Camicissima and Forte Village: Sardinia celebrates the Italian excellence

Camicissima: history of a symbolic company Made in Italy

Forte Village, the award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian sea and the scents of unspoilt nature, is where to have luxurious Italian holidays in the name of relaxation and benefit from the collaborations of glamourous partners such as Camicissima.

The story behind Camicissima, a symbolic Made in Italy brand of excellence throughout the world, begins with the perseverance, tenacity and dedication of the Knight Giovanni Candido, who in the first half of 1900, became a successful industrialist and founded Fenicia, a small laboratory specializing in the making of tailored shirts for men, and became a pioneer of how entrepreneurial ability and passion for work can turn ideas and dreams into reality.

In the years in which the first symptoms of the second great war began to be perceived, the activity of the nascent industry continued to grow: after 1947, the company which initially had about ten employees quadrupled the workforce and began to deal with the rhythms and equipment of modernity.

The real turning point, however, occurred in the sixties when Gaspare, son of Giovanni Candido, took over the management and introduced a production method focused on the continuous renewal of the collections, responding to the needs of the market and offer maximum comfort.

From that moment on, the small boutique became a springboard to expansion: the shop became a company, Fenicia, an internationally known company.

The company was so successful that, in 1967, Giovanni Candido received the Mercurio d’Oro award, awarded exclusively to those that demonstrate, in addition to real productive and economic growth, commercial correctness, entrepreneurial spirit and professional seriousness.

In the eighties, with the entry into the company of the third generation, Fenicia obtained licenses for the production and distribution of renowned international brands: Krizia Uomo, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Pierre Cardin.

Today, thanks to the work of Fabio and Sergio Candido, Fenicia has expanded further in retail, launching the well-known brand Camicissima that offers its customers an unmistakable look, and shirts with undisputed sartorial quality, continuing the path of excellence and tradition initiated by Giovanni Candido.

Camicissima designs and produces garments and accessories for modern men who like to be up to date with the latest trends and feel at ease on every occasion: in fact, the brand gives both a lively and dynamic look or can be for those who prefer a more classic style.

Camicissima offers classic shirts, capable of transmitting the spirit of Italian style, but also stylish and fashionable models.

In addition, all shirts can be customized directly in the store by embroidering the initials of the customer in just 6 minutes.

The quality of the product and the international expansion remains the constant of the mission of Camicissima which today boasts over 130 stores in Italy, 200 in China and over 40 stores in the rest of the world.

The Fenicia Spa group has recently finalized the acquisition of Nara Shirts founded in 1984, and leader for over 30 years in the production and distribution of women’s shirts. A restyling and a timely expansion strategy is expected for the newly acquired: the offer will focus on a lifestyle line, high-quality tailoring garments, trendy and contemporary, to satisfy a broader market share and open the doors to a younger clientele.

From a commercial point of view, a series of openings of innovative flagship stores have been planned to focus on international markets such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa which have not yet been explored by the brand.

camicissima forte village

Camicissima and Forte Village: the interview with President Fabio Candido

At the end of 2009, Fenicia Spa launched its international expansion policy and today the Camicissima brand is the ambassador of Italian shirts and styles in 25 countries worldwide for a total of 341 stores.

The continuous stylistic research, aimed precisely to satisfy the demand of an increasingly diversified, demanding and cosmopolitan consumer, offers garments characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio, able to satisfy the demands of the most demanding consumers.

For the brand, therefore, innovation goes hand in hand with the search for ever-higher quality and production standards, while maintaining an all-Italian soul.

Camicissima is also the official supplier of the directors and staff uniforms at Forte Village, the award-winning resort of Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari, and the flagship of the group Eleganzia Hotels & Spas.

Fabio Candido, current president of Fenicia Spa that led the family company to expand from Sicily to the rest of the world together with his brother Sergio, also conquering the Far Eastern market, explains why he decided to collaborate with Forte Village and what lies behind the success of a company symbol of Italian excellence in the world.

camicissima direttore

You are at the head of a brand with enormous potential, what are your starting point strengths?

I started from the awareness of having an enormous heritage in my hands, made of traditions, history and “all Italian” values.

A healthy company, which has no doubt been hit by the blows of this historical period, but which has been able to start again thanks to the skills and experience that we have been able to create in all these years. Being a family business has helped us to restart, we are fast and dynamic, we have now reached the fourth generation, and I think that this is our greatest strength.

How did the adventure at Forte Village begin?

I have always been very stimulated by the idea of linking myself to realities that can enhance the Italian spirit and our traditions all over the world. With our 200 stores in China and as many worldwide, I would like Camicissima to be the spokesperson of Italian fashion and style in the world.

I would like to create a synergy between all of us Italian entrepreneurs with an international spirit, and I considered the Forte Village an excellent partner to do this because it carries the myth of “Dolce Vita” to all foreign tourists who come to visit our beautiful country and the beautiful Sardinian coasts.

Is there any future project you wish to reveal as a preview?

With the recent acquisition of the Naracamicie brand, I started with what is my greatest dream: to create a holding of companies and then become a reference of shirts and more. It’s just a first step, but I’m going to be working relentlessly in that direction.

Do you want to have a dream holiday in a paradise of elegance, relaxation, taste and fun? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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