Children’s Wonderland: Worldwide Kids Certified

Children’s Wonderland: the specialist organization ‘Worldwide Kids’ certify the staff at Forte Village

For children, the word vacation is a synonym of fun. This is why Forte Village has created the Children’s wonderland, a place where they can make new friends and will be welcomed by the staff certified by Worldwide Kids.

At Forte Village, parents can enjoy an Ayurvedic oil massage while the kids can choose from the many interactive and sport activities as well as the Children’s Wonderland surveilled by an attentive staff certified by Worldwide Kids, the world leader in service and childhood structures in tourism.

Worldwide Kids is a company for education and childhood counseling active all over the world. They collaborate with hotels and luxury resorts to offer their service in creating projects for the kids club or the training of staff in children well-care, guaranteeing an exciting experience for the little travelers.

This way children have the opportunity to have fun in all safety with their friends while parents can relax.

Worldwide Kids objective is to deliver the highest standards in assistance to children, their work has four principles:

  • Fun: create unique experiences for the guests at the hotel and resort and transform the fun and relaxation of the vacation into precious family memories.
  • Development: promote the concept that collective fun helps children to make new friends, develop and reinforce self-esteem, and develop social abilities including behavioral capacities in favor of interaction with others, skills which are indispensable to creating new friends.
  • Learning: encourage the children’s learning abilities with games and activities designed especially for the youngest ones.
  • Culture: make space in the Worldwide Kids program for language and history of the island where they will be on vacation.

Worldwide Kids International Childcare for Leisure & Tourism is accredited by City & Guilds and is organized on three educational levels. The objective is to raise the competences and capacities of the staff at the hotel and resort so to create a team based on international standards in assistance to children.

The preparation of Worldwide Kids Certified professionals includes a course on pediatric first-aid, techniques to be prepared for any situation and guarantee the safety of children at all times.

Children’s Wonderland: the fun oasis at Forte Village

Choosing the best moment of the year and most of all choosing the perfect destination for the whole family: to organize vacations with young children can be a difficult task and can easily transform what could be a fun and relaxing trip into an experience of stressed parents and grumpy children.

Forte Village, in the south a of Sardinia, makes everyone happy because it offers long relaxing moments on the white sand Sardinian beaches to parents while the children can have fun in the Children’s Wonderland, a secure and protected environment where they can learn to socialize and relax with their friends or choose between the different activities thought for children.

Mothers and fathers need not to worry because the Wonderland staff, looking after the children, have an education certified by Worldwide Kids. The Forte Village team speaks Italian, English, German and Russian, they are certified in first aid by the medical Società Italiana in the Centro Pediatria in Cagliari.

The activities are many, let’s discover them:

  • Swimming pools: inside the pool area of the resort, there are two pools for children where they can safely have fun. The pools are continuously surveilled by lifeguards and staff of the resort.
  • Mario’s Village: this is where children from 3 years up can visit Mario the parrot, mascot of Forte Village. The resort has nine different little houses with all different themes: a petrol station, hairdresser, restaurant, supermarket, theatre, music house, news station, and mechanics.
  • Theatre workshop: children here can have fun, socialize and discover their confidence by dancing and acting. The laboratory open to children of three years up.
  • Barbie: all little girls dream of becoming little princesses, at Forte Village they can have the unique experience at the Barbie™Activity Centre by choosing one of the Barbie™ VIP Package in Barbie™ theme. The resort celebrates the 60th anniversary of the famous fashion doll by asking Michelin starred chef Rosanna Marziale to design the children’s menu.
  • Art & Crafts: learn to communicate ideas and feelings through drawing, ceramics, and painting. The creative laboratory of Arts&Crafts is organized by Forte Village and welcomes children of two years up, it is the perfect place to free the imagination and create small works of art that will become tokens of an unforgettable vacation.
  • Vegetable garden: children of three years and up can go with a trained gardener and the staff of the resort to discover Sardinian crops. During the visit to the vegetable garden, children may use tools and learn about the basics of gardening.
  • Nursery: this especially safe area is perfect for very young children, it is equipped with cots and an area for mothers while they feed their babies. The Nursery service has a charge to be paid for children below 23 months and is free for children of 2 years and above.

Would you like for your children to have an unforgettable vacation in a dream like location? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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