Amore + IVA , il nuovo spettacolo di Checco Zalone alla Forte Arena

Amore + IVA, the new show by Checco Zalone at Forte Arena

Forte Arena hosts Checco Zalone’s only date on the island

Checco Zalone will take the stage with his unprecedented and spectacular show.

The wonderful natural amphitheatre of Forte Arena, the pride of the opulent Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, about forty kilometres from Cagliari, is the extraordinary location that hosts the most prestigious events of the Sardinian summer, between the white beach and the crystal clear waters of a pristine sea.

On August 12th, after Tiziano Ferro and Gigi d’Alessio’s concerts and the musical “Beauty and the Beast“, it will be the turn of the only date of the brand new show by Checco Zalone, “Amore + IVA”.

Checco Zalone, a short biography

Born in Capurso (in the province of Bari) on June 3rd, 1977, Checco Zalone, whose real name is Luca Pasquale Medici, was a great fan of video games from an early age. After graduating from Scientific High School he obtained a Law degree from the University of Bari.

He approaches the world of entertainment by starting to sing at Weddings in his region and collaborating with various jazz musicians from Puglia and beyond.

His debut took place in 2004 with Pierluigi Morizio and Giacinto Lucariello, when he presented, in Puglia, the beauty contest Ragazza Cinema Ok.

He then appeared together with the director Gennaro Nunziante from Bari in some Telenorba programs and came to fame in 2005 on the stage of Zelig Off and then at Zelig Circus.

He gets known by the general public thanks to the overwhelming and unexpected success of his song “Siamo una squadra fortissimi”, written shortly before the 2006 World Cup and dedicated to the Italian national team that will later win the tournament.

Between television appearances and new songs, he also achieved fame in cinema, with his first film “Cado dalle Nubi” and the further successes of the following films “Che bella giorno”, “Quo vado?” and “Tolo Tolo”.

The pseudonym “Checco Zalone” comes from the expression in Bari’s dialect “che cozzalone!”, meaning “What a Chav”.

On August 12th Checco Zalone was on the stage of Forte Arena

Saturday, August 12th Checco Zalone will be on stage at the Forte Arena with the only date in Sardinia of his “Love + Iva Tour”: a new and spectacular show, written with Sergio Maria Rubino and Antonio Iammarino and produced by Arcobaleno Tre and MZL.

The famous showman, stand-up comedian, comedian, actor, songwriter, imitator as well as director, returns to make the public laugh and entertain eleven years after the success of his “Resto Umile World Tour” and after breaking all the records in the history of Italian cinema.

“Amore + Iva Tour” presents itself, in turn, as an extraordinary tour lasting a year that will stop in theatres and palaces throughout Italy.

Tickets for the Checco Zalone’s show are available on ( and on TicketOne (

Would you like to attend Checco Zalone’s engaging show and enjoy a fabulous holiday in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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