actions to which, unfortunately, many of us are no longer accustomed to and should instead become the fundamental pillars of a stay at the ForteVillage Resort, a true natural paradise caressed by the crystal clear sea of southern Sardinia, surrounded by the scents and colors of the lush Mediterranean scrub.

The resort offers everything you need to experience life like Sardinians. First, a refined food proposal at its starred restaurants housed within the facility, where simple yet precious ingredients play a key role for the creation of menus, such as Sardinian garlicsaffron and honey, whose history is closely intertwined with that of the Island and its inhabitants. Second, deeply regenerating and relaxing treatments at the Acquaforte Thalasso and Spa, among which thalasso therapy stands out, known and appreciated since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antirheumatic and slimming properties. And then, last but not least, the possibility to experience a vast range of sporting activities thanks to excellent sports academies.

ForteVillage Resort is the best place where to discover the secrets of longevity and healthy lifestyle kept for centuries by the population of the mosti mportant Blue Zone wordlwide, learning how to apply them to lighten the heaviness and the burden of the hectic everyday life according to contemporary standards.

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