Rosanna Marziale: the children’s menu designed by a Michelin starred chef

Rosanna Marziale: the collaboration between Michelin starred chef, Forte Village and Mattel

Relaxing on holiday with small children can be a really difficult task, especially at the table. To satisfy the demanding palate of its small guests Forte Village decided to entrust chef Rosanna Marziale with the children’s restaurant menu for 2019 .

The collaboration between Rosanna Marziale and the resort is a partnership that also involves Mattel, the famous company and producer of the most loved fashion doll: Barbie.

Barbie celebrated her 60th anniversary in 2019 with a series of new dolls named the Barbie Sheroes, inspired by women with distinct capabilities which contributed to their success, these women included: astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman to be on the European Space Agency team, Sara Gama, captain of Juventus and the Italian National female football team, she was also president of the Commission for the development of the female figure in football, film director Patty Jenkins, the snowboarder Chloe Kim, environmentalist Bindi Irwin and German designer and entrepreneur Layla Piedayesh.

Rosanna Marziale is also among the female icons, the Michelin starred chef from Le Colonne di Caserta restaurant and San Bartolomeo Casa in Campagna, she is also world ambassador for buffalo mozzarella Campana PDO.

“I am a cook, a chef, a Barbie-chef” says Marziale who gave the use of her personal features to the most loved and sold doll around the world. Since the beginning, 9th. March 1959, Barbie has interpreted social and cultural changes, always fighting stereotypes and never loosing her individuality, becoming a true icon and inspiration.

Over the years, the fashion doll has become a symbol of emancipation and inclusiveness by wearing the outfit of over 200 professions, including being an astronaut, a veterinarian, an Olympic athlete or flight attendant, so to teach young girls they can become anything they wish when they are older, including a Michelin starred chef like Rosanna Marziale.

Rosanna Marziale: the signature menu at Forte Village’s Children’s Restaurant

While mum and dad dream of gourmet cooking, the little ones, on holiday and at home, do not like to eat a balanced and varied diet rich in vegetables because children who prefer hamburgers and fries easily turn up their noses.

To content both parents and children staying at the resort, Forte Village engaged Rosanna Marziale for the 2019 season, to make new dishes for the Children’s Restaurant menu

“In the Children’s restaurant at Forte Village of course I will make delicious things” says chef Marziale, “I’ve thought of preparing a special dish for each day, for example the polka dot spaghetti which is spaghetti pasta with tomato and polka dot meat balls. Why polka dotted? Because not only children but also adults tend to get very dirty while eating them, so there you are…everything is polka dotted. Pasta is an Italian tradition so I wanted to start with this, and for babies there are bowls with meatballs, tomato and cheese. Children can interact with this dish by building the ‘spaghetto’ , we hope to create curiosity in them. I particularly like this interaction”.

Among the many revisited dishes, prepared with fresh local produce hoping to satisfy the parents health standards for their offspring, the meatballs are transformed in to “bomboloni” – little bombs, filled with baby potatoes, there are also the fish sticks of the day with breaded vegetables in toasted corn flakes, home made hot dogs with chicken, beef or fish and the wonderful Popeye hamburgers.

“Why Popeye hamburgers? Because they also contain spinach, therefore we have a way for our children to eat some vegetables hidden in a delicious bun” explained chef Marziale, “this way we have the opportunity to tell our children about ourselves when we were young and how we used to watch Popeye cartoons and eat spinach to become as strong as him. When I was a child I always ate spinach so my muscles would grow and I would love to tell this story to all the little ones at Forte Village”

In the Children’s Restaurant, young children will have fun learning to eat healthy food, trying vegetables presented differently from traditional ways. Because of Rosanna Marziale’s recipes, children will come back from vacations saying: “wow, you know I really like spinach!”

And to continue cooking at home the unforgettable delights discovered on vacations, parents can participate in the exciting cooking class organized by Forte Village to share with their children tricks and recipes.

Would you like to take your children on a dreamlike vacation and discover the recipes prepared by Rosanna Marziale for them? Book your stay at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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