Chef Giuseppe Molaro: una stella Michelin al Belvedere del Forte Village

Chef Giuseppe Molaro: the Michelin star chef at the Forte Village Belvedere restaurant

Chef Giuseppe Molaro: the essence of culinary art at the Forte Village Belvedere restaurant

A truly special experience between tradition and innovation in the Forte Village’s splendid setting.

In the magnificent setting of Santa Margherita di Pula, where the clear sea of Sardinia caresses the white beach and nature is the true hero, Forte Village is the ideal destination to enjoy a holiday full of wellness, comfort, privacy and the pleasures of good food. Here, you can find refined menus lovely prepared by the best chefs of Italian and international cuisine such as Giuseppe Molaro,  one Michelin star at the Belvedere restaurant.

The Belvedere stands out on a fabulous terrace overlooking the resort’s lush grounds and offers its guests a truly special dining experience with the refined gourmet dishes cooked by the starred chef, inspired by his most cherished memories.

Forte Village focuses on the variety and quality of food to conquer even the most demanding palates and proposes the gastronomic trends of the moment and all the flavours of recipes in which the delicate balance between tradition, innovation and experimentation emerges.

The resort boasts a wide range of gourmet and starred restaurants, a perfect destination for those who love to be carried away by the essence of culinary art and enjoy an unparalleled experience with every bite. In addition to the Belvedere by Giuseppe Molaro the resort boasts many restaurants: the Terrazza San Domenico , Le Dune by Andrea Putzu, Da Rocco Iannone, Bellavista, the Pineta by Giuseppe Bissacot, the Forte Grill by Francesco Siotto, the Sardinian Restaurant by Stefano Usai, the Brazilian Restaurant by Roberto Leone, the Beachcomber, Cavalieri by Efisio Mocci,  Cristian Pilloni’s Pizzeria, Wild Scandinavian BBQ, Hell’s Kitchen, Oasis, Terrazza 5 Stelle and Terrazza Villa Parco.

Giuseppe Molaro is part of the team of Forte Village’s national and international chefs: his inspiration comes from raw ingredients, the means by which he expresses his creativity, combines elements that arouse strong emotions, the memory of places, people, objects that then lead him to the completion of the dish in all its forms and flavours.

Giuseppe Molaro, a star combining tradition and innovation

The starred chef Giuseppe Molaro comes from a long international experience, this has allowed him to work with high-quality raw materials in the many countries where he has lived and to create menus in which seasonality and local ingredients are key points. He is among Forte Village’s novelties for 2023.

He began his career at the age of 14 in the family restaurant and later worked in numerous Italian restaurants, from North to South, learning the best of local culinary traditions.

At the age of 19, he left for Newry, in Northern Ireland, and then got the opportunity to work in France and Spain, in 3 Michelin star restaurants, training experiences of absolute value that allow him to learn discipline, teamwork, cleanliness, rigour and the achievement of objectives.

Motivated by the desire to further increase his cultural background, he switched to a style of healthy and experimental cuisine under the guidance of Heinz Beck and, thanks to his teachings, approached new techniques and cutting-edge equipment and learned to combine aesthetics with taste.

In 2014, he got his big break in Tokyo with a new opening on two floors: the bistro  “Sensi by Heinz Beck” on the ground floor of which Molaro is the chef and the restaurant “Heinz Beck” upstairs

After a couple of years, he became executive chef of both and the restaurant obtained the Gambero Rosso’s 3 forks and the Michelin star in 2017, confirmed also in the following years, an important milestone and reason for great celebrations.

Would you like to try the recipes of the starred chef Giuseppe Molaro and experience a holiday of taste and well-being in a true paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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