Notre Dame De Paris: alla Forte Arena il musical che ha conquistato il mondo

Notre Dame De Paris: the world famous musical arrives at Forte Arena

Notre Dame De Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Forte Arena

On 12, 13 and 14 August 2022, Forte Arena host the musical Notre Dame De Paris, one of the most appreciated and replayed shows in the world that this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of its debut in Italy.

Forte Arena, the splendid open-air theater inside the Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, will host the most famous modern popular opera in the world and one of the most impressive performances ever made. It’s Notre Dame De Paris, scheduled for 12, 13 and 14 August 2022.

With more than 4 million enthusiastic Italians, this year the music celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its Italian debut, which took place on March 14, 2002 at the GranTeatro in Rome, built specifically for the occasion as requested by David Zard.

On the occasion of such an important anniversary, only and exclusively for 2022, the show will feature the entire original cast of the debut, with the great return of Lola Ponce in the role of Esmeralda. Together with her, on stage there will be Giò Di Tonno (Quasimodo), Vittorio Matteucci (Frollo), Leonardo Di Minno (Clopin), Matteo Setti (Gringoire) Graziano Galatone (Febo) and Tania Tuccinardi (Fiordaliso).

Tickets for Notre Dame de Paris 20th are available on Box Office Sardegna channels ( and on TicketOne (

Notre Dame De Paris: the numbers behind the success of the musical

The musical, based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, was written by Luc Plamondon and Riccardo Cocciante. The libretto in Italian was edited by the writer, poet and lyricist Pasquale Panella. The show debuted in Paris on September 16, 1998 under the direction of Gilles Maheu, but with some differences from the musical as we know it.

That of Maheu, in fact, is a work staged in a semi-scenic form. In fact, the scenography is essential, with plays of light and perspectives that create the space in which the characters of the story move. The costumed singers partially interact with each other, and interpret the pieces in an almost concert form, alternating with the choreography of the corps de ballet.

After the great success in France, where the songs “Vivre” (the English version “Live (for the One I love)” performed by Célin Dion), “Le Temps des cathédrales” and “Belle” became very popular singles, the show began a world tour reaching South Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA.

In Las Vegas, in 2000, the first English-language adaptation was presented, with lyrics by American singer-songwriter Will Jennings. It was a cut version followed by the full version which debuted in London in May of the same year, staging for seventeen months in the West End.

The numbers explain the incredible success of the most impressive play ever made in Europe. In fact, the musical has been translated and adapted into 9 different languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Flemish, Polish, Chinese) and the French edition entered the Guinness Book of Records, winning the title of musical of most successful in the first year of representation.

The musical show dominated the charts and surpassed the biggest live shows in rock and pop music. He won the TicketOne BigliettOne D’Oro at the 2016 Rockol Awards and three Awards at the IMA (Italian Musical Awards): Best Social Show, Best Music (Riccardo Cocciante) and Best Classic Show. In Italy, in the 2016 season alone, it exceeded 1 million spectators in the 43 Italian stages, with 283 reruns and sold out in 31 cities.

Notre Dame De Paris has crossed 23 countries around the world with more than 4,300 shows and 13 million spectators. In Italy alone, 47 cities have been visited in 16 years for a total of 145 appointments and a total of 1,246 replicas.

However, not everyone knows that Cocciante and Plamondon started writing the opera for the love of music without the idea of translating Victor Hugo’s masterpiece into a theatrical performance. The anecdote is told in the Italian book “Notre Dame de Paris seen up close”, published by Edizioni Terra Quadra.

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