Educazione e cultura: la formazione è a cinque stelle con Forte Village Resort

The best education for future’s hospitality managers at ForteVillage Resort

Hotel Business School and ForteVillage Resort: the future’s top managers school

Education is key for building a more dynamic, modern and attentive hospitality sector taking care of the needs of the environment and customers: this is the core of the education provided by the Hotel Business School at ForteVillage, a consolidated point of reference in the sector of luxury hospitality.

Established over 15 years ago from the meeting of two excellences of Made in Italy, the LUISS Business School, among the most renowned European business schools, and the ForteVillage Resort, the Hotel Business School soon began to stand out in the hospitality training sector for the high quality of its courses and the amazingly high rate of employment placement for the students at the end of the education programs.

There are two main education courses provided by the School: the Five Star Hotel Management, designed to “create” future managers in the luxury hotel sector, and the Food & Wine Operations Manager, designed for those who wish to undertake a professional career linked to Food & Wine, but also for professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills and know-hows through a complete learning and training plan.

In both cases, the School aims to provide students with all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive and challenging environment, where innovation and development become key factors to satisfy customer’s requests, without forgetting the environment.

Environmental sustainability: an essential part of ForteVillage’s vision

The foundation of the Hotel Business School is part of a long-standing project based on the building of a corporate culture based on the value of education and sustainability. It is no coincidence that ForteVillage Resort has been committed for years in promoting attentive services taking into account the needs of both customers and the uncontaminated natural environment where the resort lies. From the promotion and protection of local biodiversity, which turns into the financing of a variety of specific conservation projects carried out under the patronage of local authorities, to the organization of educational workshops to make new generations aware of the importance of virtuous behavior towards the environment and its inhabitants and initiatives to recover plastic in the sea, such as “Fishing for Litter“, the Resort is the right destination to best combine comfort, relaxation and sustainability on holiday. A virtuous hospitality model, awarded with the prestigious Certificate from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the non-profit organization establishing and monitoring compliance with the basic standards for sustainable development in the travel and tourism sector worldwide. In addition, the pure respect for the food and wine products and local culture of this heavenly corner of South Sardinia, part of a broader vision that sees the protection and enhancement of the territory as one of the ultimate goals of the resort. After all, the whole sustainability development represents an integral part of the education modules of the Hotel Business School and becomes the right mean for building a more attentive, inclusive and forward-looking hospitality culture.

The best of future’s top managers education: check out the Five Stars Hotel Management and Food & Wine Operations Management training courses

Designed to allow young talents to enter the world of luxury hospitality and food and wine, these two education courses provided by the Hotel Business School – Five Stars Hotel Management and Food & Wine Operations Management – are based on the “learning by doing” methodology, so learning through practice. Therefore, students have the opportunity to prove themselves at group works, internships (both in Italy and abroad) and project works which complete the rich theory of the education program, boasting prestigious collaborations with important academic profiles on the national and international scene. Here is a brief overview of the content of the two courses.

Master Five Stars Hotel Management

Arranged in partnership with the LUISS Business School, the Five Stars Hotel Management Master is meant to be one of the first complete education programs in the world for what concerns the Tourism and Hospitality Management sector – Eduniversal Ranking. The course, divided into six main modules (related to Hospitality Management, Laboratories, Project Work, General Management, Transversal Skills and Internship) was designed to train different types of managerial professionals in the luxury hospitality field.

The most important job opportunities for students after succeeding in the course are:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Room Division Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Event & Congress Manager
  • Responsible human resources
  • Business Consultant

Food & Wine Operations Management

Even in the case of the Food & Wine Operations Management training course, suitable for those who intend to pursue a professional career in the Food & Wine sector, there is a strong emphasis on the acquisition of both theoretical and practical skills. Indeed, the idea that led to the foundation of this course is very concrete: as we can read on the business school website “In a country like Italy where food and wine excellences are supported by its unique natural and touristic heritage, Food and Wine industry registers every year a significant growth in relation to employment and GDP“. The Master is divided into four macro areas (Management, Agri-food, Food and Wine), integrated and thus completed by project works, laboratories, exercises and a 3-month internship, accompanied by educational visits to excellent facilities.

Similarly to the Hotel Management Master, many career opportunities open up at the end of the education course for the students, such as:

  • Food area (sommelier, sales assistant, production employee in wineries);
  • Wine & Beverage area (restaurant manager, sales assistant and food consultant);
  • HoReCa and GDO area (department manager);
  • Management area (food and wine guide and event organizer).

Both courses, designed for graduates with at least some previous experience in the hospitality sector, are completely provided in English language to guarantee the high competitiveness of the new professionals studying at the School; no wonder that almost 100% of students successfully find their way into the world of work after graduating at the Hotel Business School.

The cherry on top of the education provided by the School is the “Alumni” program, that nurtures and strengthens the sense of belonging to the institution by promoting enriching networking opportunities involving both current students and former students. The commitment of ForteVillage Resort to the development of a healthy culture of hospitality is also made clear in the provision of scholarships to fully and partially cover the registration fee for the two Masters: an example that high quality education should really be everyone’s prerogative and right.

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