Villas: seven dream locations

Villas: the essence of comfort in the luxury villas at Forte Village

There are those who can’t do without an adventure while on vacation and decide to immerse themselves in uncontaminated nature, on the other hand there are those who wish to relax and enjoy wellness treatments in a silent oasis of peace such as in a luxurious villa with three bedrooms and a private garden and pool at Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.

To be special a holiday should have the color of the sea, the flavors of national and international cuisine, exclusive and comfortable accommodation like the three bedroom villas at Forte Village each with refined environments and elegant features, will guarantee an unforgettable vacation even for the most discerning clients.

If the idea is to have an unforgettable trip, the location is fundamental. Forte Village, on the beautiful southern coast of Sardinia, provides a wide range of accommodation styles including luxury villas with three bedrooms, waterfront suites and hotel suites with extra bedrooms. The aim is to satisfy the needs of each guest and make their stay in the resort a unique experience, surrounded by the clear water of the blue Sardinian sea and the typical colors and aromas of the Mediterranean.

When talking about vacations, the most anticipated moment of the year, you can’t avoid thinking about comfort, or confòrt in French, in other words, the exclusively subjective sensation indicating the degree of wellbeing by an individual.

“a group of pleasurable bodily sensations coming from an external or internal stimulus, giving the sensation of wellbeing in a determined situation”

The three bedroom luxury villas at Forte Village are the essence of comfort and the perfect solution for those wanting to have a vacation characterized by peace and tranquility. The Villas at the resort are truly a personal paradise, beautiful decor inspired by the Mediterranean, where all desires are fulfilled with courtesy and discretion by an elegant and trustworthy butler.

Comfort is not a quality that remains only in accommodations, at Forte Village, it is found also in food which translates as the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, gourmet works of art made with prime quality products by the resort’s Celebrity Chefs.

Guests staying at the villas can enjoy their breakfast at Le Dune restaurant, from which it’s possible to admire the clear blue Mediterranean sea, for dinner guest are invited, with an additional charge, to discover the many restaurants run by Michelin starred chefs including the Terrazza San Domenico by Michelin starred chef Massimiliano Mascia or the Cinnamon Club run by the multi-prized celebrity chef Vivek Singh.

Villas: of the 13 villas at Forte Village, 7 villas have three bedrooms.

An oasis of serenity and beauty for those wanting to have a vacation with complete privacy and wellness, surrounded by the colors of untouched nature and the marvelous smell of the Sardinian sea.

The three bedroom villas at the Forte Village are named Ambra, Azzurra, Beatrice, Elina, Isabella, Lidia and Sofia, seven magnificent mansions in a researched style and a number of exclusive services to make an unforgettable and relaxing vacation come true.

Flexibility is a feature of the villas allowing the space to be adapted to the needs of its guests by connecting or separating the apartments or suites within. This important detail allows for there to be larger or more compact spaces depending on the needs of families or groups of friends choosing the resort as their holiday destination.

Let’s now discover together the qualities of the seven luxury three bedroom villas at Forte Village.

Villa Ambra

A Villa-suite of 115 square meters distributed on two floors, Villa Ambra is located in the higher part of the resort and is surrounded by a splendid private garden. The first floor has a living room, a dining room and kitchen while the sleeping area is composed of three marvelous bedrooms and three marble bathrooms with bath and shower.

The stairs lead to the second floor where there is another bathroom and a bedroom with access to the terrace. Exclusive deco, precious fabrics and quality materials, like marble from Orosei, are signature of the eco-sustainable project. The “cinematic” windows create a connection between the exceptional internal spaces with a beautiful garden of 700 square meters with a heated pool and jacuzzi.

Villa Azzurra

A little path with palm trees leads to a covered veranda of Villa Azzurra, the central spot of the Villa. The mansion has three luxurious master bedrooms, splendid bathrooms with bath and wardrobe, dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. Each area has a private entrance and large windows facing the beautiful Sardinian sea and the immense garden. Ideal for a family of six, the villa is characterized by generous use of wood and decor made by local Sardinian artisans.

Villa Beatrice

Villa Beatrice is just a few steps from the Piazza Luisa, the nightlife area of the resort, and is surrounded by 500 square meters of private garden. The mansion has 230 square meters distributed on two floors, on the ground floor there is an extraordinary master bedroom, an ample wardrobe, three bathrooms with shower and bath, and elegant living room with kitchenette and a barbecue in the garden. An indoor staircase leads to the upper floor, which can be accessed also by the outside because the Villa is positioned in the hilly area of the resort, there is a master suite and a separate bedroom, each one having a private bathroom with bath. The white marble from Orosei, the light travertine from Rapolano, the design and decor and fine fabrics make the mansion quite unique and precious.

Villa Elina

This Villa is located in the higher part of the resort, it faces the heated circular swimming pool and is built on two floors with a total of 250 square meters. On the first floor there is a living room, dining room, and kitchen also wide glass doors leading to a court of 150 square meters and a 950 square meter garden. On the ground floor, there is a master bedroom and an extra bedroom while the queen of bedrooms is another master bedroom on the first floor with two terraces. Every corner of Villa Elina is made with signature materials of Sardinia: the white marble from Orosei, the light travertine from Rapolano, the oak wood and carpets from Samugheo and the elegant contrast between classic deco and contemporary design details.

Villa Isabella

Villa Isabella is surrounded by a splendid garden and each environment has its private entrance. It’s laid out on two floors and the spectacular glass doors bridge the inside spaces with the magnificent gardens outside. There are two master bedrooms on the ground floor and one on the first, each one has a wardrobe and personal bathroom with a bath. On the ground floor there is also the splendid living room and the dining room with a fully equipped kitchen, the floor above has a magnificent living room and a terrace from which one can admire the incredible shades of the Sardinian sea. The villa’s deco is custom designed and made by local artisans, the fabrics are by Maria Antonia Urru, “queen” of Samugheo weaving, symbolizing Sardinian tradition.

Villa Lidia

A luxurious villa on the seafront with heated pool and private garden, tribute to elegant Italian style. Villa Lidia is distributed on two floors, on the ground floor there is a magnificent bedroom with two queen beds and a bathroom with a bath, shower, and wardrobe, on the first floor there are two magnificent bedrooms and a terrace. Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom and the floors are connected by and inside and outdoor staircase.

Villa Sofia

Elegant, luxurious and refined Villa Sofia can remind the great typical Italian farmhouses. It’s surrounded by 900 square meters of garden and is divided on to two floors, the seafront mansion has a private garden and swimming pool, it is divided into three units each with private access and it has a beautiful view of the garden and the heated swimming pool with jacuzzi. Each unit has three bedrooms, four bathrooms with bath and shower and a large living room with dining table and kitchen. The prevalence of wood symbolizes the eco-sustainable architecture, coexisting with the Sardinian artisans work and contemporary design.

Would you like to have a Dreamlike vacation in a true paradise? Discover the luxury villas at Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.


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