Karpov: the professional chess player at Forte Village

Karpov: the world champion at the Chess Academy of Forte Village

Vacations are the perfect moment to re-establish the balance between body and mind by doing sport and leisure activities, for example: playing chess stimulates creativity and concentration at the Chess Academy by Karpov at Forte Village.

The Sport Academies are a top attraction at the resort where the experience of great sportsmen combines with the enthusiasm of professional staff, to teach children and teenagers improve their skills playing their favorite sport.

Among the great international sport masters, there is living legend Anatolij Karpov, ready to transform passionate children attending the Chess Academy into little masters of the profession.

The Grand Master has already proven himself on the 30th of July 2019 during a breathtaking 56 minute long match against fourteen opponents, ranging from 5 to 60 years old.

Karpov: story of a man becoming a legend

Anatolij Evgen’evič Karpov Was born in March 1951, in Zlatoust, Soviet Union. His father introduced him to chess when he was only 4 years old.

Soon after he had his first victories, at the age of 12 he quickly climbed the minor categories reaching a master candidate level. An important goal which allowed him to be a part of the celebrity chess school established by the ex-world Champion Michael Botvinnik, one of the many soviet chess players.

The first period at the Botvinnik school was not quite satisfactory for the young Karpov, but he did not give up, hard work and study improved his technique and in 1966, when he was just 15, he became the youngest Chess Master in the Soviet Union. Soon after he represented his country at the international tournament held at Třinec in Czechoslovakia and won.

He had two important victories some months later: in 1967 he qualified fifth in the Soviet junior championship of chess and won again in the same category at the European championship in 1969, with help from the great master Semën Abramovič Furman, he triumphed in Stockholm in the junior world championship with 10 points out of 11, he also got 4th place at the international tournament at Caracas and was qualified as Grand Master.

There where many more victories joining the chessman’s palmarès before the 3rd of April 1975, the day Karpov was nominated World Champion and was invited to celebrate in the hall of columns in Moscow a few days later. That same year, the new champion won the international tournament of chess in Milan, in the Centro dei Congressi Leonardo da Vinci.

In 1978 Karpov earned the world title in Baguio, Philippines, with a match against the well-known adversary Viktor Korčnoj. They met again in 1981 at Merano, in Italy, once again Karpov won the challenge with 6 points over 2 bouts of eighteen matches.

Once he beat Korčnoj, the 80s were full of success for Karpov. The champion from Zlatoust won almost in sequence some of the most important tournaments including: Tilburg 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1983, Bugojno 1980, Linares 1981, Turin 1982, London 1984. In September 1984, Karpov challenged Kasparov, a worthy adversary, and many more encounters came years later.

The 90s were also important for Karpov, he regained the world title in 1993, and the Wijk Ana Zee tournament, the Linares and the San Giorgio tournament on Legnano Scacchi.

Today Karpov teaches how to play chess and does activities that support and spread the discipline.

Karpov: the Chess Academy and all sports activity at Forte Village Resort

After the success of the season 2018, Anatolij Karpov will collaborate again with Forte Village and make more appointments at the Chess Academy in the Sports Academy Center of the Resort.

The legendary chess player and other grandmasters of the international level are ready to share their extraordinary secrets on some of the best known sports for children and adults.

From the 1st of July until the 30th of August, from Mondays to Fridays, the participants will be divided in two groups, one for absolute beginners and the other for more experienced players. There will also be possible to book private lessons for people of all ages.

The Chess Academy by Karpov is one of the twenty academies at Forte Village.
The Chelsea Football Academy with courses held by historic players of the Chelsea team, the Basket Academy with Ettore Messina, the Boxing Academy with Frank Baglioni and the Tennis Academy with many coaches including Karen Nováček, Henrik Magnus Larsson, Andrea Gaudenzi, and Filippo Volandri, also fencing with Stefano Pantano, Diego Occhizzi and Margherita Granbassi, and many more to satisfy all requests.

Would you like to discover secrets of chess Academy and play with Karpov? Come at the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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