Ferragosto and music at Forte Village with the DJ Academy

Ferragosto and music at Forte Village with the DJ Academy

Ferragosto in Sardinia: how to party with the music of the DJ Academy

A new entry in the Forte Village Resort’s offer is the DJ Academy, for kids who dream of becoming Deejays.

Ferragosto, that is August 15th, is a holiday in Italy, and plan something with children is not easy. However, for those who dream of stress-free family vacations, the ideal solution is Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian sea. Here parents can indulge in long moments of relaxation, while kids learn the art of djing at the DJ Academy.

The DJ Academy is part of Forte Village’s rich Academy offer. The Sport Academies are dedicated to team and individual sports. Here kids can make new friends, improve technique, participate in personalized training or train with professionals.

How does one become a successful DJ? Although there are no specific requirements, certain aspects must be taken into account to become a DJ. First of all, musical knowledge is essential to understand the subject and improve over time. In fact, only with a broad musical background can the DJ choose the most suitable playlist for any occasion. Next, the right equipment is needed: console, laptop, mixer, software, headphones, etc. The equipment is mainly for mixing songs. Simple and intuitive instrumentation is best in the beginning, and move to more complex equipment as time goes on. Finally, the ability to entertain the audience, alternating between music and vocals, is equally important. Also, it is good to work on personality, beyond music, to achieve popularity and success.

5 tips for creating the perfect DJ playlist for Ferragosto

Summer is a lively time for DJs: there are lots of parties, especially at beach resorts, but also in the city.  Among the most interesting days is Ferragosto. The DJ enlivening an August holiday party must choose a playlist to make the event truly memorable.

Here are 5 tips for creating the perfect playlist for the day or evening party.

  1. The playlist depends on the context and the audience
    This is the starting point for choosing playlist tracks. For example, for a more formal audience and context it is best to choose background music, while more lively songs are fine for dancing.
  2. Not only current hits but also masterpieces from the past
    Some people like contemporary music, others are nostalgic. Why not please both?
  1. Songs for dancing and songs for singing
    There are songs that are perfect for dancing and others that are fun for everyone to sing along to. Even better when a song has both characteristics.
  1. Consistency is key
    Switching from techno music to pop punk doesn’t make much sense, especially at Ferragosto when people expect a clear artistic line.
  1. Great mixing
    A professional DJ must mix the tracks, otherwise his music will sound like a Spotify playlist (and anyone is able to click the play button).

The “hot” songs of summer 2022 are many and of different genres: “Provence” by Karol G and “Potion” by Dua Lipa feat. Calvin Harris and Young Thug are just two examples. As for the classics, what about evergreens like “Dancing Queen” by Abba and “YMCA” by the Village People?

DJ Academy Forte Village to discover the secrets and techniques of mixing

This summer your children can turn into DJs and play their favorite music in the beautiful setting of the Forte Village nightclub. Together with Marcello Casu, a historic Sardinian DJ, they will learn the basics of the profession: mixing techniques, sound sampling, editing and the final edit.

You can book classes every afternoon, Monday through Friday. The class runs from May 30 to Sept. 3 at the Sport Academy Center. Class’s program varies depending on the level of the student and the number of hours booked with the teacher. The minimum age for participants is 10 years old.

The DJ Academy is an addition to the many Academies at Forte Village. At Forte Village there is room for all sports and passions: from magic at the Marvin’s Magic Academy, to dance at the Dance Academy, and then Academies dedicated to boxing, soccer, fencing, climbing and more.

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