Marvin’s Magic Academy: how to become a real magician

Marvin’s Magic Academy: a brief history of magic  

In a land of centuries-old history like Sardinia, a place full of charm, ancient legends and mystery, one could not expect less than a real school of magic: the Marvin’s Magic Academy of Forte Village, the award-winning resort of Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari.

What is magic tho? According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, magic is a “technique that aims to influence or dominate events, physical phenomena and the human being with intention” and to do so, it uses verbal formulas, gestures and specific rituals.
The term’s etymology comes from the name given in ancient Greece to the doctrine practised by the Magi, the Zoroastrian priests of Persia.

Magic practices are part of the history of ancient and modern cultures starting from the pharaohs of Egypt, a society strongly imbued with magic and occult beliefs: just think that the members of the Egyptian pantheon included, among other gods, also Uerethekau, the goddess who personified supernatural powers, Heka, goddess of magic, Isis, known for her magical powers and cunning, and Thot, god of the Moon, of wisdom, of writing, of magic, of the measure of time, of mathematics and geometry.

Over the years, scholars have brought to light many papyri written in Greek, Demotic and Coptic language, considered magical by ancient civilizations because they contain formulas to prolong life, to provide help resolving amorous issues and to fight evils. The well-known Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian funerary text originally called “Spells that narrate the release of the Soul Towards the full Light of the Day“, written on papyri, tomb walls and sarcophagi, collects the set of spells that had to be pronounced to help the spirit to pass the entrance of the underworld and then continue the path to resurrection.

On the other hand, in Mesopotamia and Persia, ceremonial magic rituals were frequent, also called “high magic” or “Solomonic magic”, a branch characterized by a variety of long and complex ceremonies that included the use of numerous accessories, like sticks, seals and amulets.

It was Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, who coined the term “magician” to denote a priest from a tribe of Persia and, from the 4th century BC, the word Mageia began to be used for the knowledge carried from the union between archaic traditions and ritual practices typical in Persian culture. The Greek cultural koinè determined the union between magical rites and astrological and alchemist elements that will be the basis on which the whole history of magic of the following centuries will rest.

Marvin’s Magic Academy: the school of magicians at Forte Village Resort  

Blessed people, they would do anything to pretend that magic doesn’t exist, even when it’s right under their noses,” says Arthur Weasley, employed at the Office for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, one of the characters of Harry Potter, the famous fantasy saga written by J.K. Rowling. According to the Weasley family, those who do not believe in magic or are without magical powers and ignore the existence of the magical world, are Muggles.

The world of Marvin’s Magic Academy of Forte Village Resort, created in collaboration with Marvin’s Magic, a leading company in the field of magic products and shows, came from the idea of Marvin Berglas, considered one of the most influential international figures in the magic world.
The company received the award “Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Golden Star” and was chosen to create and manage magic shops within some of the best stores in the world, including Harrods in Knightsbridge, Hamleys of Regent Street in London, FAO Schwarz and the international store Toys R Us in Times Square, New York. He also received the “Supplier of the Year” award from Hamleys.
Marvin’s Magic is also present online with the world’s largest magic club, which has over 100,000 members who every day connect and share news, information and tips about the magic world.
At the Fort Village, children and teenagers aged 7 to 14 will find waiting for them the popular British magician and showman Michael J. Fitch, ready to impress the younger guests of the resort with amazing tricks with cards and coins, X-ray vision and mind reading. Also, all participants will receive the Marvin’s Magic kit at the end of the course to continue practising at home and become real apprentice magicians.
The magic academy is part of the rich offer of Sports Academies of Forte Village, the resort where there is space for all sports: basketball, tennis, from dance to boxing, water sports, fencing, football and much more.

Do you want to discover all the secrets of magic and have a dream holiday in paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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