“Fiorello presenta Fiorello!” al teatro del Forte Village Resort

“Fiorello presenta: Fiorello!” at the theater of Forte Village Resort

Fiorello at the Forte Arena: the show “Fiorello presenta: Fiorello!” He is back in Sardinia

In July, the popular Sicilian showman stages his show “Fiorello presenta: Fiorello!” at the Forte Arena theater

After crossing Italy and the numerous sold out, Rosario Fiorello brings his show “Fiorello: presents Fiorello!” at Forte Arena. This is the open-air theater of the Forte Village Resort, in the beautiful nature of Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari.

The appointment with this highly waited and unrepeatable show, which brought the artist back to his audience 5 years, is scheduled for July, 23, 2022, 9.15 pm. The tickets are available on Box Office Sardegna (www.boxofficesardegna.it) and on TicketOne (www.ticketone.it).

After having inaugurated the Forte Arena in June 2016 with the lucky show “Forte Fortissimo” and after the show “Fiorello Show” in 2019, the Sicilian showman returns to the Forte Arena with an engaging and constantly evolving show. This is the trademark of an artist who leaves his very personal mark on every show script.

The artistic freedom of Fiorello’s histrionic genius is expressed through improvisations, scenic experiments, mimic inventions, interactions with the public and a set list. Plus, off-script moments allow him to create a show that will never go on stage as written. In addition, there will be references to current events and the vices and virtues of Italians, which will be told through the sharp and ironic gaze that has always distinguished this artist.

Rosario Fiorello: identikit of the showman that all Italians love

Born in Catania on May 16, 1960, Rosario Tindaro Fiorello, a.k.a. Fiorello is an artist with an all-round talent. He is a showman, comedian, stand-up comedian, imitator, singer, radio host, television host, actor and voice actor.

His success began in 1975 when he was hired in the Valtur tourist village in Isola Capo Rizzuto, Italy, where he entertained the public with very popular evening shows. In the meantime he also tries his hand as a deejay and imitator (among the first imitations also that of Raffaella Carrà).

During the years as an animator of tourist villages he met the rapper Jovanotti, but also the TV presenter Pippo Baudo who gave him an audition at the Teatro delle Vittorie in Rome for his TV show “Fantastico“. After entertaining Baudo for almost an hour, Fiorello is rejected with the following reason: “You are good, but you talk too much. You could present Fantastico, but the presenter is me“. Later, Baudo, considered an excellent talent scout, said that he regretted his choice. It was 1986 and a year later, both the press and the Italian TV will crown Fiorello as “superstar of the 13 Valtur villages“.

Shortly after, Rosario moved to Milan and accepted the proposal of the record producer Claudio Cecchetto to conduct a program on Radio Deejay. On the radio he meets several famous Italian presenters and co-produces several radio programs. Then, in the early 90’s he recorded his first musical discs, reinterpreting great successes of Italian and international music.

During the 90’s he led several successful TV programs. One was “Karaoke“, which aired every night from 8:00 to 8:30. Another was the Festivalbar music program, in the 1993 edition, conducted together with Claudio Cecchetto and other popular presenters. In addition, he also wins Telegatto awards such as “Revelation Character of the Year“, “Revelation TV Show of the Year” and “Male Celebrity of the Year“.

In 1995 he participated in the Sanremo Festival, the main Italian singing competition, finishing in 5th place with the song “Finalmente tu“. Two years later he voices the character of Dimitri, the male lead, for the Italian version of the cartoon “Anastasia“. In addition, other TV programs and three consecutive editions of the Festivalbar.

Since 2001 he has brought 3 editions of the show “Stasera pago io” to TV, participated as a guest in two editions of the Saremo Festival and started the radio broadcast “Viva Radio 2“. In addition, he voiced another iconic cartoon character, Garfield, and became the narrator of the documentary film “March of the Penguins” by French director Luc Jacquet. These are just some of the most important achievements of the 2000s, to which other prestigious awards must be added, which led Aldo Grasso, a famous Italian television critic, to talk about a Fiorello asa cultural phenomenon.

In 2009 Fiorello devoted himself to the theater. Two years later he transformed his television and radio format “Edicola Fiore” into the television show “Il più grande spettacolo dopo il weekend“. After that, in 2018 he returned to Radio Deejay, then presented Sanremo, and began a tour of the most important Italian theaters.

It is difficult to collect in a few lines a long and successful career, studded with important awards and collaborations. However, there’s a way to enjoy the genius of an artist who conquers the public with his spontaneity and exceptional congeniality. That is, watch the show “Fiorello presenta: Fiorello!” at the Forte Arena theater!

Do you want to attend the show “Fiorello presenta: Fiorello!” And live a dream vacation in a true paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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