Body and skin care: the exclusive natural sea salt exfoliating treatment at Forte Village Resort

Body and skin care: the exclusive natural sea salt exfoliating treatment at Forte Village Resort

Body and skin care: why it is important?

Daily body and skin care will result in healthier and glowing skin.

Looking after your skin has great benefits for both body and mind: cleansing, hair care, perfumes, moisturizers, specific treatments and tonics are precious elements of a daily wellbeing routine.

Dedicating some time to skincare, at the beginning and the end of the day, means carving out precious time to pamper yourself, cleanse, moisturize and protect the skin. All these actions improve the physical appearance of your skin and body and contribute to lowering stress levels and anxiety for better sleep and general life quality.

The skin of the body, as well as that of the face, must be nourished and protected with an appropriate beauty routine.

The first question to answer is what type of skin the routine needs to be targeted. This can be:

  • Dry
  • Dehydrated
  • Sensitive
  • Mixed
  • Oily
  • Mature

The principle to apply is the same that is used for facial skin. For example, if the skin appears scaly and sometimes feels itchy it is most likely to be dry. If, on the other hand, it tends to be “greasy” and presents pimples and imperfections it will be considered oily. Sensitive skin reddens easily while dehydrated skins tend to give an annoying sensation of “pulling”. Finally, mature skin present with lines, inelastic tissues, dehydration and dryness.

Once the skin type is identified, it will be much easier to find the appropriate products to look after it.

The ideal time to cleanse and nourish the skin is in the evening, before going to sleep. The ritual will help induce sleep and will take advantage of the greater level of cell regeneration that takes place during the night.

The correct evening routine would involve a thorough cleansing to oxygenate the skin and prepare it to receive beauty treatments in the form of scrubs and creams.

With the appropriate daily body care, the skin will be protected, and nourished and will appear brighter, smoother, deeply hydrated and regenerated.

The steps of the correct body and skin care

Let’s now take a look at what are the essential steps for an effective daily skincare.

First of all, the easiest and fastest step is taking a bath or shower to remove the impurities accumulated during the day. Choosing the right soap, not too aggressive and with basic pH, is very important.

The second step is moisturising and nourishing the skin with a lotion, oil or body butter to eliminate any feeling of dryness and achieve elastic, pleasantly soft and fragrant skin.

The third step consists of exfoliation to promote cell turnover. A good scrub and an appropriate lotion are important to prevent ingrown hair on the arms and legs.

The exclusive natural sea salt exfoliating treatment at the Forte Village Resort

The Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa is a true temple of wellness with an evocative atmosphere embraced by a fabulous setting. The ideal location where truly devote time to self-care, forgetting stress and tiredness and enjoy exclusive treatments such as Natural sea salt exfoliation.

The home of this oasis of well-being is Forte Village in the South of Sardinia, an award-winning resort where to enjoy a dream holiday characterised by maximum comfort, relaxation and privacy

The exclusive Natural sea salt exfoliation is a salt-based scrub. The treatment is performed in the fragrant and enveloping steam of the Turkish bath and it purifies the skin of toxins and dead cells, draining excess fluids and preparing the body to receive the benefits of thalassotherapy. The skin is perfectly primed to bask in the sun on the white beaches lapped by the crystal clear sea of Sardinia.

The Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, top of class in the worldwide SPA panorama, offers a refined and elegant environment. It is Immersed in a splendid tropical garden that boasts a circuit of six tanks filled with virgin sea Sardinian water. The medical team, led by Doctor Angelo Cerina, after years of research, has developed an extremely effective method to tone, rejuvenate and purify the body.

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Natural sea salt exfoliating treatment and treat yourself to a fairytale holiday in an authentic paradise? Book your stay at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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