La Leggenda di Belle e la Bestia: il musical alla Forte Arena

The Legend of Belle and the Beast: the musical scene at the Forte Arena

All the magic of the musical “The Legend of Belle and the Beast” at Forte Arena

The Legend of Belle and the Beast – The Musical arrives at Forte Arena in Santa Margherita di Pula, the prestigious theatre under the stars.

Forte Arena, an evocative theatre immersed in the nature of Southern Sardinia, a few steps from Forte Village Resort, hosts the most anticipated events of the summer on the island including the fabulous musical “The Legend of Belle and the Beast” that promises to excite adults and children.

After Tiziano Ferro and Gigi D’Alessio’s concerts, on August 5th, on the stage of the splendid open-air theatre, all the magic of a timeless and ageless story will be staged.

The magical musical of Belle and the Beast

In a distant castle, a young prince is transformed into a repulsive beast because of his arrogance. He will have to live with confused memories of his past and of a princess who has become a legend. Only a person who can love him more than their own life can break the spell, rewinding the inexorable passage of time.

The chance meeting with Belle, daughter of a noble widowed merchant, will bring back in the memory of the Beast the vague and sweet memory of a Princess now forgotten by anyone because of the powerful spell. The search for a valid solution that can break the spell, however, clashes with the secret plots of Miguel, ready to do anything to marry young Belle. But what would happen if the Beast became convinced that the girl is none other than the Princess forgotten because of the curse?”

The Compagnia dell’ORA, specialised in family entertainment, brings to the stage an innovative musical freely inspired by the famous fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince De Beaumont, with new ideas and new emotions.

We all remember the iconic Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”, but in this musical the artists wanted to tell the story differently, showing that, even today, it is possible to give life to your own story.

Thus, the young lovers Prince and Princess are victims of a curse that takes them back in time, confusing and obscuring memories and feelings and transforming the protagonists into the despotic noble and the daughter of the rich merchant.

And if, in the course of the narration, situations that recall the classic story are revealed, there are many unpublished aspects of the story such as the lovely character Lumiere, the valet in the Disney version, who, in this case, becomes Vittòn, a screaming designer of the nineteenth century.

The choreography helps to tell the story in a direct and lively way and the numbers alternate, some dynamic, others romantic, some eventful, others sweet and thus make the musical even more engaging.

The original soundtrack, by Enrico Galimberti, the interpreter of the Beast’s role, follows the whole story going from mere accompaniment to real songs.

The setting and the historical context remain in the nineteenth century, without contamination with current events.

It is an unprecedented show that can be appreciated on several levels, a family show that everyone will like, with jokes and ironies that can speak even to adults.

On August 5th Belle and the Beast on the stage of Forte Arena

August 5th is the date to mark on the calendar so as not to miss the extraordinary appointment with the exceptional musical in an equally enchanting location.

The magic will begin at 9 pm in the exclusive location of the Forte Arena theatre in Santa Margherita di Pula, the pride of Forte Village, a luxury resort accessible a few kilometres from Cagliari, perfect for meetings and important events.

The “Legend of Belle and the Beast” is an incredible musical, freely inspired by the tale of Jeanne-Marie Leprince De Beaumont and staged by the Compagnia dell’ORA, which tells a new story of love and adventure with an unexpected and never told epilogue.

Lyrics and direction are by Luca Cattaneo, music by Enrico Galimberti, while choreography, costumes and sets are respectively by Silvia de Petri, Silvia Pedretti and Fabrizio Cattaneo.

Tickets for the musical are available on Boxol. it ( and on TicketOne (

Would you like to attend the wonderful musical Belle and the Beast and experience a fabulous holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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